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Week 7 of German Notes

by: William Bartek

Week 7 of German Notes German 1100

William Bartek
German I
John Jolly

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About this Document

This is week 7 of Deutsch 1100 covering family, friends, months, dates, and personal pronouns in the accusative case.
German I
John Jolly
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by William Bartek on Friday October 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to German 1100 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by John Jolly in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see German I in German at University of Missouri - Columbia.

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Date Created: 10/09/15
Family Tree Week 7 of Notes 0 One example of a family tree Deutsch 1100 Grolsvater GroBm utter GroBeltern Grolsvater GroBmutter Eltern Onkelk39l39ante Vater Mutter Ta nte Kusine Vetter Bruder lch Schwester 0 Most of the vocab is straightforward but here s a list of immediate family members in German 0 0000000000 0 die GroBeltern Grandparents der GroBvater Grandfather die GroBmutter Grandmother die Eltern Parents der Vater Father die Mutter Mother der Bruder Brother die Schwester Sister der Onkel Uncle die Tante Aunt die Kusine Cousin Female der Vetter Cousin Male 0 Some other general family vocab you should know 0 000000000 die Geschwister Siblings das Kind Child der Opa Grandpa die Oma Grandma der Mann Husband die Frau Wife der Schwager Brother in Law die Schwagerin Sister in Law der Neffe Nephew die Nichte Niece o The article of a family member will always take the gender of the family member they re representing 0 Father masculine mother feminine Ordinal Numbers 0 Ordinal numbers are typically associated with dates 0 First second third etc 0 To form an ordinal number in German add the suffix te or ste to the number The only exceptions are first third seventh and eighth Personal Pronouns in the Accusative Case ich mich me du dich you informal ersiees ihnsiees himherit wir uns us ihr euch you all sieSie sieSie themyou formal o The pronouns ihn sie and es must match the gender of the noun they re referring to o The interrogative wen whom is the accusative form of wer such as whom compared to who Accusative Prepositions o The most common accusative prepositions are durch through across fUr for gegen against around associated with time ohne without um at associated with time um herum around associated with a place OOOOOO 0 When the preposition um is used to indicate movement around a place the word herum is added after the place in the sentence 0 ch Iaufe um die Stadt herum 0 Three prepositions can be contracted with the article das o durch das durchs o fUr das furs o um das ums Verbs Werden Wissen and Kennen o The verb Werden to become is an irregular verb o The verbs kennen and wissen both mean to know Wissen means to know facts while kennen means to know a person or thing 0 While kennen is a regular verb wissen has irregular forms


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