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Types of Nonverbal Communication

by: Morgan Sawyer

Types of Nonverbal Communication SCOM 123,(Nicole Barnes, Communication Group Presentation)

Morgan Sawyer
Introduction to Communication Studies Group Presentation (SCOM123, Nicole Barnes)
Professor Nicole Barnes (SCOM123 Group Presentations)

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About this Document

Hey guys in this week of notes you'll see the types of nonverbal communication. Hope this helps!
Introduction to Communication Studies Group Presentation (SCOM123, Nicole Barnes)
Professor Nicole Barnes (SCOM123 Group Presentations)
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Morgan Sawyer on Friday October 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SCOM 123,(Nicole Barnes, Communication Group Presentation) at James Madison University taught by Professor Nicole Barnes (SCOM123 Group Presentations) in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Communication Studies Group Presentation (SCOM123, Nicole Barnes) in Journalism and Mass Communications at James Madison University.

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Date Created: 10/09/15
Speech October 19 and November 18 tentative dates Homework Research thesis and full sentence outline by Monday Have to speak for 2025mins 445mins of speaking time If you fall out of the time line then you drop a letter grade Non verbal Communication Anyway you can communicate a message without saying words A vocalized nonverbal hmm and ugh sounds Functions of Non verbal communication Accent verbal communication creating emphasis stomp point shout 0 Anything you do to change your speaking pattern Moderate verbal communication opposite of accent o Reduces attention Lower voice Look downward Detract from audience Mumbling Complement 0 Have the demeanor that is appropriate to what you are saying 0 Emphasizing moodtone RepeaUng o Nonverbal can repeat 0 Say yes and shake head at the same time Substitute o Fills in for verbal 0 Just do nonverbal only shaking head Contradicting 0 Don t mean what you say Fingers crossed Winking Sarcastic tone 0 Disagrees with your verbal Channels of non verbal Parts of bodyways to communicate nonverbally 1 Body a Facial expression C d e a them Microexpressions miniscule reactions in different parts of your face that show how you feel in certain reactions Eyes where you are looking go up and to the left when lying roll your eyes blinking squinting etc Mouth smiling frowning looking in general confused disgusted iv Eyebrows v Nose vi Pupils if they dilate then you re attracted to someone Appearance i Down to things that you cannot control 1 Height 2 Weight 3 Hairstyle 4 Dress 5 Etc Smell Smell s you choose to associate with Hands primarily used to accent or emphasize Body Language con dent people stand up straight and stand on two feet 2 Space proxemics the closer you stand the someone if shows that you are more attracted to someone Intimate as close to you as they want to be b Personal friendship c Social party atmosphere d Public typical e Professional inbetween social and public 3 Artifactual communication man made object using a pen texting emailing 4 Touch if you like someone you are more likely to touch


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