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Theo 101 Week 5 lecture notes

by: Notetaker

Theo 101 Week 5 lecture notes 101/41603

Marketplace > University of St. Thomas > Religious Studies > 101/41603 > Theo 101 Week 5 lecture notes
User_39347_profile9613 Notetaker
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HONORS Christian Theo Trad

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About this Document

- the gospel of Mark - messianic expectations - Jesus over the centuries - The new testament - Second temple Judaism
HONORS Christian Theo Trad
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Notetaker on Friday October 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 101/41603 at University of St. Thomas taught by MacMillan in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see HONORS Christian Theo Trad in Religious Studies at University of St. Thomas.


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Date Created: 10/09/15
Theology Week 5 Lecture Notes The New Testament 0 Matthew the first in the gospel writing to a Jewish Christian audience Mark actually written first Chronological order Paul s letters Mark Matthew Luke Acts of the Apostles John John s letters 0 Matthew JewishChristian audience Written in Antioch Syria Most old testament references Bridge from old 9 new testament 0 Luke Writing in Greece Writing to a gentile audience non Jew Fewest old testament references Writes 2 gospels Luke and Acts of the Apostles Acts of the Apostles gives us religious history of the early church 0 Gospel grouped together because they tell the good news about Jesus 0 Synoptic Gospels Matthew Mark Luke View Jesus in the same perspective John s gospel much later Synoptic starts with human Jesus and gradually unfolds his divinity John s gospel begins with the divine Jesus and shows divinity throughout Mark s gospel provides a template for Matthew and Luke Matthew and Luke had no communication between each other yet wrote from the same 2 sources Mark and Quelle Each has his own material Matthew Angel to Joseph house 3 wise men has a star Luke manger angel to Mary Shepherd and no star Both have the quotour father from the Quelle and the Beautitudes Quelle No our father or beatitudes in Mark All 3 gospels have Jesus teaching parables miracles healing stories controversies passion narratives and resistance acts Marks Gospel All in present tense Writing in Rome to a gentile audience Writing full generation after Jesus death John s Gospel On it s own Has no parables Only 7 miracles Almost 3 generations after Gospels are not eyewitness accounts 9 faith testimonies that developed to up to over 3 generations AW4 Discussion O O quotrepent and believe good news acknowledge sins someone is coming to save them Jesus as a suffering servant Messiah First 4 disciples simon peter James Andrew and John Messianic Secret Jesus doesn t want anyone to know he is the Messiah Why Could be timing want people to come to faith on their own low profile to heal as many as he can misinterpretation Rabbi Scribes Priests Upset Eatingtable fellowship eats with tax collectors Breaking fasts challenging law vs love Shows God like power Jesus heals a man on the Sabbath Identifies as more than a Rabbi Jesus returns home met with opposition and people don t accept him 83132 rejected by authority killed risen 93032 betrayed by humans killed risen 103234 handed over to authorities kill risen Second Temple Judaism Scribes people of the society who can readwrite usually associated with the law found in each group 1 Saduccees political religious leader associated with the temple Often Priests zadoks no evidence that they believed in a Messiah 2 Pharisees Scholars of the law teachers modern day Rabbis Royal king David Messiah political leader 3 Anawim People of the land the poor 90 of the population not concerned with the Messiah more concerned about surviving 4 Zealots radical Jews who were defeated by Romans after rising up in revolt second temple destroyed believe God will be on their side to help them defeat the Romans House in 2 Samuel 2 Sam 747 2 Sam 7816 David promises to build God a temple God promises to build David a dynasty line of people Chapter 16 of Mark Shorter ending tells of Peter spreading the news Longer ending Mary Magdalene sees Jesus in resurrected form men will not accept what she has to say Handle s Messiah Messiah oratorio Isaiah gospel of the Old Testament Talks of the suffering servant Jesus Oratorio concert pieces scriptural text set to music 1700 s Jesus throughout the centuries 5th century orthodox Christ pantocrator creater law giverpowerful God 11th century crucifix conquering Christ 14th century crucifix suffering servant 14th century Christ in majesty Christ as judge raised hand 19th century Jesus in the Temple raised hand authority 20th century touchdown Jesus bobblehead handsome actor Late 20th century Christ at the last supper Salvador Dali larger than everyone else can see through him R hand raised


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