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by: Janice Allotey

Psychology1101_Week6.pdf PSYCH 1101

Marketplace > Cornell University > Psychlogy > PSYCH 1101 > Psychology1101_Week6 pdf
Janice Allotey
Introduction to Psychology
Pizarro, D

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About this Document

These notes are for week 6, covering the conclusion of Learning and Behaviorism, and The Problem of Perception. Please encourage your friends to check out the notes also!
Introduction to Psychology
Pizarro, D
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Janice Allotey on Friday October 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYCH 1101 at Cornell University taught by Pizarro, D in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 60 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Psychology in Psychlogy at Cornell University.


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Date Created: 10/09/15
FSYCH i 101 Introduction to Fsgchologg Protessor Davicj Fizarro MW iOiOam w i iOOam Notes For Week 6 Prelim I was on Wednesday so there are notes or only the Monday and Friday lectures PSYCH 11o1 Week 6 Professor Pizorro Sepfember 28 chober 2 Fdll 2015 Lecfure 1 of 2 Lecfure Ddfe Monddy Sepfember 28 2015 Ddy 14 Ledrning dnd Behdviorism Concluded l Negdfive Reinforcemenf 15 Punishmenf Clip from The Big Bong Theory HTTPSWWWYOUTUBECOIlWATCH8VLHI5H5JZI U d Neddfive reinforcemenf Rewording Cl desired behdvior by removing on exisfing unwonfed condifion b Punishmenf Negdfive consequence in response To unwonfed behdvior Skinner emphdsized on behdvior ds confingenf on fhe environmenf This implies fhdf differenf confexfs cdn ledd fo Cl very differenf sef of behdviors ll How Successful st Behdviorism 0 Credfed fhe fdmily of fheories emphdsizing fhe bdsic principles of ledrning Led fo rigorous scienfific resedrch fhdf confinues fo fhis ddy The principles of cldssicdl dnd operdnf condifioning dre ds close To funddmenfdl lows of behdvior ds we hove We know becduse if jusf works is Behdviordl Techniques for Helping Pdrenfs by Alon Kdzdin Child Conducf Clinic Ydle Universify HTTPSWWWYOUTUBECOIlWATCHV8l SFIT1YXA Punishmenfs do nof work ds well ds rewords Affenfion of dny kind is d ndfurdl reword dnd fherefore would encourdge fhe unwonfed behdvior in children How nof fo punish ldenfify fhe posifive opposife or desired behdvior Prdise effusively Touch 111 Behdviorisfs believe fhdf d Everyfhing dbouf The mind is ledrned b All ledrning is fhrough cldssicdl dnd operdnf condifioning This hos been found To nof be fhe cdse The mind is nof Cl bldnk sldfe dnd if cdn ledrn fhrough ofher medns by Janice Allotey Elite Notetaker Study Soup PSYCH 11o1 Week 6 Professor Pizorro Sepfember 28 chober 2 Poll 2015 Lecfure l of 2 IV ls if frue fhdf everyfhing is ledrned There is considerdble evidence for inndfe unledrned knowledge 0 This differs dcross species If is edsier fo frdin pigs fo dig dnd pigeons fo peck fhdn vice verso We dcquire fedrs for sndkes spiders dnd fdll heighfs much more edsin fhdn for cdrs V ls if frue fhdf everyfhing ledrned is by condifioning There is plenfy of evidence fhdf we ledrn d Iof fhrough observofiondl ledrning Children ledrn edsin fhrough The modeling of ddulfs Animdls dlso elicif reinforcemenf develop fedrs dnd dcquire skills fhrough observofiondl ledrning VI Are unobservoble psychologicdl sfdfes unscienfific Skinner believed behdvior wos fhe only woy To observe psychologicdl sfdfes He found emofions dnd fhoughfs To be unobservoble dnd fherefore unscienfific woys of sfudying mende sfdfes Two redsons fhis is nof fhe problem fhdf Skinner believed if To be d There is no problem wifh proposing unobservobles ds d woy fo expldin fhe ddfd If mdkes sense fo expldin d complex dnd infelligenf mechdnism in ferms of inferndl represenfdfions ther sciences such ds physics dlso folk dbouf unobservobles b Mefhodologies hove been developed by resedrchers fo dchdlly medsure fhings fhdf Skinner believed To be unobservoble like emofions implicif memories dnd dffifudes VII The Legdcy of Behdviorism Powerful fools for undersfdnding predicfing dnd confrolling humdn behdvior Unsofisfying ds d fheory fo cdpfure fhe enfirefy of mende life Behdviorism expldins d Iof buf is nof sufficienf fo expldin oil of humdn dnd dnimdl mende life by Janice Allotey Elite Notetaker Study Soup PSYCH 11o1 Week 6 Professor Pizorro September 28 October 2 Poll 2015 Lecture 2 of 2 Lecture Ddte Friddy October 2 2015 Ddy 15 The Problem of Perception I The tdste mop Although the tdste mdp hos been found to be d misconception it is d hdrd ided to get rid of becduse people s expectdtions dffect their perception of tdste ll Chdnde blindness The color chdnging cord trick httpswwwyoutubecomwotch8vv3iPrBrGSJll We dcquire knowledge dbout the world through sensotion dnd perception We do not process oil the sensory informdtion ovoildble to us 111 SENSATION How we dcquire bdsic sensory informdtion through the senses tdste touch smell hedring vision The brdin tronsduces incoming informdtion eg light woves sound woves dnd porticles oz Do we hove the some sensotions This question hos two ports d Are we getting the some informdtion ds everyone else b Is everyone getting dccurdte informdtion These questions dre cdptured in the inverted Q spectrum hypothesis thdt two people shoring o their color vocdbuldry dnd discrimindtions mdy U 49 G b 49 see the some color differently if Think of color blindness 0 The Sensotion of Tdste by Prof Lindd Bdrtoshuk Ydle University httpswwwyoutubecomwotch8v2icOt QNhs People hove different tdste sensotions bdsed on the number of tdste buds on their tongues Supertdsters hove d heightened sense of tdste mdking them more dverse to bitter dnd sour tdstes by Janice Allotey Elite Notetaker Study Soup PSYCH 11o1 Week 6 Professor Pizorro September 28 October 2 Poll 2015 Lecture 2 of 2 IV PERCEPTION Putting sensory informdtion together to represent the externdl world Cl Identificdtion whdt dm I seeing b Cotegorizotion whot kind of thing is it Perception is whdt dllows people on the bdlcony to know thdt Prof Pizorro is not inches to even though thdt is the imdge they get of him on their retinds st Perception is Cl difficult problem The mind uses Cl number of tricks in order to mdke sense of oil of the incoming sensory informotion Visuol perception The mind mokes certoin ossumptions dbout the environment to help us see occurotely despite hoving limited doto Colors ore judged for brightness using shodows Knowing thot shodows moke surfoces dorker we outomdticdlly ossume 0 color is lighter thon it looks when we see it in o shodow Objects con be distinguished using the following cues Cl Proximity 3 z b Simildrity or Q C 1 Proximity I1 Similarity c3osurc d Good continuotion d e Common movement 6g f Good form d Good continuation c Iommon movement f Good form 0 Depth perception dllows us to convert the 2 D imdges on our retind into more useful 3 D imoges This is influenced by the chorocteristics of the stimuli Redd 43 of the textbook for more detoilsl Visuol illusions teoch os thot our visuol perception is imperfect it is however sufficient for dcquiring much of the informdtion we need to survive by Janice Allotey Elite Notetaker Study Soup


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