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Status, Roles and Conflicts notes

by: Ruth Notetaker

Status, Roles and Conflicts notes SOC 1113 001

Marketplace > University of Oklahoma > Sociology > SOC 1113 001 > Status Roles and Conflicts notes
Ruth Notetaker
Introduction to Sociology
Kelly Damphousse

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About this Document

This is Week 7 notes and this time it also includes clicker question that might be in the next exam.
Introduction to Sociology
Kelly Damphousse
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ruth Notetaker on Friday October 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 1113 001 at University of Oklahoma taught by Kelly Damphousse in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Sociology in Sociology at University of Oklahoma.


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Date Created: 10/09/15
Statuses Roles and Conflicts Tuesday ctober 6 Z 1S 232 AM 0 Clicker questions 0 According to Marx the owns the means of production to society 0 According to Peter Berger and Thomas Luckman society is based onl actions 0 Ascribed or achieved I Latino ascribed I Student achieved I Fatherachieved I Maleascribed I Soonerachieved but depending how you were raised than it could be ascribed 0 Are things worse same or better in the 196039s I Many agree that is worse because of technology 0 Things to remember 0 What is sociology 0 How do we study society I The Rehabilitation project 0 What us culture I Next III How do we learn culture III How do we interact with others What does society look like Groups III What are the rules deviance 0 Types of societies 0 Culture 0 Tribes I That kind of things 0 Social structure 0 An organized pattern of behavior that governs people39s relationships 0 Makes life orderly and predictable 0 Includes statuses roles groups organizations and institutions 0 If we didn39t have rules or people didn39t follow the rules the world would be chaos I When people act against the norms 0 Status a social position I Examples III Students III Professors ii Son ii Mother ii Employee I Statuses can be ranked but do not always imply differing amounts of prestige I Sometimes people think some statuses are better than others due to ranking I Prestige III How people feel about the job depending how favorable it is Status set I a collection of social statuses that an individual occupies I Changes throughout the life course over times I Statuses are relational linked to other statuses ii Employeremployee Statuses Roles and Con icts notes week 7 Page 1 III Parentchild I How statuses interact with each other I Think about the multiple statuses you hold and how many play out at a time with you and with the environment around you multiple statuses play out at a time I Relationships aren39t always boyfriend and girlfriend III They can also be mother and daughter and things like that Statuses I Ascribed III Is a potion that we are born into female african american III We don39t think about these 0 Gender vs Sex that you are or consider yourself 0 Race ethnicity I Achieved III Is a position that we have through choice friend athlete III This is the one we think focus more on I Master status III Determines a person39s identity Highly visible Shapes a person39s entire life Examples 0 Male 0 Professor 0 Dean 0 Father 0 Husband III When people get to midage your master status is usually your profession job I Status inconsistency III Occupying social positions that create conflict because they are ranked differently III GTA is both student and instructor ranked III A women39sjob vs a male39s job 0 Levels of pay 0 What the job field is 0 Stay at home mom or dad 0 Things like that EDD I Role III the behavior expected of a person in a particular status 0 A student is expected to 0 Read 0 Take notes 0 Write papers 0 Attend class 0 Roles are based on mutual obligations 0 A professor must grade the paper written by a student I Role set III Different roles attached to a single status 0 Students 0 Study professor 0 Share notes students 0 Professor 0 Grade student 0 Provide midterm grades provost I Role conflict Statuses Roles and Con icts notes week 7 Page 2 III Frustration when confronted with requirements of two or more statusesstati I Role Strain O 0000 Student vs organization member Mother Daughter Employee volunteer they can conflict with each other III involves incompatible demands among roles within a single status I Student 0 Q 0 Different classes Test Papers III This is when things conflict with one status III How people deal with it 0 0000 O Deny the problem Compromise or negotiate Set priorities Compartmentalize Refused more roles many do this Exit a role or status I Social interaction The process by which we act toward and react to people around us Central to all human social activity People respond based on what they think is a stake for them People influence each other39s behavior Affected by elements of social structure I Nonverbal communication III The quotokayquot symbol means different things in different place many other stuff dotoo III An important part of interaction Includes El El El El El 0 0000 O SHence Gestures Facial expressions Eye contact Touch Person space III Transmits feelings and emotions Statuses Roles and Con icts notes week 7 Page 3


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