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Lecture Notes Oct. 5-7

by: Josephine maclean

Lecture Notes Oct. 5-7 Adv 319

Josephine maclean
GPA 3.5
Psychology of advertising
Dr. Close-Schienbaum

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About this Document

I didn't include my notes from the In Class Lecture on Oct. 5 because it was an exact repeat. If you would like the notes from Oct. 5th feel free to email me ( or message me on ...
Psychology of advertising
Dr. Close-Schienbaum
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Josephine maclean on Friday October 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Adv 319 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Dr. Close-Schienbaum in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see Psychology of advertising in Advertising at University of Texas at Austin.


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Date Created: 10/09/15
Psychology of Advertising Lecture 10 Oct 5 Internal and External Searches Problem Recognition gt tension bw ideal and actual state Internal Search gt shallow I ve seen that or deep I know x y 2 about this Now gt internal memory is not good enough External Search FB to make targeted ads more transparent for users headline agreed to display AdChoices triangle icon say when something is Sponsored Advertorials by law must have an identifiable source FB has trouble bc it changes so often and sometimes too fast for the learning curve Privacy 3rd party takes info then sells targeting consumers Ex Collusion for chrome protects your data Big Data gt not attitudinal now using behavioral tracking Instead of going individual you can purchase a list of people who liked one thing Are the FB ads on your page relevant to you probably they are getting better about this So and so likes this gt misleading because so and so may not have liked it just then but a long time ago being shown because the product has launched a new ad campaign 2005 spam is illegal Ex hide this ad on F8 do most consumers know about this option ls targetted advertising ethical Is it intrusive Student answers Mainstream marketing technology becomes unethical when ppl don t know about their information getting sold they don t read and just agree or opt in is preselected whose responsibility is it for consumers to be informed Objectives To understand consumer prob recog and the decision making process Know how and why consumers conduct internal and external searches assess challenges marketers face in influencing consumer s searches Recall brands attributes accessibility availability Diagnosticity gt high diagnostic info helps you discriminate bw markets salience vividness goals ls Internal Search Accurate Confirmation Bias draw attention to negatives of competition more likely to recall info that enforces our beliefs Inhibition don t always consider key aspects recall other more accessible attributes Ex people creating fake memories of disney world Ears closed eyes work better gt a lot of info is either not remembered or remembered wrong 0 Ex Dr Close tent for rockstar energy drink at end of event 50 of people though it had been for red bull mood so jealous happy sad etc that you have reduced or no ability to make clear decisions 0 memory is a function of mood External Search Purchase Search Ongoing Search Determinan o Involvement in the purchase Involvement in the purchase t 0 market environment 0 market environment 0 situational factors 0 Situational factors Motives to make a better purchase 0 build bank of info for future decision purchases 0 experience fun and pleasure Outcomes increased prod and market 0 increased knowledge knowledge 0 future buying efficiency 0 better purchase decisions 0 personal influence 0 increased satisfaction 0 increased Impulse buying 0 increased search satisfaction Sources of external info retailers media interpersonal WOM independent experimental internet WOM and Internet had initiated a power shift in favor of consumer Internet sources Keyword search Shopping agents Simulations online community INFO OVERLOAD gt brains can t process more than 3 options at once reduction of info overload servicesgt pop up blockers better search engines Effort to process information Influenced by MAO What motivates you to process info in advertising In class lecture on Oct 7th was literally a repeat of Lecture 10 Psychology of Advertising Lecture 11 Oct 9th Unit 8 JDM High Effort Thought Based Decisions Judgement gt forming evaluations establishing likelihood of event Decisions gt options presented No option thin slice judgement 2 types of judgements 1 erHhood 2 goodness v badness Rely on Imagery anchoring Cognitive Decision making models thought based types of decision processes compensatory v noncompensatory Rationalize denial compensation go with compensatory brand v attribute compensatory brandprocessing models additive difference models Compensatory Non Processing by Multiattribute models ex Conjunctive adding or disjunctive start at Brand TORA and TPB score and subtract models by Attribute additive difference model Lexicographic eDIriminationbyaspects models Ex University admissions system compensatory creative genius with bad scoresgpa noncompensatory cut off score to accept Were they willing to reweigh let one attribute compensate OR was it just a cut off number Type 2 error Type 1 error Compensatory positive features relative to negative features Noncompensatory cutoff at 1 specific negative minimum requirements Eg Online Dating Sometimes you evaluate 1 brand a time but most likely you are evaluating multiple brands Ex shopping for a car or shopping for a house Tradeoffs Noncompensatory Elimination by aspect attributes ordered by importance alternative accepted on 1st gt proceed to next attribute lmportance of attributes determined by consumer Information overload can only cognitively process 36 things at once Then you switch to 1 emotional decisions making OR 2 decide not to decide EG price is usually one of the most important attributes codecisions maker married Decisions based on Gains and Losses Prospect Theory 0 losses have more influence consumers have a stronger reaction to price increase than decrease ex drive far away for a sale even though you spend more gas money Endowment Effect ownership increases value and loss ass with an item 0 this is why the 24 hour test drive is so successful Book predictably irrational High Effort Feeling based on decisions Affective decision making what feels right Ex for yourself feel People who make affect based decision are more satisfied Affective DEc making Appraisal Theory emotions determined by how we think about a situation Affective Forecasting predict how you will feel in future 1 valence 2 intensity 3 duration Ex buying concert tickets Imagery imagine yourself consuming the product or service Affective mis forecasting being wrong is very common


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