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Continuation of Race & Ethnicity; Gender & Sexuality

by: DawnManuelle

Continuation of Race & Ethnicity; Gender & Sexuality 1500

Marketplace > Youngstown State University > Sociology > 1500 > Continuation of Race Ethnicity Gender Sexuality
Introduction to Sociology 1500
Gregory C. Rocheleau, Ph. D.

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About this Document

Hi there! This is my second upload to my one week of notes. Hope it will help you! Feel free to scan my notes. :) Thanks!
Introduction to Sociology 1500
Gregory C. Rocheleau, Ph. D.
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by DawnManuelle on Friday October 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 1500 at Youngstown State University taught by Gregory C. Rocheleau, Ph. D. in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 58 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Sociology 1500 in Sociology at Youngstown State University.


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Date Created: 10/09/15
Introduction to Sociology by Gregory C Rocheleau PhD Notetaker s Note The following definition that are highlighted has been taken via verbal explanation of the professor Section 2 In this section the following topics will be tackled 0 Race and Ethnicity Continuation of my notes from last week 0 Gender and Sexuality Race and Ethnicity Evaluation of the 2 important definitions Race social definition based on some physical traits or biological traits of an individual Ethnicity a social definition based on cultural or traditional traits of a group Race and Ethnicity Relations Race and Ethnic Relations Majority and minority groups related to race and ethnicity and other mode in the society Majority group a group in which they are in control in relation to power wealth and prestige Minority group a group in which they have less control in relation to power wealth and prestige Strength minority refers to classification of power not about numerical superiority Race and Ethnicity Interaction Race and Ethnic Interaction Pluralism the existence of some groups with different ethnic or spiritual background within the society but preserving their individual qualities which were their cultural differences Assimilation in which the minority group takes on the culture of a dominant group Segregation De lure Segregation legal division or separation of groups in our society De Facto Segregation not legally separated by law but it occurs by action Racial Scurry Genocide an attempt or systematic elimination of an entire ethnic group Race and Ethnicity Stereotypes Racism and Privilege Stereotypes Racism a particular racial or ethnic groups which are biologically inferior and practices their controlling power to other different races Institutional Racism White Privilege advantages of having a special treatment to white people mostly in terms of work compared to other races Prejudice and Discrimination Prejudice related to unfavorable feelings or opinion regarding to minorities prejudging somebody Discrimination related to an unfavorable action or treatment regarding to minorities Consequences of the prejudice and discrimination affects a lot the society Merton s 1949 Typology a sociologist classified some categories towards prejudice and discrimination Unprejudiced nondiscriminator integration there is no prejudice nor discrimination towards minorities Prejudiced discriminator outright bigotry prejudiced occur the same as to discrimination towards minorities Prejudiced nondiscriminator latent bigotry there is prejudice but they don t discriminate towards minorities Unprejudiced discriminator institutional racism there is no prejudice but they do discriminate towards minorities Psychological Sources Psychological Sources of Prejudice and Discrimination Frustration hostile behavior applied on describing prejudice towards discrimination Projection when an individual have negative and bad thoughts or feelings about themselves and they re ect it to other individuals Authoritarian an individual that is authoritative more likely racist prejudice or to discriminate Social Sources Social Sources of Prejudice and Discrimination Socialization expectation in your behavior as an individual or it could be a learned behavior in the society Stereotyping in control of prejudice and discrimination Ethnocentrism an individual thinks that his culture is more superior compare to other cultures Con ict and Competition in which there are different groups or races together in a society and the resources become limited that is where competition enters and prejudice and racism increases so as con icts Gender and Sexuality Sex Sex genetic individualism of males and females based on their differences in reproductive parts and functions Intersexed an individual who have some union of both male and female genetalia or reproductive organ Transexual an individual who have a genitalia or reproductive organ that is the o osite of the sex he she considers himself herself with Gender and Sexuality Gender Gender a distinction of the sex of an individual through his physical and behavioral features Gender Identity Transgender a term describing an individual who changed his gender identity considered they undergone surgery to transform his physical structure Gender Roles Definition Masculinity manly tough Feminity womanly emotional


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