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Japanese 2 week 7 notes (lec 13 and 14)

by: Diana Kweon

Japanese 2 week 7 notes (lec 13 and 14) JAPAN 2

Marketplace > University of California - Los Angeles > Japanese > JAPAN 2 > Japanese 2 week 7 notes lec 13 and 14
Diana Kweon
GPA 3.91
Elementary Modern Japanese 2
Professor Asako Hayashi Takakura

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About this Document

This is J2 week 7 notes (lectures 13 and 14) in Hayashi sensei's class. Hope it helps :)
Elementary Modern Japanese 2
Professor Asako Hayashi Takakura
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Diana Kweon on Saturday October 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to JAPAN 2 at University of California - Los Angeles taught by Professor Asako Hayashi Takakura in Winter 2015. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see Elementary Modern Japanese 2 in Japanese at University of California - Los Angeles.


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Date Created: 10/10/15
Japanese 2 Elementary Japanese Professor Asako Hayashi Takakura Hayashi sensei Week 7 Thursday Lecture 14 Chapter 10 Grammar Comparison Question Form Comparing two thingsX t Y t 85 5 E 5 5 0 Ii 5 73 Comparing three or more things X t Y t Z 0 Elj T Eh73 t 5 I337 Depending on the object in question you can also use 73h E C I 3 or 7E I instead of E5 5 8 5 5 or Eh Ex 7 5 2 0 El3 67 hb Iaft 4 t iif 73 o In this class who is the best student 7 X 39J 73 ONTO BF 1 E C 73 If 717 3 4 1 73 0 Among American cities which is the largest a ti 3 0 5F T 4 3 73 If A 339 a 1 73 0 Among weathers which is your favorite Using Ex C C ICZK73 2 3 3 36 D i 3 0 Here are two books El L O t 7t l 9 0 t 85 5 73 3 x 5 73 b J C 73 o Between thewhite oneand the orange one which is the textbook El I 0 73 3 J 5 73 b J C g o The white one is the textbook Important vocabulary 7 in who E C where 4 3 when 7 I what Chapter 10 Grammar Verb non past 3 I 0 Talking about one s intentions or future plans usually used for himherself with 7 7 b Ex5 b w5 HEEEllifA t7vD J 507373 5l7 5 gtI 5t 0 6 0 Because next Monday is my birthday I am planning to go to a restaurant Talking about the speaker s intention not to do something Ex 77 b7 5 2 73 Zb 6 73 5 C RWAN f 4 673 4quot3 D 63 Because there is a test tomorrow I am planning not to go to the party tonight Intended to do or not to do but couldn t or didn t do Ex t 57 5 I 5w t lt 0 D FLT 73 gtivfbto Iwas planning to meetmy friend but I ended up not going Chapter 10 Grammar adjective 7E 6 page 234 7 6 become I adjectives drop I gt lt 7E 6 Ex ZFJ DI gtZb 3 726 Na adjectivesnouns I 7E 6 Ex L337 gtL 73IC725 Chapter 10 Grammar E 5 7393 IE C I I E C 7393 I somewhereanywhere Ex b Kb 5 i 3 E C 73 I If 3 i b T 735 Did you go somewhere on the weekend E C I pnegative anywhere Ex I In it E C I Mfg i ti A b to No I didn t go anwvhere Chapter 10 Grammar 6 Transportation methodmeans of going somewhere or doing something Ex iib 6 3335 3 7393 i 7 C E0 6 I739373 D i 373 How long does it take to go from Tokyo to Osaka by bus Ex X 7 39J 3 A t EIZIKEETI 7 L i L to taked with Mary using Japanese Japanese 2 Elementary Japanese Professor Asako Hayashi Takakura Hayashi sensei Week 7 Tuesday Lecture 13 Chapter 10 Grammar Comparison between two things Question Form A t B t E 5 559 5 0 Ii 5 hi BetweenAand B which is Ex lat 6 t 2 7 3 t E 5 5 0 Ii 5 73 3 I 73 0 Between spring and autumn which do you like better Answer Form A 0 lit 5 73i B J 0 A is more than B Ex t 5 3 J 503li573 3 k 5 t J Djt ailn c g o Tokyo is biggerthan Kyoto A and B should be nouns when comparing adjectives use 0 the adj one Ex 2 7 T T 73 M0 t 5 250T m 0 t E5 5 0 Ii 5 73H m I 73 Between the warm one and the cold one which is better Chapter 10 Grammar Comparison among three or more things Question form X t Y t Z 0 72E 73quotC Eh7 m 5 lattum Among X Y and Z which is most Ex i it a k 5 t t 3335 ES 73 0 EF C x Ehi in 5 latt jig t C 397Jo Among Tokyo Kyoto and Osaka which is the largest Answerform X 73i m 5 lat1mm Among them X is most Ex 53273 latt it 3 m 3 0 Tokyo is the largest Important vocabulary in 5 lat1 first most Eh which thing among many 7 7393 inside in among 8 5 58 5 5 which thing between two 8 5 5 is more informal 0 Ii 5 hi s side is is


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