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Anthro 9 week 1 notes (lec 1 and 2)

by: Diana Kweon

Anthro 9 week 1 notes (lec 1 and 2) ANTHRO 9

Diana Kweon
GPA 3.91
Culture and Society

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About this Document

UCLA Anthropology 9: Culture and Society lecture notes for week 1
Culture and Society
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Diana Kweon on Saturday October 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANTHRO 9 at University of California - Los Angeles taught by Throop in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see Culture and Society in anthropology, evolution, sphr at University of California - Los Angeles.


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Date Created: 10/10/15
Anthropology 9 Culture and Society Professor Mariko Tamanoi Lecture 1 De nitions of Culture with Kroeber and Kluckhohn s Culture A Critical Review of Concepts and De nitions There are three sub sections of what we will learn in this class Sociology Archeology and biology Linguistics and history What is the de nition of culture Some examples from Alfred Kroeber and Clyde Kluckhohn s book are Agricultural relations cultivate tilling of the land According to Kluckhohn culture refers to quotthe total way of life of a group of peoplequot According to Harris it is quotthe learned pattern of behavior and thoughtcharacteristic of a group of peoplequot The de nition of culture changes as time passes by There is no impermeable boundary between cultures cultures are connected to each other and are thus permeable Everyone is and was cultural regardless of where when and how they lived High and low cultures Luxuries and rich practices such as tea drinking or parties were treated as high culture while less af uent behaviors were considered to be low People in colonies or primitive areas were sometimes treated as those without culture Cultural sphere should be distinct from spheres of politics economies etc Anthropology 9 Culture and Society Lecture 2 General Concepts of Culture and Famous Anthropologists As mentioned in the previous lecture culture is never completely bounded it is permeable ie you can pass through it or punch holes in it In his book Beyond Culture 1976 Edward T Hall introduces the idea of Highcontext culture even if we do not say much to each other we still understand and know each other very well ie family Lowcontext culture a group of people do not really know each other and it is open to anybody ie lectures or events Lowcontext cultures such as this class are permeable with no boundaries However as soon as this class is put to compete with another anthro 9 class this class becomes an impermeable almost highcontext culture where everyone feels that they are one teamally Theodora Kroeber s lshi in Two Worlds lshi means man in Yahi language no one ever found out what his real name was lshi was the last wild native of the California areas He was from the Yahi a subtribe of Yana lndians Found at a slaughter house in 1911 brought to University of California Berkeley for research and display and died in 1916 due to pneumonia amp tuberculosis Important anthropologists to remember memorize 1 2 Franz Boas 18581942 father of modern anthropology Alfred Louis Kroeber 18761960 student of Franz Boas professor of anthropology in UCB met lshi personally but didn t write anything about him Theodora Kroeber 18971979 wife of Alfred Kroeber author of lshi in Two Worlds Karl Kroeber 19262009 son of Alfred and Theodora Kroeber UCB professor in anthropology Ursula K Le Guin 1929present daughter of Alfred and Theodora Kroeber and sister of Karl Kroeber a scifi writer Although Alfred met and studied lshi after lshi s corpse was autopsied against his will he left UCB for a while and never wrote about lshi afterwards His wife and children wrote about him instead The idea of quotsalvage anthropologyquot Started in 19th century Attempt to save disappearing race culture tradition language etc Beginning of modern anthropology Coexisted with lack of rights of some people ie human exhibitions Anthropologists found with this to protect their rights and cultures The idea of this still remains today quotAnthropology is a child of imperialism colonization and genocidequot Eric Wolf Because of these many groups of individuals were disappearing and the people who argued that disappearing individuals had their cultures became anthropologists Rare disappearing cultures and people gave cause to study record and try to maintain them What is our anthropologists in modern discipline objective Understanding humanityentire mankind To answer the basic question quotWhat is humanquot Grasp the human nature and diversity through many manifestations Anthropology has many sub elds Archeology biology sociology etc There are also neighboring disciplines The reason for such as variety in studies is that we need to have diverse knowledge in order to understand humanity Human equality Everyone is cultural and everyone needs others to live with


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