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Reconstruction Notes

by: Vrena Puentes

Reconstruction Notes AMH2097

Marketplace > Florida State University > History > AMH2097 > Reconstruction Notes
Vrena Puentes
GPA 4.0
Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States
Richard Soash

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About this Document

Notes from Mr. Soash's class on 10.6.15
Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States
Richard Soash
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vrena Puentes on Saturday October 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AMH2097 at Florida State University taught by Richard Soash in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 53 views. For similar materials see Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States in History at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 10/10/15
10615 Reconstruction quotthe reconstruction of the Southquot Background info January 1865 Sherman s special eld order 15 gives South Carolina amp Georgia the order to give their land from plantation owners to blacks freedman as punishment during the Civil War 40k freedman take advantage of this order and try to establish their lives on this land March 1865 US Congress establish the Freedman s Bureau a government agency that was supposed to stick up for Black man s rights in the South Help black negotiate contracts Help build schools Lincon signed off Freedman s bureau but was then assassinated April 15 1865 So then Andrew Johnson became President Lincoln s VP Spring of 1865 Easy pardons to the majority of Southerners who want to be back in the Union quotAsked to be forgivenquot for their act of rebellion Prounion but Anti African American population Provisiona governors temporary governors of Southern States In some cases were former confederates Put a stop to land redistribution including Sherman s eld order Easy pardons for Confederate leaders amp citizens Vetoes the Freeman s Bureau Republican Congress vs Johnson 18651869 Congress passes the 14th Amendment Birth right citizenship Civil Rights Act of 1866 Congress can pass it but has to be rati ed by States Gave blacks citizenship and got rid ofJohnson s provisional governors Johnson tried to veto this act but Congress overrode the veto Johnson was then impeached in the House but Senate fails to uphold impeachment by one vote Vioation of Tenure of Of ce Act Congress passes 15th Amendment Guarantees citizens the right to vote no matter of your race color or previous condition of servitude Rise of the Republican Party in the South Repubicans are virtually nonexistent in the South in 1860 s But this changes in the late 60 s early 70 s as Blacks vote Repubicans were the party that was more for freeing slaves Southern Republican Coalition 1 Black citizens 2 quotCarpetbaggersquot Northerners that came down to the South during Reconstruction 1 Dogooders Hep blacks adapt to freedom purely for goof 2 Came down for pro t Heps South rebuild but make money in the process 3 quotScalawagsquot Southerners who supported the Union May be sympathetic towards Blacks Black Life Education community effort They launch into it as soon as they know they re no longer denied it Black Church creating a new entity Previously were segregated in White Church when they were slaves So they tried to come back to the White Church after they became freed but Church still wanted to segregate them Blacks disagree and create their own Church The Black Family starting to re ect society large When they were slaved families would be pulled apart amp sent to different plantations Once this doesn t happen anymore the familiar ties were much more prominent Society preferred men over women at the time so Blacks reciprocated Head of the household wanted to show that power Doesn t let women make decisions Black Employment ln urban areas A large amount goes to cities to get away fro plantations Foods cities w people searching for employment They accept the worst kinds of jobs and make little money Smal pay forces freedman to live on the edge of cities in very poor housing environments In rural areas Even worse than the situation of those freedman in urban areas No money AND no land so they re forced to return back to the same plantations were they were slaves so they decided to become sharecroppers Poor whites amp African Americans did this Plantation owner has sharecropper sign contract and allows the sharecropper to live on the land and farm on it but the sharecropper has to give the plantation owner a set xed amount of the crops heshe makes How are the sharecroppers screwed over If anything happens that makes the sharecropper not be able to produce the amount of crops that was written in the contract they are in debt to plantation owner Debt gets larger and larger as these conditions reoccur amp doesn t go away If sharecropper dies debt goes on to hisher children The Southern Lens Blacks natural place was to be a slave It was the only way they would prosper in the world Slaves were quotcontentquot until the NorthernersAbolitionistsThe Federal government interfered SLAVES RESISTEDREBELLED they were NOT content Now Blacks are insolent it s the North sAbolitionistsFederal Gov s fault amp we have to do something about it Southerners Resistance 1 Black Codes Designed to recreate the condition of slavery wo actually calling it slavery Made black children into apprentices to learn tradesskill but in reality it was a way to have labor done for free Prohibited from serving on juries Vagrancy laws Pressured freedman to sign contracts 2 Sharecropping No way out once you get in debt 3 Rise of Ku Klux Klan the KKK early 1870 s Obliterated black churches Revolved around hating blacks 4 Solidi cation of the old stereotypes rise of the new stereotypes to justify these actions Bringing back preexisting stereotypes amp creates new ones 1lnferior Race Animosity Uncivilized 2 Violent Save rebellions were evidence to WASPs claim Outgrowth of animalistic aspect of inferior race Animaistic sexual tendencies towards women especially white women Belief slowly reinforced over time 3 Politically corrupt Not intelligent so shouldn t be involved in politics Two Wide Spread Beliefs 1 Animalistic savages couldn t govern Portrayed in media this way 2 All republicans were corrupt The End of Reconstruction Overtime Northerners lose their appetite for Reconstruction They would rather have unity in States w the expense of Blacks Repubicans trade away protections for Blacks in exchange for the Presidency compromise of 1876 One the election by one electoral vote Hayes Rep candidate had to remove federal troops from the South Redemption


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