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Chinese Immigration Notes

by: Vrena Puentes

Chinese Immigration Notes AMH2097

Marketplace > Florida State University > History > AMH2097 > Chinese Immigration Notes
Vrena Puentes
GPA 4.0
Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States
Richard Soash

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About this Document

Notes from Mr. Soash's class on 10.8.15
Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States
Richard Soash
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vrena Puentes on Saturday October 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AMH2097 at Florida State University taught by Richard Soash in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 182 views. For similar materials see Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States in History at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 10/10/15
10815 Chinese Immigration Chinese is a misnomer CantonGuangdong Province Urbancosmopoitan Good businessmen We educated Especiay known for the Explosive Industry Immigration Process Why leave 1 Political con ict Rebeions against emperor European powers Germany Austria try to take over some of the industry 2 Series of natural disasters Foods droughts 3 Overpopulation Too few resources to support the population 450 million people could not be supported Edest male sends the best candidate to send over to US Edest male tends to make the most important decisions for clanfamily The person the eldest male chooses is normally young male and unmarried They want to send this candidate to US to make money for 5 yrs and then come back to China and give the money they made to the eldest male Edest male has a wife waiting for him when he returns to start a family Once the wife is pregnant he goes back to the US to make money and bring it back again to China Gets wife pregnant again and does the same thing again This is return migration not anchor or chain migration Life in America Ethnic Enclave Chinatown in San Francisco Forms their own community Mentaity is that they will only stay temporarily sojourners Not interested in learning English or becoming a part of American politics or cultural life Goal is to make money and then take it back to China to help family Bacheor Society Sending over best candidates whom are MALE it is a patriarchal society 98 of Chinese immigrants who come over before 1850 are male 2 of female came over on their own without anyone sending them Stats 300k Chinese immigrants in San Francisco 110 of California s population Dominant group in Cali is WASPs WASPs control politics and most of businesses in Cali Most of WASPs are single men Jobs At rst almost every immigrant is intending to work as a miner Gam Saan gold mountain what they saw Cali as WASPs are the reason Chinese believe this idea WASPs control the mining companies Chinese immigrant is therefore working for a wage in a company owned by WASPs Railroads lighters Connects East to the West Transcontinental Railroad Rocky s are taller than the Appalachian Mountains But these immigrants are good at blowing things up because of industry back on China Job is STILL dangerous bc of how the Rocky Mts are Migrant farm work Moving from farm to farm planting what the land owner wants Low paying amp hard labor but good for people who don t want long term jobs since they leave every 5 years Domestic Labor maids Seen as female work Men are not used to doing female chores Chinese don t care about gender politics though so they went into this occupation anyways Prostitution The 2 of the female population goes into this No family ties Many were kidnap and brought over Made almost no money money is going to the men who control the establishment Prostitution is very popular amongst men bc it is a bachelor society Owner of the establishment would make prostitutes have abortions if they became pregnant Opium Dens Traditionaly grown in China Decent amount of experience turning that into a useable drug Chinese don t use these places for recreational purposes they just make money from the WASPs who do use Opium Fishing Fishing to provide food for Chinatown not WASPs Stereotypes 1 Inferior race Don t fall under any of the positive stereotypes that WASPs look for Seen as inherently different from the White race yellow race yellowness implies the idea of sickness not being in good health Caused disease to spread but WASPs know it comes from the Chinese Chinese were said to spread Leprosy Small pox Cholera and Bubonic Plague An inherently weak and feminine race Not as masculine as White European race 1 Jobs they are only trying to make money so they are willing to do female jobs 2 Appearance Men wore hairstyle Queue long braid going down their back and long owy clothing that WASPs associated with feminism 2 Perpetual Foreigner Different hairstyle amp clothing Competey different nonEuropean language Different religion not Christian or monotheistic No desire to assimilateform to American culture or even acculturate Live in ethnic enclaves 3 lmmoral Different religion differentimproper values Opium dens and prostitution houses further the WASPs belief of them being immoral This was legal in California at the time Activities sound criminal to the rest of the US though 4 Invaders Economic rather than religious invaders Fear sets in on White working class Thinks Chinese will take away theirjobs Yellow Peril Poitica cartoons show this idea of Chinese being invaders More than just economic expands to also have a moralbiological aspect to it Starts in Cali but spreads to the rest of the nation Fu Manchu Chinese mastermind that wanted to take over the world Legislation against the Chinese Foreign Miner s tax 1852 effort to drive Chinese out of mining industry Noncitizens had to pay a 36 monthly tax for the privilege of working in the mines So Chinese stop mining Just for Cali Naturalization Act of 1870 in period of Reconstruction They added that only free whites amp people of African descent are eligible for naturalization National The Page Act 1875 prohibited prostitutes from entering the country WASPs believed that every Chinese woman entering the country is doing so to become a prostitute National Chinese Exclusion Act 1882 Prohibited immigration of all Chinese laborers quotyou can stay if you re already here but if you leave you can t come backinquot Not deportation but blocking them for entering the country Ruins Chinese s game plan Chinese try to get around it by coming illegally National


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