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October 5th, 7th, and 9th

by: Jade Maynard

October 5th, 7th, and 9th CLAS 430 A

Jade Maynard
GPA 3.93
Greek & Roman Mythology
Adriana Vasquez

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About this Document

Covers lesson material from chapters 3,4, and 5, including creation myths, Zeus's rise to power, the creation of mortals, and the main Olympian gods.
Greek & Roman Mythology
Adriana Vasquez
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jade Maynard on Saturday October 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLAS 430 A at University of Washington taught by Adriana Vasquez in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see Greek & Roman Mythology in Classical Studies at University of Washington.


Reviews for October 5th, 7th, and 9th


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Date Created: 10/10/15
Monday October 5 Creation Myths 0 Definitions 0 Cosmogony Birthorigin of the universe 0 Theogony Birthorigin of the gods 0 Anthropogony Birthorigin of mankind 0 Primordial Deities Personifications of natural phenomena Gaia is the Earth 0 Sources 0 Hesiod Greek wrote Theogany and Works and Days I Chaos the void came into being first I Following Chaos came Gaia or Ge Tartarus a place deep in the Earth Erebus the darkness of Tartarus Eros or Cupid and Night I Ge s children are Uranus the mountains and Pontus the sea I Night and Erebus s children are Day and Aether the upper air 0 Aristophanes Greek wrote the comedy Birds I Four basic entities Chaos Night Erebus and Tartarus I From Night came the Cosmic Egg from which came Eros I His cosmogony is meant to make fun of these beliefs 0 Homeric Hymns Greek named because they are in the style of Homer 0 OVid Roman wrote Metamorphoses I Chaos a discordant mass came into being first I Chaos was separated into four main elements fire earth air and water 0 Sacred Marriage or Hieros Gamos O A sky figure and an earth figure are joined in an archetypal union 0 Uranus and Gaia I Children Titans Cyclopes and Hecatonchires I Uranus was castrated by Cronus at his mother s urging and the blood from his genitals produced Erinyes giants and Meliae as well as the goddess Aphrodite O Cronus and Rhea I Children Hera Demeter Hestia Poseidon Hades and Zeus I Cronus ate his children until Rhea tricked him into eating a rock so that Zeus could surVive and usurp his power 0 Zeus and Hera I Usurped Cronus and Rhea s power to become the third sacred marriage 0 Other Titans and Their Offspring O Oceanus and Tethys Produced the Oceanids spirits of rivers waters and springs O Hyperion and Theia O O I Helius A sungod who would later become synonymous with Apollo father of Phaethon I Selene Moon goddess who would later become synonymous with Artemis I Eos Goddess of dawn lover of Tithonos and mother of heroes such as Memnon Coeus and Phoebe Parents of Leto who bore Artemis and Apollo Mnemosyne Goddess of memory and mother of the Muses 0 Interpretations from the textbook 0 O O Feminist Mother Earth is the first and most fundamental deity Structuralist Prevalence of binaries chaosorder malefemale skyearth etc Psychological and psychoanalytical Competition with the father Freud and the archetype of the sacred marriage Jung Wednesday October 7 Zeus s Rise to Power 0 Zeus was the youngest child of Rhea and Cronus I Cronus knew that one of his sons would usurp him so he ate all of them I Rhea tricked him by giving him a stone instead of Zeus 0 Zeus was raised elsewhere and grew up to free his siblings and overpower Cronus I Titanomachy Titans vs Olympian Gods with the addition of Themis and her son Prometheus I Giantomachy Olympian Gods vs Giants ex Typhon the firebreathing serpent I Centauromachy 0 Amazonomachy Creation of Mortals 0 Prometheus O O O O Tricked Zeus into taking the worse portion of meat which explains why certain parts of animals are sacrificed Shaped man Gave man fire Zeus was angry so he set Prometheus to have his liver eaten out every day by vultures and to grow it back every night at the same time men were punished with women specifically Pandora 0 Ages of Man O 0 Gold I Lived as gods free from toil or trouble I Spontaneous production from the earth I Beloved of gods Silver I Children for 100 years then die rapidly I Arrogant refused to worship I Zeus hid them 0 Bronze I Warring and mighty I Destroyed by their own hands 0 Heroes I Present during the wars of history ex the Trojan War I Found honor and glory in death 0 Iron I Constant toil and woe I Discord I Envy evil injustice Other Important Topics 0 lo 0 Priestess of Hera loved by Zeus O Hera turned her into a white bull and set Argus to guard her in retaliation O Zeus sent Hermes to cut off Argus s head but once he did Hera set a gad y to torment lo 0 lo wandered to Egypt where Zeus returned her to human form and she gave birth to Epaphus I Deucalion and Pyrrha O Survivors of the ood sent by Zeus thanks to their piety 0 Themis instructed them to throw the bones of the great mother stones over their shoulders 0 When they did this the stones took on human form 0 Deucalion and Pyrrha parented Hellen the ancestor of the Greek people I Lycaon 0 Tyrant in Arcadia 0 Zeus was angry at the wickedness of mortals and turned him into a wolf Friday October 9 The Twelve Olympians 0 Zeus Jupiter God of the sky 0 Symbolized by the thunder bolt the oak tree and the eagle O Patemalistic figure although not always absolute or supreme O Worshipped at Olympia and Dodona 0 Kidnaps a mortal man Ganymede to serve as cupbearer on Olympus 0 Hera Juno 0 Goddess of women marriage and childbirth O Represented by the peacock 0 Wife of Zeus 0 Poseidon God of the sea Hades God of the underworld doesn t count as an Olympian god Hestia 0 Goddess of the hearth which represented a wellordered homestate and had religious significance 0 Only goddess with a round temple inside of which was a fire tended by the Vestal Virgins Children of Hera and Zeus 0 Eileithyia Lucina Goddess of childbirth O Hebe Goddess of youthful bloom and cupbearer of the gods along with Ganymede O Hephaestus Vulcan 39 God of creative fire and a diVine smith I Husband of Aphrodite I Hurled to earth by Hera and Zeus on two separate occasions O Ares Mars God of war lover of Aphrodite for which Hephaestus punishes him The Nine Muses children of Zeus and Mnemosyne Calliope Epic poetry Clio Historylyre playing Euterpe Lyric poetrytragedy and ute playing Melpomene Tragedy or lyre playing Terpsichore Choral dancing or ute playing Erato Love poetryhymns to the gods and lyre playing Polyhymnia Sacred musicdancing Urania Astronomy Thalia Comedy The Three Fates children of Zeus and Themis O Clotho Spins the thread of life 0 Lachesis Measures out the thread 0 Atropos Cuts the thread bringing life to an end OOOOOOOOO


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