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Lecture Notes Week October 5- October 9

by: Jacqueline Mercader

Lecture Notes Week October 5- October 9 HDFS 210

Marketplace > Purdue University > HDFS > HDFS 210 > Lecture Notes Week October 5 October 9
Jacqueline Mercader
Introduction to Human Development
Dr. Zoe Taylor

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About this Document

Hello everyone! I have typed up the notes given through the lecture slide show, along with addition information that Professor Taylor said in class! I hope you find these notes clear and benefic...
Introduction to Human Development
Dr. Zoe Taylor
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jacqueline Mercader on Saturday October 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HDFS 210 at Purdue University taught by Dr. Zoe Taylor in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Human Development in HDFS at Purdue University.

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Date Created: 10/10/15
October 9 2015 HDFS 101 830am Lecture SocioEmotional Development Family Relationships Family two persons elated by birth marriage adoption or choice to one another responsibilities for each other Family Social System reationships interactions and patterns of in uence that characterize a family with 3 members Family as a System dynamic interactive mutua in uences embedded in larger amounts of people Dimensions of Parenting NEED TO KNOW 1 amount of support and affection a parent displays toward a child 2 amount of regulation or supervision parents undertake with their children extent of rules and demands Baumrind Parenting Styles high 1high 2 reasonable enforces rules sensitive and accepting of the child ow 1high 2 sounds like totalitariansame characteristics many rules and demands lack of explanations and sensitivity to what the child thinks high 1 low 2 few rules and demands child has a great deal of freedom ow 1 low 2 few rules and demands uninvolved parents and insensitive to child s needs Ethnic and Class Variations famin ex Asian Hispanic Native American parents show concern care and involvement more restrictive and controlling mix of authoritative and authoritarian October 9 2015 HDFS 101 830am Lecture ex African American authoritative mixed authoritarian demand of respect spanking WorkingClass Families hard to explain to children stress obedience and respect to parents ack of reasoning with the children show less warmth and affection re ection of group trends sometimes above or below based of individual differences Parenting and Romantic Commitment Modamily only bringing two people together to have a child does not go in depth about whether the couple will work romantically 2 separate homes for the child Family by Design looks for common support goals such as emotional or nancial Martial Relationship chidren are happier compared to split parents unstable insecure think of the relationship as being very con icted with the parents having multiple arguments with each other and that spills over to their parenting style distracted by their own problems higher anxiety more hostile children spills from home to external environments Divorce 4550 do poorly in school experience con ict distress and economic hardship dealing with problems before and after divorcementally exhausting lack of connection with the parent and child ongterm effects start to think their marriages will not work a series of events prior con ict hard to coparent after separated famiies adjust by the second year with a stable singleparent home better adjusted Gay and Lesbian Families 90 of children are heterosexual chidren are just like the other children welladjusted equally effective parents as straight parents October 9 2015 HDFS 101 830am Lecture Child Abuse any extreme maltreatment of children including physical battering sexual abuse psychological insults neglect 3 million reports 34 million substantiated by child protection agencies many unreported cases 79 neglect 18 physical abuse 9 sexual abuse psychologically abused suffered at same rate or gt than physically or sexually abused depression anxiety attachment problems far reaching impact of more negative than when children experienced physical or sexual abuse without psychological abuse parents do not always realize they re abusing problems at school physical aggression lowered attention to social cues antisocial behavior depression social anxiety low self esteem poor relationships ipside ego resiliency temperament intelligence genes predisposed to protect from depression therapy become warm and supportive Contextual Triggers groups and social classes parenta characteristics experience lower education depression believes in coercive using threats of force discipline general insecurity use of drugs chid characteristics impulsive temperament hyperactivity sickliness or other chronic developmental problem abuse happens across all ethic


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