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Week 7 Notes

by: Chaelin Despres

Week 7 Notes ENGL 221

Chaelin Despres
GPA 3.76
British Lit
Christopher Cain

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About this Document

This covers the end of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and the introduction to the 14th Century and Chaucer.
British Lit
Christopher Cain
Class Notes
towson, towson university, british literature, Literature, english, british literature to 1798, sir gawain and the green knight, chaucer, geoffrey chaucer, canterbury tales
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Chaelin Despres on Saturday October 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 221 at Towson University taught by Christopher Cain in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see British Lit in Foreign Language at Towson University.

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Date Created: 10/10/15
British Literature to 1798 1005201510072015 In Class Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Description of armor 9 shield Pentangle and Mary Duality of images 0 Pentangle 5 virtues of Knights 0 Mary 5 Wounds of Jesus Rosary has 5 Decades o Marian Worship at the height during SGGK composition Declined after the Protestant Reformation Expression of duality through Gawain imagery 5 virtues of Knights 9 friendship generosity chastity courtesy piety 0 Poem examines Gawain s virtue as well as if heavenly virtue can exist in a fallen world Chivalric value v religious value Examination of Chivalric system Isles of Anglesey 9 Island off of the NW coast of Wales Interchange between host and Gawain 0 Host goes hunting and Gawain stays game and the exchange winnings o Gawain is being hunted by the host s wife Names 0 Host Bertilack Green Knight 0 Host s Wife NA 0 Old Hag Morgan le Fay Arthur s halfsister his foil Always testing the virtue of Arthur s knights Set up to scare Guinevere and test character of court especially for pride Female Characters 0 Little Guinevere Uncommon in legends 9 normally loud and malicious 0 Morgan le Fay 9 foil to Arthur 0 Hostess of Castle Modern temptress Clever debater Conflict between courtly love Hostess and Spiritual Love Virgin Mary in Bedroom 0 No positive images for women all cunning devious manipulative petty Demands of courtesy and chastity 0 Play along without offending and not sleeping with her Gawain 0 She challenges Gawain on courtesy puts him in an impossible situation by him not bending to her will 0 Kisses her courteously Duality of Images 0 Day1deer 9 1 kiss 0 Day 2 bear 9 2 kisses 0 Day 3 fox 9 1 kiss Gawain hides the girdle Fox Sir Reynard 9 conventional name for a sly fox Descent hunted 9 aggressive 9 deception o Gawain violates his promise to the host Finds the Green Chapel by hearing the sharpening of GK s sword line 2200 Line 2259 9 blows mirror Gawain s promise to host 0 Examination of contradictions of chivalric values Questioning of religious virtue as well Honi Soil Qui Mal Pense 9 Shame be to the man who has evil in his mind 0 Tension between doing the right thing and doing the natural thing lnteriority of Character 9 o Gawain s internal conflict weighing choices shown through actions 0 Literature becoming modern 14th Century SGGK 13751400 Incredible social and cultural change moving to modernity Factors Shifting Dynamics 9 o The Plague 0 Serious Warfare 9 Hundred Years War EnglandFrance 0 Religious Disarray 9 seeds of Reformation new ways of thinking Great Schism 13781417 Period of 2 Popes 9 one in Rome one in France Hard to maintain order Diminishes prestige of Church The Plague lasts for hundreds of years Begins in NE Italy 1347 in Italy is the earliest recording Bubonic plague buboes pus sacks on sites of lymph glands Beccamorti 9 people who disposed of plague victims Could claim insane prices Most hated people 0000 Reading Geoffrey Chaucer ca 13431400 Medieval Social Theory 3 estates layered into complex and unstable social strata by late 14th Century 0 Birth wealth profession and personal ability all helped determine status 0 Estates 1 The Nobility small hereditary aristocracy to rule and defend body politic 2 The Church look after the spiritual wellbeing of body politic 3 Commoners work to provide for the body politics physical needs Rapid economic political and social change9 greatly influenced Chaucer Growing middle class with increasingly important roles o Blurring of class boundaries 0 Chaucer born into the upper middle class Chaucer son of prosperous wine merchant 0 Exposure to all sorts of people9 learned French and Latin 0 Became page to Countess of Ulster and Prince Lionel great aristocratic household of England 0 Captured by France and ransomed during Hundred Years War 1359 0 Member of King Edward s personal household 1367 o Sened as Justice of the Peace and Knight of the Shire In association with the ruling nobility o Bridged the gap between commoners and aristocracy No documents of Chaucer writing poetry 0 Would write in French 0 Inspirations Guilllaime de Machaut 13001377 and Jean Froissart 13331400 Courtly Love poets Diplomatic mission to Italy 1372 9 milestone in literary development 0 Exposure to Italian Renaissance new material 9 Dante Petrarch Boccaccio Wrote moralreligious works 9 mainly translations View nobility and commoners lived at intersection of social worlds The Canterbury Tales First conceived in 1386 Take of pilgrims going to Canterbury and sharing stories 0 Only completed 22 out of 120 planned Fictitious pilgrimage 9 framing device Pilgrims represent a wide range of ranksoccupations and diversity of tales 0 Not realism 0 Estate satire Stories respond to each other 9 dramatic interest More than 80 surviving manuscripts none from Chaucer s lifetime 0 9 or 10 fragments blocks of tales In Class 14th Century Turning Point in Western History Literary authorship o Modernity v medieval Modernity originality in content Medieval tradition recycled narrative originality not needed 0 Canterbury Tales is modeled after Boccaccio s The Decameron Chaucer 9 Spoke English French Italian with working knowledge of Latin Authorship emerges as a vocation 9 print capitalism 0 With advent of printing press 1450 o Rising literacy rates 0 Before were mainly on a patronage basis Plague o Bubonic v Pneumonic Plague Bubonic 4050 fatal buboes Pneumonic 100 fatal coughing up blood 0 Norway Black Rats 9 very heavy in Europe In cities as urban class develops 13th century cities 0 Made progress of plague by mass graves plague goes from trade routes from city to city 0 Fleas 9 carry plague abundant in Europe 0 Died from blood poisoning from the infection 0 Beccamorti 9 death watcher Economics price inflation o Chaucer sunived the plague Never spoke on it No report of his family He was wealthy enough to leave infected areas 0 Municipal services has origin in plague crisis Geoffrey Chaucer 13431400 Buried in Westminster Poet s Corner Family 0 Father venter wine trader lucrative business Best value for trading financial commodity Chaucer did this for a short time he was interested in money Occupied circles higher than his class he was upper middle class with good connections Soldier in Hundred Years War At the court of King Edward Ill 0 Captured by French in Hundred Years War and ransomed Partial documentation of a judicial charge of Chaucer of raptus 0 Either kidnapping false imprisonment rape o No record of him being tried Canterbury Tales 0 Unfinished fragmented o 120 stories intended 9 Leave from Tabard 0 14th century in miniature 9 estate satire when all classes are together and make gentle fun of them in relation to their class 29 stories completed Preprint no set printing or order of tales No uniformity


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