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CLS 1500 Notes

by: Essence Stanley-Savage

CLS 1500 Notes CLS 1500 - 03

Essence Stanley-Savage
Introduction to Greek and Roman Culture
Krishni Schaefgen Burns

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About this Document

Hey Guys and Gals! These are my lecture notes from Greek and Roman Culture class .I'm passing all my quizzes with these notes so I hope they are helpful to you, enjoy!
Introduction to Greek and Roman Culture
Krishni Schaefgen Burns
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Essence Stanley-Savage on Saturday October 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLS 1500 - 03 at Wright State University taught by Krishni Schaefgen Burns in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Greek and Roman Culture in Classical Studies at Wright State University.

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Date Created: 10/10/15
Early Greeks at Mycenae The Mycenaean civilization in Greece existed from c 16001100 BCE They were a Bronze Age civilization on Mainland Greece that overlapped w the Minoans on Crete The Mycenaeans built huge fortresses at Mycenae Pylos Turyans Gla Athensand other places in Mainland Greece The Mycenaeans conquered Crete and worked as mercenaries The Mycenaeans are named after the palacecitadel at Mycenae 0 There are many myths that surround the city of Mycenae those stories are semihistorical The Mycenaeans of Greek mythology fought the Trojans and their allies in the Trojan War While many events in the Trojan War are mythical some elements of the story are true Citadel Of Mycenae Mycenae is a large heavily citadel Inside are Palace a sacred cemetery many houses and granies The Mycenaeans also built a secret well in the citadel Lions Gate The main entrance to the citadel Has two lions standing next to a column The design is probably copied from Hittite sculptures Good to google picture Magaron Center of a Mycenaean Palace present in all Palaces The King39s Room where rulers met their people Has central hearth and throne Mycenaean Burials o Tholos Tomb 0 Circular tomb buried in earth 0 Looks like a beehive o Built on the edge of territory 0 Grave Circles 0 Stone circles around the Burial grounds 0 Have many burials in the same area I Shaft graves Linear B The script of the Mycenaeans Syllabary with c 87 symbols In 1952 Michael Ventris deciphered Linear B 0 Similar to an archaic form of classical Greek 0 The tablets he deciphered were 0 Invetors o Rosters 0 Records of all kind 0 Lines drawn between items Heinrich Schliemann 18221890 A rich German Banker who discovered Troy and excavated both Troy and Mycenae Huge fan of ancient Greece s two long poems about the Trojan War The Iliad and Odyssey 0 Married a Greek woman who could recite Homer s Iliad and Odyssey Brilliant linguist but not an archaeologist Used the Iliad as evidence that the Trojan War was real Heard Frank Calvert had identified a site in the Turkey Hisarlik as Troy In 1893 Schliemann and wife Sophia excavated Troy and they found 0 Lots ofjewelry gold earrings necklaces pots of silver and gold two gold other items 0 They smuggled it out of Turkey Illegally o Schliemann s was not an archaeologist he was a treasure hunter 0 Lost tremendous information about Troy because of him 0 Schliemann s 1875 excavated o The Lion s Gate 0 Sacred Graveyard Grave Circle A 0 Found 19 shaft graves filled w gold silver and Bronze grave goods


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