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by: Christine Olsen

HumanCloning.pdf PHIL242

Christine Olsen
Green River Community College
GPA 3.5
medical ethics
sarah goering

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About this Document

medical ethics
sarah goering
One Day of Notes
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This 4 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Christine Olsen on Wednesday November 5, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to PHIL242 at University of Washington taught by sarah goering in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 107 views. For similar materials see medical ethics in PHIL-Philosophy at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 11/05/14
Human Cloning 11O62014 Somatic cell nuclear transfer invoves taking the chromosomes out of an egg nucleus enucleation and then inserting a full complement of chromosomes 23 pairs into the 999 First done in 1997 with Dolly the sheep Has been done in more animals Human cloning claimed by Advance Cell technology the Raelians 2002 and by the South Koreans 2004 but dismissed Why Two purposes Research therapeutic cloning to workr on stem cell therapies that might help address conditions like MS Parkinson s spinal cord injury etc Reproduction to create a child with only one genetic parent Embryos can t give consent Using human tissue as a means to our own ends How to do research cloning without being problematic to human embryos Cloning is a stepping stone to genetic engineering Kass Human cloning produces in us a feeling of repugnance Repugnance is sometimes the emotional expression of deep wisdom beyond reason s power fully to articulate it Repugnance due to novelty is not a sign 0 f deep wisdom Something new people were uninformed Repugnance that is morally significant comes from recognition that something we rightfully hold dear is threatened Cloning gives us repugnance of the kind in 4 above not 3 because although it is novel some investigation shows us that it threatens what we rightfully hold dear natural sexual reproduction The threats to the value of natural sexual reproduction can be seen in three main categories threats to identity and individuality threats to transform procreation into manufacture and threats to the meaning of the parentchild relations A threat to uniqueness If repugnance of the type in 4 is felt it shifts the burden of proof for a new practicetechnology on to those who desire it Therefore the burden of proof is on those who desire human cloning to show why it is morally permissible E SEW Artificial sperm Time Davis We can opt to clone reproductively for different motives Logistical motives Davis is open to Duplicative motives Concerning will constrain their future Davis using ROTF argument argues that most duplicative reasons for cloning are unethical and ought to be discouraged 165 McGee and Wilmut Adoption model This model recognizes parents right in family forming but with restrictions put in place to protect children Interviews home visits testing references Are we concerned about the intentions of the parents that want 0 clone so the community should give an opinion 11O62014 11O62014


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