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Week Two Lecture Notes - Women in Politics

by: Maddie Evans

Week Two Lecture Notes - Women in Politics PS 348

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Political Science > PS 348 > Week Two Lecture Notes Women in Politics
Maddie Evans
GPA 3.6
Women in Politics
Professor Yamin

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About this Document

Here are my lecture notes from the second week of Women in Politics. I hope these notes help! They cover everything from our professor's slides, as well as topics that were only discussed.
Women in Politics
Professor Yamin
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maddie Evans on Saturday October 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PS 348 at University of Oregon taught by Professor Yamin in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see Women in Politics in Political Science at University of Oregon.

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Date Created: 10/10/15
Women in Politics Week Two Lecture Notes US Context gt In uences before 1865 Civil War 0 Growing awareness of white women s common traditions and grievances no rights running the private sphere o Tensions across races mostly African American 0 Antislavery movement Women s rights were more of a priority Turned from religious to secular movement Changed from sin to institutional oppression Domestic Reformers gt Domestic Reformers Women to have all power in the private sphere Catharine Beecher an activist Women are happy as homemakers They appreciate recognition as wives and mothers Beecher made homemaking appear as empowering and respected Beecher wrote quotOn the Duty of American Women 1837 0 There are different stations spheres holding different powers businesshousework 0 Each sphere is equally important VVVV V Moral Crusaders gt Having extreme religious in uence God mentions nothing about men being superior to women gt Typically American born and in rural areas gt Learning politics through the abolitionist movement gt On the ne line between fairness and sameness Maria Miller Stewart gt Born in 1803 and African American 0 Was previously bonded to a local minister gt Married at age 23 and moved up to Middle Class 0 Now had access to education gt Husband died and was left with nothing gt First woman to address a mixed race hall on the topic of abolition 0 Typically quotnegroquot speakers were considered unseemly gt Calls on everyone to develop racial and gender pride gt quotReligion and Principles on Minority Sure Foundation on Which We Must Buildquot 1831 gt quotThough Black your skins as shades of night our hearts are pure your souls are whitequot Sarah and Angelina Grimke 1836 and 1838 Fought for antislavery and women s rights Southern women but quotFor Southerners by Southernersquot AngeHna1836 0 quotFour Things and God s Law Reignsquot Sarah 1838 o Unchristian practices no education comparison to slavery Said that slavery should never exist in a Christian nann VVVV V Stanton and Anthonv gt Called the Great Partnership Stanton was the voice and Anthony was the powerhouse gt Stanton married and was an abolitionist before a suffragist gt Anthony was a teacher involved in the temperance movement and joined the suffragists Seneca Falls Convention 1848 Modesty and Militancy Based on the Declaration of Independence Focused on resolving grievances quotDeclaration of Sentimentsquot and Elizabeth Cady Stanton VVVVV Paradox Two things that are opposite but true difference between uniqueness and sameness Links to Abolitionism gt Women s rights and race 0 Challenges to white womanhood views 0 Having political authority and rights gt Having to ght against both white supremacy and male supremacy critics gt Movements caused tensions between whites and males Female Abolitionists gt Both Blacks and Whites gt Abolitionism raised questions of equality among the sexes gt Women s rights movement raised the question of racial equality initially Harriet Tubman gt Rescued over 300 slaves through the Underground Railroad gt Born in the early 1800 s died in 1911 gt Returned to the South at least 19 times to rescue slaves after she escaped The Women Question What roles will women play once they are given their rights What about the enslaved women Frederick Douglass Born into slavery but escaped Gave speeches on women s rights in 1848 and 1853 quotRight is of no sex truth is of no colorquot Men must contribute and do work for women s suffrage can t be done alone VVVV Soiourner Truth gt quotAin t l A Womanquot 1851 0 Still a woman even though a slave gt Notions of womanhood 0 Having the rights as a woman even though a slave currently 0 Drawing line between delicate and strong 0 Born into slavery but escaped with her infant son 0 Spoke at a white women s convention Reconstruction Era gt 18651870 gt Civil War from 18611865 ended with slave emancipation gt Struggled over the 15th Amendment 14th Amendment gt 1868 gt Granted African American men the right to vote by only saying quotmale citizensquot had the right to vote that couldn t be denied or abddged gt Created division once again gt Women were still supportive of Black men now being able to vote one step closer to equality


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