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Dendro Lab Thornden Park

by: Jacob Erle

Dendro Lab Thornden Park 336

Marketplace > Syracuse University > Foreign Language > 336 > Dendro Lab Thornden Park
Jacob Erle
GPA 3.85
Dr. Donald J. Leopold

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About this Document

Here are the tree species we identified in Week 6 of Dendrology Lab walking through Thornden Park.
Dr. Donald J. Leopold
Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jacob Erle on Saturday October 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 336 at Syracuse University taught by Dr. Donald J. Leopold in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Dendrology in Foreign Language at Syracuse University.


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Date Created: 10/10/15
Dendrology Lab Notes Week 6 Thornden Park Note in terms of softwoods Hard means needles are in 25 or 35 Soft means needles are in 55 Species Identi ed Quercus palustris pin oak Fagaceae very deep sinuses pointed lobes clusters of tufts of hair along axles on underside buds are ovoid sender twigs smaler nuts scales aren t loose 39 persistent branching on lower part of trunk Pinus rigida pitch pine Pinaceae 3 needlesfascicle bark has large rectangular ridges with thick plates cones are sharply armed l sharp prickles on umbo Abies concolor white r Pinaceae needes are tworanked bluegreen can be either upright or winged but aren t stomati rous upright stem persistent with deciduous scales twigs have circular leaf scars broken branches smell citruslike circular leaf scars rounded barrelshaped ashy gray bark haslong rectangular ridges and deep furrows Picea pungens Coloradoblue spruce Pinaceae very sharp prickly needles twigs are glabrous newer growth is orange peglike projections Scales are loosely appressed Soft cone erose scale margins has exible scales scay bark with orange furrows Picea engelmannii Engelmann spruce Pinaceae needes are sharp cones slightly smaller than P pungens branches are droopy like P abies Psuedotsuga menziesii Douglas r Pinaceae not a true r needes are divergent around twig cones are bract projection on back side of scale at base quotresemble snake tonguequot narrow ridges much more massive out West native habitat Pinus ponderosa ponderosa pine Pinaceae quotpoofyquot needles come in 25 and 3s C0nes are armed basal scales attached to branch break off of cone and remain on branches 1 mi j r A I WquotiF J n twigs have turpentine odor and bark smells like vanilla when peeled 5 ilr i u I Sr a a bark has narrow gray ridges and shallow furrows juniperus virginiana Cupressaceae eastern redcedar whitebue fruits smell like gin when crushed has awIIike or corallike in addition to scalelike needles I wr i form is much narrower than I occidentals Tilia americana American basswood Tiliaceae arge ovate leaf toothed margin has asymmetrical base rounded nut like fruit that branches of buds have 2 mucilaginous sticky scales bark has long narrow ridges Acer saccharinum silver maple Aceraceae sinuses of leaves are deep lobes are palmate deep jagged and elongated glaucous underside bark is similar to A rubrum Acer negundo boxelder Aceraceae pinnately compound leaves usually with 3 7 lea ets buds are white tomatose


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