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Notes for week 10/5/15

by: Megan Spees

Notes for week 10/5/15 BIOL 103 - 03

Megan Spees
GPA 3.54
Principles of Human Anatomy
Nelson H. Kraus

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About this Document

These are the notes for this week! We covered a lot over the powerpoints! Check my uploads from last week. I will be making a study guide that has everything from the powerpoints, the LSMs and my ...
Principles of Human Anatomy
Nelson H. Kraus
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Megan Spees on Saturday October 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 103 - 03 at University of Indianapolis taught by Nelson H. Kraus in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see Principles of Human Anatomy in Biology at University of Indianapolis.


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Date Created: 10/10/15
Lecture notes for Week of 10515 Lecture Notes for Week of 10515 10515 Hamstrings group gt identify on model biceps femoris both semi muscles Serratus anterior gt boxers muscle overdeveloped Bones of Head and Neck Skull cranial vault frontal parietal occipital temporaFacia bonesmandible TMJ only movable joint Frontal bone coronal suture parietal eminence lamboid suture squamous suture Inferior temporal line exists Something attaches there Connective tissue structure Tendons Ligaments Bone when stressed gt thicker Greater its stressed thicker it gets Wolfes aw Mandible styloid process zygomatic arch gt easy to label for lab Nerve gt mental nerve gt mental foramen Nothing can articulate with a foramen Big spinal cord hole foramen magnum Occipital Conder articulates with Ct Know major facial bones gt PRACTICAL Bones of Orbit OrbitEye Socket Lecture notes for Week of 10515 10615 Muscles in the hand lntrinsic gt within hand ExtrinsicIntrinsic eye muscles gt ALL OF THEM 3 bones that make up the pectoral girdle Coricoacromial ligament runs between which 2 structures cricoid process and lacrimal process Know parts of spine processes etc on scapula SIDE Ribs Clavicle Scapula Humerus Bone is part of what skeleton gt humerus gtappendicular Olecranon fossa gt fully extend upper extremity FFF humerus gt posterior 10715 Bones and muscles Axial bones and muscles Upper Extremity Cranial frontal parietal temporal zygomatic arch occipital Orbit Make up border Frontal Maxillary Lecture notes for Week of 10515 Zygomatic Optic cana gt optic nerve runs through it FORAMEN MAGNUM gt SPINAL CORD RUNS THROUGH IT BIG SPINAL CORD HOLE Cervical vertebrae Atlas articulates gt occipital conder Cervical vertebrae gt smaller lighter less weight Palpate spine through skin what are you feeling Spinous process vertebrae C7 Spinous process is more prominent C7 Vertebral prominencetransition to thoraciclonger Vertebral prominens UNLIKELY TO ASK ON LAB PRACTICAL Shaking head no gt rotating dens axis Bones of Thoracic Vertebrae Differentiate vertebrae foramen and which vertebrae have one How it is different from vertebral canal Dont have vertebral foramen and how compare vertebral canal Dont need to identify T12 lntervertebral Discs Located in between vertebrae gt FIBROCARTILAGE 10915 Dont need alveolar margins Need everything else Zygomatic gt majority of cheek bone Zygomatic arch gt Muscle runs through Lecture notes for Week of 10515 7 Bones of Orbit Frontal Zygomatic Maxillary Sphenoid Lacrimal Ethmoid Palatine Frontal Zygomatic Maxillary gt LAB but recognize all whats not part of the 7 Ct amp 02 Thoracic Vertebrae 12 Ribcage limited flex Costal facets ribs joints Spinous process point inferiorly Lumbar vertebrae Larger increased support L5 gt SACRUM L1L5 gt support posture Lordosis abnormal curvature nonpathologic lntervertebral disc Fibrocartilage of outer ring decreases with age herniated disc Herniated disc pressure on spinal nerves


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