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Week 2, Lecture 4, Art in Context

by: Nha-Thinh Nguyen

Week 2, Lecture 4, Art in Context Art 1A

Marketplace > University of California - Irvine > Art > Art 1A > Week 2 Lecture 4 Art in Context
Nha-Thinh Nguyen

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About this Document

These notes include information from Lecture 4 and the reading assignment assigned for that day.
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nha-Thinh Nguyen on Saturday October 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Art 1A at University of California - Irvine taught by APPEL, K., SAMARAS, C. in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see ART IN CONTEXT in Art at University of California - Irvine.


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Date Created: 10/10/15
NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context 10062015 Week 2 Lecture 4 Revised and Remade Lecturer Betsy Lin Seder Charlotte Cotton Chapter 5 o Discusses the various ways that photographers take photos 0 Ex A photo of a drawing of a photo 0 These artists challenge what is the truthreality 0 Ex A painting of a woman and a photograph of the same woman I Which is more true to the actual scene 0 Many will say the photograph however that too can be alteredmanipulated Appropriations of a work of art 0 When artists are taking a certain work of art by another artist and transforming it without actually touching the original artwork o quotThe study of how MEANING is made quothow meaning is created out of images 0 How an interpretation of a certain image is not set in stone 0 Ex Athumbs up I One interpretation good job I Another hitch hiking if the person happens to be on the side of the road Photography 0 Replicable Artists Robert Heineken o Photographic works 0 quotAre You Rea I A photogram of a magazine cover Martha Rossler o Feminist 0 Works were montages and juxtapositions 0 Different images layered on top of each other to create a composite image 0 Her works dealt with the image of women 0 How they wereare seen as synonymous to cleaningcookinghouse keeping o Photographic works 0 Photo of a woman s breast imprinted on an oven 0 quotCleaning the drapes I Montage 0 Woman vacuum the drapes NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context 10062015 0 Soldiers behind the drapes Cindy Sherman o Photographic works 0 quotUntitled Film Still I She is the only modelhuman subject in these photos which were made to look like stills from a nonexistent movie 0 Draws to attention of the issue of femininity I Although she is the only subject she looks different in each one o Femininity is something that can be taken off and on again 0 Although these works are selfportraits it reveals to the audiences nothing about Sherman Dara Birnbaum o Remakes footage of scenes from quotWonder Woman 0 Takes out certain scenes and repeats them consecutively I Emphasizes the ridiculousness of them I Emphasizes the sexuality placed upon women which was less noticeable before Barbara Kruger o Photographic works 0 quotYour Body in a Battleground Walker Evans 0 Well known for photographing the poor in the first half of the 20th century 0 Works of art 0 quotAlabama Farmer Tenant Wife Sherrie Levine o Took photographs of Walker Evans works and then framed and presented them under her name 0 Brought the matter of authorship into question 0 Photographic works 0 quotAfter Walker Evans I These are photos of Evans photographs 0 Wanted to provoke certain questions 0 quotWhat is authorship Hank Willis Thomas 0 He had been working with images of African Americans 0 Took out all context of the image and just leaves us with the representation of African Americans lives in the middle class 0 Some of his photographs were representations of women NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context 10062015 Anne Collier o Photographic works 0 quotMan with Camera I An image of a photo in a book I The man s camera in in his lap o Draws parallels between the camera and a penis 0 Somewhat comical 0 quotWoman with Cameras I Similar to quotMan with Camera Jeff Wall 0 Was a painter 0 An art historian 0 He would take photos of his rendition of older paintings o Photographic work 0 quotA sudden gust of wind after Hokusai I This was a photograph of a scene depicted in a painting by Hokosai 0 quotPicture for Women I Is a photographic interpretation of Monet s painting Collier Schorr o Photographic work 0 quotJens F I A young man would pose to mimic a painting of a woman I One interpretation challenge the issue of what is seen as feminine sexuality Sharon Lockhart o Photographic work 0 quotAuditionquot I She got children to remake a scene from a movie John Divola o Photographic work 0 quotContinuityquot I Photograph of scenes and added score boards 0 Questionschallenges validity of certain things Richard Prince 0 Takes on the issue of quotmasculinityquot o Photographic works 0 quotFour men with interchangeable background 0 Recently he created an quotInstagram Series NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context 10062015 I Took Instagram photos of random people with their comments and Prince presented and sold them I This also raised the issue of quotauthorshipquot John Baldessari o Photographicwork o quotASHPU39I39I39LEquot Omar Fest 0 Photographic works 0 quotCNN Concatenated I Took clips of CNN footage I Each clips said one word 0 These words formed sentences Tacita Dean 0 She would use an analog camera 0 Her images would show us how we saw the world through images 0 Photographic work 0 quotFlohquot I Meaning flea market


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