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by: Gloria Godswill Basil
Gloria Godswill Basil
GPA 3.9
Organic Chemistry I

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About this Document

Unfortunately the professor did not finish this chapter so the notes stop where he ending his lecture .
Organic Chemistry I
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gloria Godswill Basil on Saturday October 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM2410 at University of Toledo taught by Sucheck,S in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see Organic Chemistry I in Natural Sciences and Mathematics at University of Toledo.

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Date Created: 10/10/15
5 15quot 15 35 7 lkeneg EWUE EUFED H i f39mi iul g Him 3W Ir39n ii r duiftirgm m Heau imiw i l Tharrmmdynamig mm hime im m Cmmpuunds with MWEEUTEI Frmula EH14 There t EH9 has Mr EQFEE E Elf un atur atina E mpun a E 2 1 y f g arm PM diagram mi L f39i amurmim ma a f 1 1anngEEHHIngaj HmEH ET letggilzn cmcl i39 i l H2 ii H II E are a h i Mmenular F srrmla and the magma mi Un ga turatiwn 539 Eu fu c F char r39 1 ljriJJJDH I H 45 lquot3929 i mailiii manna H illhal ii Ifquot FM 1H mnmlhmg TJdUU minJUL In a w I Saturatad am 39 Unsatu rated rma39rb ns quotEHC an ElkHE an ungatmate hyd r garhnn lEiEEHLEEEZEIng an alkane a Eva turated hyi mtarbgn hwa rm mhl a 11de Mamenmatwe f AMEHES 5 at H I39m H H I Miaman 39E F mdii 7 EEGEFEFEE er I j if 474 quot Hi ELIEFi Ei39 Repia e quot gfa ana A l fF f i3 3 EH 1 Hum rm Hm sm EMi39 QEIJ E HLHJLI ELM l H rLEHJHIFfiiia39 39 g mum er i i m alrnl1li39ijld51 g j 1391 i LEIEa i rm in ri i 1 hrw srm gt r m 7 FE mileE iii1235 T D ftl l wiWf r at Liiliingiquot1ftli i1 i H 31 L 117 39l39llq 1 I a gig I I E39Hjmimcc unHEH mm Manda a wt MumEmail re L VT 39 quot g L u 3i 39 r I 1 EH3 FZHEEI 3 w T I Subat iuenta EVE Emmi if a phaibemial may 1 c all l w m J 5 u arr numb r a mat ndad 1E dun 7 55th 4 1 u j ri Ed P1 nil f rw j gr I E f N h m 3 ll ir FHz hH FH W E r 39E HI HLZ39 H1 i 39 i 3914 I a 39Hl39aui il i i E M muauj EH39WJVIF LQ39F IIii hfiri ulti tj11 qln lial 39ammrEthyiE am thyldmmten EI FH JEMFJ Fa r r a H hm 3Eghlnglm neinii h j g l lt ML 7 Hi 5Emuimamithgl amu im migml mlhes s F 1Fa iiji l 39 5 F125 Wnyic and All y ljc uinylic carb ensj w y ll 1113 33 r ariaFig Eam Ea Emmi andjga l m a HingHis Emmi 39 II HEEL 3 lkenaa HEW C EHTrans Islmm J 4 Which Is ms and Whlgh l5 Trans EH H Lilrlgazjk J mil EH i a i an Hf kiwi L a l f a 39 high Ema is 25 art quot 4 4 ll39 They hula diffrent gun gum nsg than can he af rmed r in hw has 11 i 1 rimy mm hi h 39 tilIx H f I l h i 8 a u ghl g EHH FEE EETFHH V L br39 1 WMquot 1 H V 1r 17E 391 39 i a L i and 3939 I q 43 r a 15 LV H H 539quot 1 3 Fin daJih39if g39ifl39 lgl rgani mpnurid can dwiqu ini ELL m embers i39F 3 f3 mil ream in th 1 ThEa a mmprnd E39I i g t die d ifs fur azatinall Emmi w39rIlm H I La H and i1 F L HERE H Hue Ix ILL quoti W i 39iiu EFW in 5 v V r 39 q r LLEJ n1 39 migranJ n39 1 I indirgiut i39w m 51 H 1 llamains mm freier r utehi4 Mla 39 hll h irth an A 7 J I l39ir up i a 1 M u rwd llTI39I1FLquotIWFEI39FIKh Har rr 39 7 1 u unwa fll lti l lm liiillis quot u 3 rw a u p I r a 1 Aquot ILul h i A Reactim Cmr inata Diagram 7 tn 5 anquot quot I iE asleep f ma irgant III amp i ll i m IRA HE EC I D 5 an r r I LIPHi quotrd mm Him rg xmig e 39 7151 II N u39 k It LI 39IT 1mm am J i H a a H EH If ll azia I LTail i H H w mum m m inn g g quotI E E E u 41 in 7 7 H 393 H mampf s EH fj F lmr m a 312 mumquot I HUME Em f T mumii i mi 1 354i Rial3mm Hmm m mm mid air ma imn 1 F u E j 5 Vi r I r 4 Hi EH RH 1m Ming hmknm EH Tm hnm39laaa Hg l l I I E kenFM J W kszmnl uh 42 mmm I L 2111 f i r I 1 l l Lquot llPaula i 7 7 7 7 wriw


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