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Public Decision Making

by: Leah Burkett

Public Decision Making PAD 3003-01

Marketplace > Florida State University > PAD 3003-01 > Public Decision Making
Leah Burkett
Public Administration in American Society
Jiasheng Zhang

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About this Document

Public Administration in American Society
Jiasheng Zhang
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Leah Burkett on Saturday October 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PAD 3003-01 at Florida State University taught by Jiasheng Zhang in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views.


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Date Created: 10/10/15
Public Decision Making Seven Steps in making decisions FP P FP NE Pinpointing the problem Identifying causes Setting objectives Formulating alternative courses of actions Evaluating alternatives against organizational objectives Choosing the nest course of actions Implementing and evaluating the decision Rational Model Assumption and main argument Grounded in economic principles Some key points Opportunity costs arise in all situations in which there are alternatives if the cost of an opportunity forgone in order to pursue a course of action Diminishing marginal returns as you acquire additional units of anything the added unit has decreasing value Costbene t analysis CBA DO the bene ts outweigh the costs Expressed in ratio terms bene ts divided by costs performed on an exante or expost basis Boundedly Rational Model Assumption and Main Argument Key Points Thus decision makers are bounded leading to quotsatis cingquot behavior choosing the rst alternative that satis es the problem this alternative is essentially quotgood enoughquot Short decision making time and a symmetrical information lead to satis cing behavior Decisions are characterized by 0 Simple search rules repeated stepbystep procedures that acquire information 0 Simple stopping rules searching is stopped at the rst identi ed solution that satis es an aspiration Satisfying and lncrementalism Assumption and Main argument argued that 0 Key Points They use sacri cing which entails quotlowering the barquot in terms of goal attainment Incrementalism holds that only a few policy alternatives can be considered at a time and that policies do not differ radically from existing ones change is thus incremental Garbage can model Assumption and main argument claims that the decision making process decision making in the public sector is 0 Key points Decisionmaking processes involves three separate independent streams problem political and policy Problem stream how and why one set of problems rather than another has captured the attention of public officials Political stream the quotpulse of the nationquot as conveyed through public opinion election results or ideological shifts Policv stream how administrators researchers and political staffers formulate policy proposals Participatory Model Assumption and Main argument Diverse groups of individuals act in a public meetings or hearing advisory boards and citizen advocacy groups 0 Key points Used when regulatory agencies rewrite rules federal agencies rely on private individuals and business owners to craft rules another example would be PTAs advising school boards or superintendents Model is predicted on useful information provided by interest groups to decision makers however such groups have a tendency to sway decision in their favor Organizations have a tendency to be captured and be more inclined to underemphasize organizational values and goals and overemphasize those of client groups Elite Theory Assumption and Main argument Elite theory assumes that decision making is done by a few powerful individuals as opposed to the pluralism model 0 Some argument 1942 quot 1956 the Power Elite not congressional determinations Public Choice Theory Assumption and Main argument Originates from Microeconomics theory assumes that self interest determines how decisions are made 0 Key points This is related to theory of budget maximization bureaucrat will tend to increase budgets for power and prestige Overall these models tend to suggest for the need to privatize and contract out Groupthink o What is groupthink Leads to poor decision making and lack of innovation 0 Examples Pearl Harbor attacks Bay of Pigs invasion 2003 invasion of Iraq 0 Avoiding groupthink Leader should avoid stating preferences Leader should designate a quotdevil s advocatequot Outside expert can also serve as Devil s advocates Leader should allow group members to vote anonymously Leader should create and foster a culture where debate criticism and creativity are encouraged


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