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Human Resources Management (Part 1)

by: Leah Burkett

Human Resources Management (Part 1) PAD 3003-01

Marketplace > Florida State University > PAD 3003-01 > Human Resources Management Part 1
Leah Burkett
Public Administration in American Society
Jiasheng Zhang

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About this Document

Public Administration in American Society
Jiasheng Zhang
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Leah Burkett on Saturday October 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PAD 3003-01 at Florida State University taught by Jiasheng Zhang in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 14 views.


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Date Created: 10/10/15
Human Resources Management I Human Resources Management HRM o What is HMR o In government there is generally a department responsible for managing human resources for all departments large agencies may have an additional HRM unit Human Resource Elements 0 Traditional to achieve an organization s goals and ful ll its mandate and developing using monetary and nonmonetary rewards Additional concerns Creating and maintaining a diverse workforce Affording workers a measure of power in the workplace Enabling workers to ful ll and balance both work and family responsibilities Enabling workers to hold their managers accountable for merit principles Taking into account different ways of motivating workers Identifying ways of fostering a culture of cooperation and teamwork in the workplace Some Historical background 0 Civil services systems depoliticized public serviceemployment with a quotmerit system Provided federal jobs based on merit through exams made ring for political reasons unlawful created the Civil Service Commission Established the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and outlaw discriminations in hiring ring and compensation Created the of ce of personnel management Merit Systems Protection Board and Fair Labor Relations Authoritv offered protection for whistleblowers Employee Development HR managers are typically tasked with ensuring employee development On Whv do thejob OTJ methods of employee development Delegating authority and responsibility to subordinates Coaching and offering constructive criticism and praise Special assignments to stimulate workers and lead to innovation in the workplace Job rotation to encourage skill development Understudy or apprenticeship for leadership succession Managers not Delegate Managers may choose to not delegate tasks because Fear of Mistakes Delegate himherself out of a job Lose Prestige Will not be able to check up on assignments Give up favorite parts of the job Employee Motivation Workers are motivated by intrinsic and extrinsic rewards Employees have different needs which can be achieved simultaneously or hierarchically There a re Assessing Employee Performance Assessment is a way of Identifying employee strengths and weaknesses in a continual basis Providing performance feedback Counseling employees Identifying ways to improve performance Employee counseling Problem performer situational controls Blend a new elements Create discomfort in the current situation Generate conditions that create mild fear Assign a task that requires change Eliminate situational supports for the undesirable behavior Creating a Quality work environment Creating a team mentality Individuals do not work as individuals competing against each other Work teams embrace a supportive philosophy for their members and can accomplish more than a group of individuals working independently Fostering Labormanagement cooperation Tension will continue but Formation of partnerships the sharing of previous success stories and the support of upper management Big Questions In Public HRM How do pubic organizations recruit and retain a talented workplace How can human resources be used in concert with other inputs to obtain organizational goals How can HR managers create a more diverse workplace that improves innovation and organizational outcomes How can HR managers tap appeal to workers civic duty and Public Service Motivation PSM How can HR managers render civil service system more exible and responsive


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