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Week 1 Course Notes

by: M. Notetaker

Week 1 Course Notes 361

M. Notetaker
GPA 3.55

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About this Document

This consists of the week 1 lecture notes.
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by M. Notetaker on Saturday October 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 361 at Marshall University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see Buddhism in Recreation and Leisure Studies at Marshall University.

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Date Created: 10/10/15
Week 1 Buddhism Notes 82415 Monday 3rd or 4th largest religion in the world Over 1 billion people Spread throughout the world Religion 0 Social activities 0 May be fairly small 0 Connect to moodmotivationfeeling spirituality evokes some feeling from outside 0 Occurs in groups perform and evoke their feelings Cult 0 Negative connotation 0 Religious practices latin Symbols 0 One thing that represent something else Metaphors Culturally specific 0 Emotionsattitudesfeelings greater than human I Some kind of power that s specific I God gods goddesses I Creation not important to all religions Creation is irrelevant Buddhism Human beings harm themselves and others problem suffer in your life 0 Divorce breakup lose your job 0 Cause most of this themselves asking questions you cannot answer part of this unintentional or malicious Important memorize religious texts before they were written down Gods are not the way out become liberated by own effort IndiaNepal early Buddhism through own effort become liberated Faith takes a role later on Dharma O Spiritual path ethicsmeditationbeliefsattitudes I 8 steps I 8 spoked wheel I Do all all the time Four Nobel Truths Nirvana one doesn t have to be reborn again Salvation is escaping this 0 some can voluntarily come back reborn Messiahlike symbol present in all forms do not kill do not harm do not hit Stereotypes inner peace Meditation train mindemotions you re responsibility to do so 0 Regular everyday life like a dream like you re asleep Silly happy dumb gt need to wake up gt Buddha guy who is awake To stay awake have to pay attention To live an intentional life 82615 Wednesday Two broad topics 0 Ethics rightwrong do not harm Devout vegetarian Moral social norms O Meditation practices Sanskrit Pali simplified form of this language family Dharma lawprinciplewhat is right 0 Canon teachings of Buddhism Religion requirementsassumptions 0 Western V Eastern completely different traditions The Life of the Buddha O Siddhartha Gautama Born around 500 BCE some 600 some 480s scholarly 560480 Not entirely sure Born in what is now Nepal Lived for 8085 year Traveledtaught Buddhism after 30 years old now parts of North India amp Nepal Father some type of rulerleader Legendary stories king tribal chieftain Married young arranged Both upper class 1 son Left home to become religious seeker around age 30 0 Engaged in this for around 6 years Gave up everything 0 Enlightenment experience gt gained a following shortly after gt within a decade over 1000 followers gt taught for more than 40 years Buddha called tradition Dharma Died in his 80s after eating contaminated food Appointed closest friends to different positions to ensure the success of Buddhism best friend memorized teachings another was the meditation expert new leader of community other disciples Meditation was very important to the Buddha 0 Similar tradition in Christianity Buddha and followers called tradition the middle path 0 Spiritual success is optimized if you live your life in a balanced way Don t eat until you re full don t eat past when you re full eat half as much as you want Yoga practices were already developed You don t know when you re full eat lessbe healthy Monksnuns ate early in the day 4 or 5 am lunch afternoon Full time monksnuns lay people believe support monksnuns I How many suits of clothing you own Distraction Overstimulated all the time by everything Spiritual seeking going to the forest was already a social choice Predating the Buddha at least 2000 BCE India 0 English word for this gt asceticism someone who has religious practiceshabits and there are mildextreme forms I Fasting aware of entire process I All training the human body muscle memory idea but for all aspects of life I Human training system same generic warning system need to train body how you re feeling I Gain greater control over processes if you train them I Biofeedback PTSD chronic pain Neurofeedback


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