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Week Seven (5-9 Oct. 2015) The Media and the War

by: Chris Hicks

Week Seven (5-9 Oct. 2015) The Media and the War HIST 3370

Marketplace > Bowling Green State University > History > HIST 3370 > Week Seven 5 9 Oct 2015 The Media and the War
Chris Hicks
GPA 3.955
The Vietnam War
Benjamin Greene

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About this Document

Notes over media and the war
The Vietnam War
Benjamin Greene
Class Notes
vietnam, Media, It's a mad war
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Chris Hicks on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 3370 at Bowling Green State University taught by Benjamin Greene in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see The Vietnam War in History at Bowling Green State University.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
Week Seven 59 Oct 2015 The Media and the War Presidential Views of the media and the war ReVisionist critique of the media How to Lose a War 1981 blaming biased media for turning the public opinion against the war New J oumalismadvocacy over objectivity image analysis iconic Vietnam photos Network TV news analysis Vietnam It s a Mad War 1964early but rare critique of the con ict Bombing USMC in DMZ Army in the Delta Next time The Air War Vietnam was the turning point because journalist starting being more subjective broader distrust of things that are commonly accepted Summersimages showed war not necessarily biased Vietnam occurred when TV was able to bring images home WWII high casualtieshigher morale at home front page campaign map showing PROGRESS LBJ and Nixonblamed media for undermining public support for Vietnam Sensationalized death and destruction journalists more distrustful of military sources said US focused on burning villages and killing civilians instead of pacification and journalists concentrated on atrocities overwhelmingly negative reporting After Tet when casualtiesatrocities were reported more Argument against the Media they showed too many casualties and atrocities against Vietnamese civilians Images 63 Napalm Strike no troops in harm s way can t see casualties US technological power Buddhist Monk Burning 63 negative especially with comments afterwards Madame N11 Marines Landing positive reminded US of landings and victories in WWII Helicopters on Tree Line represents US power being able to land troops anywhere Helicopter Crew Casualtv real people experiencing this war Mother and Kids Crossing River showing the human effect and was caused by US and not VC VC Prisoner negative because of making him look smallerinsignificant enemy willing to win or so desperate they use kids reality of war KIA being raised to a Helicopter negative what s going on here how do you think US troops should be shown Marines on hill with stricken Marine looks like we re losing chaos what s this for get up and leave after the battle Flower in Gun negative defenseless against soldiers VC being executed negative not in line With US ideals but US is still supporting them Woman over Body bag Who killed these civilians could be used to sharpen need for US to be there to protect them from the VC coverage of My Lai but not of VC atrocities Napalmed Civilians running Another image of ciVilians suffering because of US CIA in Saigon Helicopter final defeatdesperation US should have done more Videos It s a Mad War after Gulf of Tonkin before combat troops deployed men and women wearing rags beating a modern army South Vietnamese portrayed as incapable torturers not liVing up to US ideals End problem is enemy is mixed With friendlies no goal for war we don t have the solution to the problem It s going to be a Long war there Will be more of them destroyed helicopters Portrayal of serVice members recklessly shooting people detached didn t underestimate challenges to US


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