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Week 7 Notes

by: Kajal Jaggi

Week 7 Notes SOC 001

Kajal Jaggi

GPA 3.0
Introduction to Sociology
Dr. Fulton

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About this Document

Introduction to Sociology
Dr. Fulton
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kajal Jaggi on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 001 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Dr. Fulton in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Sociology in Sociology at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
10515 Table for Referencing Homework 5 Table 1 Ever bought weed by gender SOC 1 Section 4 October 2 2015 Sex Male Female Total Have you bought marijuana YES 63 46 109 624 397 502 NO 38 70 108 376 603 498 TOTAL 101 1 16 217 1000 1000 1000 Rules for reading a table 0 With independent in column 0 Read percentages across columns 0 How do you compare male and female 0 Read the percentages across the columns Table 1 Interpretations What is the independent variable 0 Gender causes your decision to buy weed What is the dependent variable 0 Bought weed from dealer In this table 624 is the 0 Percent of males who have bought weed In this table which is the most common response 0 Yes l have bought marijuana Which number indicates Yes is the most common response 0 502 Which numbers did you compare in order to test the hypothesis 0 624 and 397 because it s best to compare percentages Inductive Research 0 Theory explanation 1 Start with a pattern in data 2 Explain it with a theory induce an explanation Step 1 For example today we start with this pattern Males are more likely to buy weed than females Step 2 Use your sociological eye and your sociological imagination to explain what makes males more likely to buv weed from a dealer than females The Sociological Eye 1 Actively observing interactions 2 Actively observing relations 3 Actively looking for material evidence of interactions and relations Inductive Research Please use your sociological eye and imagination and brainstorm with a partner 1 What is the pattern we observed Females are less likely to buy weed than males 2 What might explain this pattern by gender Females are too nervous to purchase weed so they get males to get it for them 10715 0 What might explain time of day difference 1010 Students on Monday morning are probably tired from partying on Thursday night so they skipped class so that is why their numbers are much lower Everyone has experience socialization within a shared cultural context 0 We depend on sharing these cultural contexts CULTURE The distinctive ways of life SOCIETY a bunch of people who interact with each other it s PEOPLE Distinctive ways of life 0 ex women poor 0 ex guys partying 0 ex animal dying A User s Guide to Culture 1 Culture is foundational a To the way we interpret and see the world b Important Forms the basis of much about us as individuals c What we know How we interact What things mean What we do d It is the basisthe groundworkthe foundation of how we see the world e biological processes are caught in a cultural web i Ex Eating nobody else does it the way humans do 1 Ex man eating larvae feeling disgusted Physical nausea resulting from cultural differences a biological process caught in cultural web that s your culture talking 2 Your disgust is an ethnocentric reaction to a different culture ii Reproducing iii Excreting 2 Culture is socialized a When we are born we have no culture b We learn it through interactions 3 Cultures differ a People do things differently b But because culture is foundational to members of a different culture different seems wrong 4 Cultures just grow a Much more natural selection than by design 5 Cultures are very complex and specialized


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