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Article Critiquing Extra Credit

by: Jacob Decker

Article Critiquing Extra Credit NSC 495

Marketplace > Michigan State University > NSC 495 > Article Critiquing Extra Credit
Jacob Decker
GPA 3.71
Capstone in Human Biology (W)
R. Snider

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About this Document

Completed extra credit assignment of critiquing scientific review articles.
Capstone in Human Biology (W)
R. Snider
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jacob Decker on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to NSC 495 at Michigan State University taught by R. Snider in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 64 views.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
William Decker NSC 495 92915 Bonus Critiques 1 Treatments for Rubella German Measles a Title i Title does not appropriately present what the paper is about The body of the paper was about twothirds of information about causes and diagnoses and the signs and symptoms These topics were not mentioned in the title b Introduction i Don t start sentence with But Therefore treatment of the disease is essential is not a good thesis the thesis needs to be clearer on what the paper discusses However the author did successfully define the disease and introduce the discovery of Rubella c Review of published research i All sources were cited for the thorough research done for this review The author discussed treatment vaccination and ongoing research with many facts backed up with evidence d Conclusion i Conclusion may have been too brief should have deduced his main point clearer It brie y mentioned the vaccine and treatments that were discussed in the review The author also did not mention the possibility of future research opportunities in detail e Format i Review was a little short of five pages 2 Body Dismorphic Disorder and Social Phobia a Title i Sufficiently portrayed the content of the review b Introductions i Defined the body dismorphic disorder great and even discussed the history of the disorder Acronyms were correctly spelled out for the first time they were used However the introduction did not say what the paper is going to cover thesis c Review of published research i Author presented statistics pertaining to the patients that were successfully treated The review covered how the disorders are diagnosed and what treatments are availableadministered The research was presented in a logical order and was cited correctly d Conclusion i Sufficiently summarized how the discussed social disorders are taken care of Future research was never discussed in the conclusion but was not necessarily required for this review e Format i Correct length with correct amount of sources 3 Male infertilitv caused bv cell Dhones a recenth discovered detrimental factor a Title i The title is very long and not concise messy Should be shortened b Introduction i Do not say In this paper I will Acronyms correctly spelled out for first time Provided good facts but should have given his thesis in a more appropriate manner c Review of published research i Author presented the experimental information efficiently while the research about the topic was thorough Citations were correctly presented as well as the statistical information Should have gone in more detail about the three most important factors contributing to the reduced ability of sperm to fertilize eggs d Conclusion i Sufficiently concluded the information provided in the review however he should have discussed the possibility of future research for this topic e Format i Review was not very professionally organized Titles were a little too wordy but citations were done correctly 4 The potential use of gene therapy in professional sports a Title i Title does not sufficiently explain what information the review contains b Introduction i The author successfully presented the history of gene therapy as well as how it relates to sports A little long for an introduction but it does a great job in saying what the review will be about c Review of published research i There was very thorough research on the topic of gene therapy it mentions which genes are targeted the methods of conducting gene therapy and the risks of gene therapy Information was presented in a logical sequence d Conclusion i Although the concept of human genetic enhancement was not necessary to discuss in the conclusion the author did an exceptional job of summarizing the main points of the review e Format i The organization of the paper was great as well as the citations were correctly placed and listed Great review paper


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