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Week 2 Notes

by: Claire

Week 2 Notes PS348

Women in Politics
Dr. Yamin

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About this Document

Notes on the Moral Crusaders/Domestic Reformers as well as the Link to Abolitionism.
Women in Politics
Dr. Yamin
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Claire on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PS348 at University of Oregon taught by Dr. Yamin in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see Women in Politics in Political Science at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
Domestic Reformers and Moral Crusaders Readings Appeal to the Christian Women of the South bv Angelina Grimke 7 propositions o Slavery contradictory to declaration of independence 0 Contrary to rst charter of human rights given to Adam and renewed to Noah o Slavery having been subject of spherency and furnishes no excuse to daredealers No system existed under patriarchal dispensation Slavery never existed underjewish dispensation Slavery reduces man to thing Slavery is contradictory to example and precepts of our holy and merciful redeemer Woman can39t make laws but can in uence the men who do Read bible with spirit and life read on slaveryD pray on the subject for enlightenment You can39t sit there are and just do nothingDspeak on the subject to fathers relatives friends husbands brothers etc D act on the subject teach them Free them 0 Soften hearts treat them as humans speech as proponent of truth Have there not been women martyrs to speak out and be in God39s noble army Brings up prominent woman 0 Ladies39 antislavery society of boston Mobbed by gentlemen of proper standing Reaf rms beliefs Women of south can change thing 0 Heart of men bend via moral persuasion OOOO Duty ofAmercan Women by Catharine Beecher What are the bounds of female in uence Women should win everything but only in the domestic circle 0 God created hierarchy system for bene t of both parties 0 Staying in sphere protection E Importance in teaching little children creating foundation for better na on 0 Women can advance in their own realm if they venture into man s territory what will happen Letter to Grimke sisters basically saying that abolition movement and problem were created by men so men should solve it Law that women are subordinate to men lt s a profession Raising a status for women showing they are doing important work Women are peacekeepers Maria Miller Stewart 0 Sept 21 1832 Dbecame 1st women in USA to address mixed gender and race audience on topic of abolition Free AfricanAmerican Marries James Stewart 0 3 years then death White scums of earth businessmen39s dishonest practices deny her inheritance Black nationalism Religion claim quotdaughters of Africaquot similar to quotRemember the ladiesquot Letters on the Equality of the sexes and the Conditions on Women bv Sarah Grimke Bible says men and women are created equal but the Association says women can39t shine more than men Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments and Resolution bv Elizabeth Cadv Stanton 0 Bible says all men and women are created equal 0 History of mankind history of repeated injuries and usurpation on the party of men towards women Domestic Reformers and Moral Crusaders Lecture What are the claims of Equality Outline Conceptions of rights themes and time period 0 US Context 0 Domestic reformers l believe that women are lower than men but not in terms of empowerment Moral Crusaders D god didn39t say man is better than men but that women and men are equal Seneca Falls US Context of Women39s rights 0 Before Civil War 1865 In uences 0 Growing awareness of white women39s common conditions and g evances Can39t get education Voting identity 0 Tension across races o Antislavery movement l individual to social large context problem l sin to institutional oppression Followed course of this movement Religions l secular movement Domestic Reformers Catharine Beecher 1837 alternative view 0 O 0 00000 0 Female content as homemakers and day to day life Better recognition of wives and mothers Advocate for female in power for private sphere since that39s their calling Making a profession Modern day equivalent as Martha Stewart Thread via conservative women against women having rights Women are peacemakers and appeal to the uniqueness of women Reforming the domestic sphere Turned what men said negatively about women into a positive A strict line drawn but still a very public gure Beecher O 0000 Different stationsdifferent power Women power different Why not antislavery Where Domestic and private circle Peace love and education Moral Crusaders Fall into both in paradox of equality Religious in uence American born rural Joiners action moral Maria Miller Stewart 0 Religion and the principles of morality the sure foundation on which we must build 0 1803 born Got education at 16 years old 0 Middle class 0 Though black your skins are shades of night our hearts are pure your souls are white 0 The American ladies D why can39t we do something to distinguish ourselves Sarah and Angelina Grimke 1836 and 1838 Taught reading and read to slave children illegal at the time to teach slaves quotunlikely abolitionistsquot come from wealthy slave holding family and are southerners 0 Each Grimke paired with counterpart who39d ake care of them Antislavery and women39s rights 0 For southerners by southeners Angelina 1836 0 Four things and god39s law reins Sarah 1838 o Unchristian practices Men translated New Testament to bene t them 10 Commandments Man39s law not God39s law No mention in Bible that women are unequal in this way many examples of powerful women in the bible o no education False education taught marriage is the height of their option Move female beyond this limitation 0 comparison to slavery female slave virtue dependent on their masters female slaves suffering is a totally different experience slavery shouldn39t exist in Christian nation Stanton and Anthony 0 subject to laws that they have no voice in marriage and divorce civilly dead can39t own property child or voice 0 great partnership Stanton 1815 was voice and Anthony is the powerhouse Stanton married to an abolitionist and is an abolitionist before a Suffragist Anthony teacher Temperance movement Joined Suffragist 0 Not married arrested taught at the University of Rochester Declaration of sentiments l political legitimacy from Declaration from Independence Seneca Falls Convention 1848 Declaration of Sentiments Stanton Modesty militancy Based on Declaration of Independence O O O Grievances and resolutions Links to Abolitionism Readings Frederick Douglass on Woman39s Rights 0 At moment since women are treated like furniture it only shows the man s stupidity Women superior in benevolence and kindness but equal in everything else SFC members characterized ability and dignity 0 quotDeclaration of Sentimentsquot Women subject most prominent in public discussions 0 Women should have justice as well as praise D let them be judged on their own actions Ain ta Woman by Sojourner Truth 0 Men in audience jeer and mock women Mixed audience 0 Ain39t l a woman basically defying the 39women need to be helped into carriages carry over ditches and have best places everywhere 0 Each remark profound witty shut them up 0 Turned sneers into respect and admiration A Red record bv Wells 0 1894 awakening to issue of lynching became common over 10 years 0 Southern white men had laws not to kill black people before mainly because they were considered 39property39 so damaging other people39s property is a crime 0 Third excuse assault on their women D really any excuse was alright as long as they could Northern women who came down to teach black people about Christianity were considered social outlaws and ostracized by the southern men who calledprided themselves as quotgentlemenquot Tbh any reason of lynch Links to Abolitionism Lecture Links to Abolitionism Women39s rights and Race Challenge white womanhood views Truth amp Wells Political authority grounds for speaking White supremacy and male supremacy critiques Movements also in tension Female abolitionists black and white Abolitionism raised questions of equality among the sexes Women39s rights movement raised questions of racial equality female abolitionist building burned down 0 Most famous Harriett Trueman 0 Sarah Douglass Different spheres D social political economic Free Produce Movement quotAm I not a man and a brotherquot The Woman Question 0 How are women involvedwhat part do they play What39ll happen to black women Frederick Douolass Speeches on women39s rights 1848 1853 0 Right is of no sex truth is of no color 0 Men must do the work for women39s suffrage since they39re the ones that have the voting ability atm 0 What39s more importance race white women or gender black men D gender Sojourner Truth 0 1826 escape slavery 39Ain39t l a Woman 185139 Nation of womanhood 0 White and black 0 Delicate vs strong 0 Right of women as slave Challenging the notion of the 39one idea39 0 Race changes conception of womanhood Reconstruction era 18651870 0 Civil War 18611865 end with slave emancipation Struggle over 15th amendment 0 Women39s rights receded 3 reconstruction amendments 1315 0 13 free slaves from slavery o 14 privilegeequal protection clause for male citizens 1868 o 15 right of any citizen to vote regardless of race color or previous conditions of servitude speci ed that a quotcitizenquot is male


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