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Answer Key

by: Tiara Notetaker

Answer Key HIST 145

Tiara Notetaker
GPA 3.8
Dr. Andrew Diemer

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About this Document

STUDY GUIDE ANSWER KEY!!! All 62 questions answered.
Dr. Andrew Diemer
Class Notes
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This 18 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tiara Notetaker on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 145 at Towson University taught by Dr. Andrew Diemer in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 108 views. For similar materials see HIST 145 - HIST OF U.S. TO THE CIVIL WAR in History at Towson University.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
HIST 145 Midterm StudentMade Study Guide Answer Key Part One The following are questions Dr Diemer has posed at the beginning of each class lecture the date of the lecture is given in bold Try your best to answer them whether in bullet form or paragraph form do whichever best prepares you to write an essay The answers from my notes are given separately Please consult your own notes as well for answers Try to answer as much as you can from what you remember before reviewing your notes or mine 1 827 What are the three main themes of this course 1 Slavery 2 The Atlantic World 3 Nationalism 2 91 How do the other European nations French and Dutch differ from Spain when it comes to colonizing the New World Spain Greatest power in Europe Location South America Goal Find gold and they succeed Indian relations Don39t need 39eml French Location St Lawrence river Goal Find gold don39t succeed Indian relations Beaver fur trade negotiation compromise Catholic missionaries Dutch Location Hudson River Goal Find gold don39t succeed Indian relations Fur trade Population Reaches out for other European settlers to join them gt multiethnic and religious colonies 3 93 What affect does religion and the English monarchs have on the establishment of the early English colonies King Henry VIII separated himself and England from the Roman Catholic Church and established the Anglican Church However the Anglican Church still practiced many of the same traditions of the Catholic church which sparked a group called Puritans to break off and establish colonies in the New World as examples of how a pure religion prospered 4 910 Why do the witch trials occur in Salem Massachusetts Membership was declining in the Puritan Church There were many rebels such as Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson Other people such as fishermen immigrated who weren39t Puritan Conflict between English monarchs led to high tensions in America 5 9 15 Howwhy did the shift between the use of servants to the use of slaves occur Demographic reason life expectancy increased cheaper to by a life long slave than an indentured servant who would only work for a short period of time Economic reason Eng became involved w slave trade gt more people buying slaves Social reason the decreasing freedom of slaves led to the increased freedom of indentured servants Political reason Indentured servants desired to have the rights of other Englishmen Having slaves erased that conflict 6 917 Who is in control of the Atlantic Ocean during the settling of American colonies Why Technically speaking no one was in complete control over the Atlantic European powers established Navies to assist in their influence in the Atlantic and pirates rebelled against these Navies creating conflicts 7 922 How was nationalism both British and American developed Also include the difference between Great Brittan and England in your response England Country that has possessions Colonies Jamaica Barbados etc Great Brittan Nation w countries England Scotland eventually Northern Ireland and Wales Nationalism Rule Britanniaquot patriotic song Written during War of Jenkins39 Ear Mount Vernon Washington39s brother named his estate after a British Admiral who was significant in the War of Jenkins39 Ear Death of Wolfequot painting British General who led an attack on Quebec during the French and Indian War died during the battle He was seen as a martyr religious figure Rejection of Franklin39s Join or Diequot pamphlet Plan to unite against fighting the French during the French and Indian War Colonists refused to sacrifice their liberties in order to come together 0 All of these examples show British nationalism The Americans still saw themselves as a part of Great Brittan 8 924 How do the British colonists come to see themselves as Americans What actions could the British have done to avoid Americans forsaking their loyalty to Brittan When Brittan tried to make the colonies pay their share of the war debt the Americans grew angry because these taxes were without their consent and were applied by force qualities that were not constitutional 0 If the British had compromised or allowed the colonies to be represented this could have been avoided 9 929 Howwhy do the colonists advance from con ict and protest to revolution Try to include at least 23 solid reasons Think The midterm is going to be all essay questions a Taxation wo representation Common Sensequot pamphlet c A revolution was their only way out of British oppression compromise wasn39t working 10 101 How does the US not only claim independence but become independent The Revolutionary War 17751783 The British did not acknowledge America39s independence until General Cornwallis was forced to surrender under General Washington and the Treaty of Paris 1783 was signed 11 106 What were the consequences of the Revolution What did the government look like as a result The Continental Congress decided that it needed a set government gt Articles of Confederation 1781 Weak central government gt new Constitution 1789 Property restrictions on voting were lowered The practice of indentured servitude believed to be against republican ideology Women were unable to vote Slaves could vote the institution seen as constitutional Freedom of religion was granted Farmers were burdened by taxes so they either moved out west or protested against their debt 12 108 Why is it that the Americans ignore the advice given to them by their rst president Be sure to list and describe the two components of this advice as well Americans had a case of the can39t help itsquot Even though Washington warned against political parties the desire for American growth took on two vastly different for39ms commercial and agricultural based The growth of newspapers helped spread the parties ideas and more and more people began to choose sides Secondly how could Americans avoid Eur39opean entanglements Here are the French taking on their39 own r39evolution inspired by America It s not an easy feat trying to maintain trade in the midst of warming Eur39opean power39s Part Two The following are key points Dr Diemer has discussed during the class lectures the date of the lecture is given in bold I have made review questions out of these points Try your best to answer them whether in bullet form or paragraph form do whichever best prepares you to write an essay The answers from my notes are given separately Please consult your own notes as well for answers Try to answer as much as you can from what you remember before reviewing your notes or mine 827 1 How was the nation of Spain built Common r39eligion common enemy Christians unite to push out the North African Moor39s Muslim Goal cr39eated national unity or39 nationalism 2 Does the Atlantic Ocean connect or divide circle one the old and new world Why The Columbian Exchange slaves and goods tr39anspor39ted Easier39 to travel by sea than land 0 Connects 3 Why couldn t Europeans establish slave plantations in Africa Try to include at least 23 solid reasons a Existing African nations gover39nments would kick the Europeans out There were several tr39ibes that also competed and fought for39 slaves c Slaves would be given a home field advantagequot a lesser39 significant r39eason however39 91 4 De ne Privateers Privateering Privateers were people who set out to steal gold from Spanish ships They were basically pirates who were given permission by European monar39chs to steal from Spain 5 Dr Diemer stated It s not Europeans vs Natives but English vs French vs Spanish vs Natives What did he mean by this Just like Africa which was made up of several tr39ibes with separate identities the Europeans did not see themselves as a collective group as evidenced by trying to steal from one another They each independently tried to survive in the New World by establishing their own relations with or force against Indians and expanding to grow faster than their European rivals Every man country for himself 6 De ne Mourning War If Indian Group A captured a member from Indian Group B Indian Group B would then capture a member from Indian Group A in retaliation The cycle would never end Unfortunately this style of quotwarfarequot changed as they saw Europeans engage in more deadly fighting and capturingtorturing their victims 93 7 De ne Jamestown include key dates events people etc Jamestown was the first permanent English colony founded in 1607 by exprivateers looking for gold They depended on Indians such as the Powhatans and produced Tobacco making great profits in England but leading to them to take more land from their Indian quotalliesquot 8 Who was King Henry VIII the 8th Henry the VIII was married to Catherine of Spain but wanted a divorce since she could not have a son as if it were her fault When the Catholic Church declared that he couldn39t he separated and established the Church of England also called the Anglican Church Other reasons for his separation included He desired to give church land to political supporters Martin Luther39s 95 Thesis against the Catholic Church 9 Who were the Puritans The Puritans wanted separation from the Church of England claiming that its practices were too similar to Catholicism When they established their colonies in New England they sought to be an example to England in an effort to convert them over to their pure religionquot pure meaning free of Catholic traditions The Puritans established Plymouth 1620 and Massachusetts Bay Colony 1629 and brought their families with them which greatly contributed to their success 910 10 What does it mean to say that the Puritans were in fear of decline The Puritans wanted to be an example to the Church of England When they saw their membership decreasing and people rising against their beliefs they tried any means to strengthen their congregation 11 Brie y describe who these British monarchs are and their importance Stuck This website is amazing httpwwwbritroyalscomkingsaspidhenry8 a Henry VIII 15091547 Broke off from the Catholic Church Established the Church of England Protestant Mary I 15531558 Daughter of King Henry Cathohc Killed many Protestants Elizabeth I 15581603 Daughter of King Henry Protestant Reestablished the Church of England James I 16031625 Protestant my notes say Catholic but I googled it Claimed to be greater than Parliament Charles I 16251649 Son of James I Protestant my notes say Catholic but I googled it Power struggles w Parliament gt English Civil War Beheaded by Parliament Charles II 16601685 Son of Charles I brother to James II Had fled to France but was called back to England to become king after Parliament had set up interim leaders who didn39t lead well Protestant James II 16851688 Son of Charles I brother to Charles II Cathohc Parliament replaced him with his daughter Mary II and her husband William III h William 111 Mary 11 16891702 DaughTer of James II Asked To replace faTher on The Throne during The Glorious RevoluTion peaceful war ThaT overThrew James II i King George 111 17601820 King during The French and Indian War The RevoluTionary War and The War of 1812 12 Brie y describe the English Civil War the Glorious Revolution and King William s War if you haven t done so already above English Civil War Caused by Charles I and his power sTruggles w ParliamenT gt his execuTion Glorious War The peaceful war ThaT overThrew James II King William39s War New France foughT againsT New England each wiTh Their own Indian Allies 915 13 De ne Indentured Servitude An indenTured servanT is one who worked for anoTher European in a NorTh American colony for a shorT period of Time before being released in order To pay back The expense of TransporTaTion To The New World UnforTunaTely many did noT ouTlive Their work period due To The harsh working condiTions 14 De ne the Navigation Acts WiTh The success of Tobacco England raised Taxes and insTiTuTed The NavigaTion AcTs which made colonisTs have To sell To oTher counTries Through England 15 Who was Nathaniel Bacon and What was Bacon s Rebellion Bacon led poor exindenTured servanTs in a full ouT war againsT Indians He burned JamesTown forcing Governor Berkeley To flee and send BriTish Troops To sTop him Bacon had already died by Them buT The exindenTured servanTs39 farms were confiscaTed and many were killed for rebelling 917 16 De ne the Middle Passage The Middle Passage was The journey across The ATlanTic in The slave Trade Africans were crowded in ships wiTh liTTle room To move Women were kepT above deck and ofTen Times were abused by sailors NeTs were builT inTo The ships To keep Them from jumping overboard However rebellious slaves were Thrown overboard To sharks Many slaves died during This journey before ever reaching America 17 What was the Stono Rebellion Slaves from Charleston South Carolina left their masters to join the Spanish in Florida who had promised them freedom as a way to hurt England39s colonies The slaves met at the Stono River and burned plantations picking up slaves as they went They didn39t make it very far before they were stopped by groups of colonists 18 922 19 20 21 Describe the life of a Pirate Why did people become pirates Some pirates were exprivateers no longer supported by European monarchs Others were sailors captured by pirates who were forced to either become a pirate themselves or die Lastly some pirates were crewmembers who grew tired of their royal captains and caused a mutiny took the ship and became pirates What was the War of Jenkins Ear 17391748 Robert Jenkins traveled to Parliament to tell them of how the Spanish had cut off his ear years before Brittan actually desiring to expand into Spanish territory took this as an opportunity to declare war Rule Britannia was written during this war What was the War of Austrian succession 17401748 This war was fought to determine who would rule over Austria It was England and Austria against France and Prussia In the colonies New England and New France fought The Indians wanted the French to win since they were nicer to them What was the Seven Years War French and Indian War Include the de nitions of the Albany Plan of Union who William Pitt was and the 1763 Treaty of Paris 17561763 The war was called the Seven Years39 War by the British and the French and Indian War by the colonists The Seven Years39 War was mainly fought in Europe but conflicts bw the colonies of France and England occurred where the Indians sided with the French Benjamin Franklin posed the Albany Plan of Union in order to unite the colonies against the French His plan was immediately rejected William Pit was the Prime Minister of England and believed that in order to win the war it would first have to be won in the Americas so he sends massive amounts of 924 22 23 24 C troops to the colonies and captures French Forts General Wolfe dies in this attempt leading to a British victory The Treaty of Paris 1763 ended the war and Brittan gains all of the land east of the Mississippi and Canada Who were squatters Did they cause a problem How were they different from wealthy investors Squatters were farmers who were eager to take advantage of the newly acquired land out west Without waiting for government approval they quotsquattedquot on the land moving on it believing that the government would eventually recognize their claims and allow them to keep it Investors had connections with legal personnel and got their claims to western lands approved De ne Pontiac s Rebellion and the Paxton Boys 17631766 Indians led by Pontiac tried desperately to keep the land they had before the Treaty of 1763 The Paxton Boys attacked burned all Indian villages even peaceful tribes Many Indians fled to Philadelphia De ne the following acts Be sure to include the years they were issued what they taxed or stated and the reaction colonists gave to them including the NonImportation Movement and who was involved Sugar Act 1764 Lowered tax from Molasses Act 1726 Tightened grip on policing smugglers Stamp Act 1756 First direct tax on Americans court documents shipping receipts college diplomas house deeds neWSpapers gt Newspapers spread opposition of the Stamp Act gt Stamp Act Congress 1765 9 colonies meet in NY and finally work together unlike the Franklin39s Join or Die plan gt NonImportation Movement boycotting British goods 17651770 especially after the Townshend Acts first opportunity for women to get involved in the resistance gt Stamp Act repealed 1766 Quartering Acts 1765 1774 0 Colonists had to build quarters to house troops 929 25 26 Declaratory Act 1766 0 Parliament reasserted its authority to tax the colonists at its will Townshend Acts 1767 Tax on glass lead paints paper and tea gt 1770 Act repealed but left the tax on tea since the colonists couldn39t grow it themselves like they made all of the other items during the nonimportation movement gt 1773 Boston Tea Party gt 1774 Second Quartering Act colonists have to house British troops themselves De ne ideology and republicanism Ideology a system of ideas and ideals especially one that forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy 0 Republicanism belief that the monarchy parliament and the people are always at odds De ne the Intolerable Acts 1774 0 Passed after the Boston Tea Party 1773 0 Closed the Boston Harbor until the tea was paid for Kingappointed house of legislature and no town meetings unless approved by the royal governor Included the second Quartering Act where colonists had to house British troops in their own homes Goal to isolate Boston to quell the rebellion new5papers prevented that from happening and the other colonies cheered their actions De ne Paul Revere the Battle of Lexington the Battle of Concord and Hessians Paul Revere Part of the Boston Committee of Public Safety which set out to warn the colonists that the Redcoats were making their way to Lexington and Concord British wanted to capture the colonists39 weapons and ammunition Battle of Lexington 1775 British win Battle of Concord 1775 Colonists win First battles of the Revolutionary War What was the Continental Congress What were they doing at this time And who was Thomas Paine Continental Congress 1774 met to address boycotts over the Stamp Act 101 28 29 30 2nd meeting realized that radical action needed to take place Thomas Paine 1776 Common Sensequot pamphlet written to arouse the opposition in the middle and lower classes since it was written in a way that everyone not just the elite could understand What were Brittan s goals Their battle strategy Capture major cities Majority of Americans lived in the country plan was of no effect The number of loyalists outnumbered the quotfewquot troublemakers Wishful thinking Defeated Washington NY Washington falls back to NJ What were George Washington s goals and his battle strategy Include a description the purpose of the winter at Valley Forge Create a larger powerful respectable army Keep the army together in the face of the superior British army gt Valley Forge Whenever he saw that he was loosing he39d retreat and take a moment to regroup Advantages A and disadvantages D of this strategy 0 D Brittan may get the idea that it39s winning 0 D Americans may feel discouraged o D Soldiers have time to turn on him or leave when their oneyear term is over A Soldiers get to resupply their weapons A Soldiers get an opportunity for wounds to heal get rest etc A Washington gets time to strategize and plan where to move next Why did the French enter the American s Revolutionary War Try to name 23 reasons Battle of Saratoga Large victory won by General Benedict Arnold Benjamin Franklin traveled to France to persuade them Opportunity for French to get back at Brittan for defeating them in the Seven Year39s War Who was John Wilkes Leader of the opposition American support in GB Argued that there are costs to war that citizens not just the gov39t have to bear Expense gt taxation 33 106 34 Soldiers gt fathers brothers husbands sons going off to fight risk of being killed Cutting of trade w enemy nations Note John Wilkes Booth man who killed President Lincoln named after him shows how popular he was among Americans Who was General Cornwallis How did the war end British General Washington Fr surround him on land and water James and York rivers Forced to surrender gt British people refuse to continue the war gt Treaty of Paris British gov39t forced to recognize American independence What is a revolution Where did Americans get the idea of a revolution Why were their actions considered and classi ed as a revolution Revolution A great and sweeping changequot Ex Industrial revolution technology revolution The Americans got the idea from the British Glorious Revolution the overthrow of King James II The war was a revolution because the Americans were revolving turning turning back to the liberties they deserved recovering what was lost M creating something new De ne the Articles of Confederation Pros Cons 1781 First attempt to solidify a government after declaring Independence Con weak central government states wanted to keep their liberties Con no president Con each state gets one vote each How did opinions of indentured servitude and slavery differ How did they align with the political thought of the time Indentured servants saw themselves as equal with their Englishmen gt considered above slaves who were thought of as property All men were given the right to vote as property restrictions were lowered but slaves were counted as 35 of a vote in the ThreeFifths Compromise 1787 How did opinions of women change during this time Hint Republican Motherhood 36 108 37 39 As more men and even slaves were able to vote women realized how limited their power was even after participating in the Revolution Through boycotting right along with men The women39s role was to be a good wife and mother educating her children on how to be good citizens republican motherhood As a result more women were educated De ne Shays s Rebellion 178687 Farmers in debt led by Daniel Shays attempt to shut down MA courts to prevent them from taking their land as a result of their debt Both sides claiming to be fighting under the true values of the revolution When was the new Constitution written How did it differ from the Articles of Confederation 1789 Stronger central government 3 branches of gov39t Common currency Congress can tax and regulate trade Senate 2 representatives House representatives based on population Who was George Washington What made him respected among Americans Describe his presidency What advice did he give And what precedents did he set America39s first president 1 term 17891792 2nd term 17921795 Inauguraladdress 1 Avoid factions political parties which produce corruption and divide a republic 2 Avoid entanglements in European affairs Precedents 2 terms He was respected bc after the Revolution he returned to Mount Vernon and didn39t expect any fame or recognition Then after his presidency he returned again to Mount Vernon not wanting to prolong his stay in office Compares and contrasts these two parties Fill in the last three w anything else Federalist Democratic Republican Leader Alexander Hamilton Gov t Position Sec of the Treasury Leader Thomas Jefferson Gov t Position Secretary of State Wanted a strong federal government Wanted a strong central government Goal for America Manufacturing economy Goal for America Agricultural economy Relationship w Europe whywhy not Yes Trade and to copy their economic system Relationship w Europe whywhy not No We just got rid of them Support French Revolution No but yay for them wanting to be like us Support French Revolution Yes Let39s put an end to European monarchs Called monarchs by Democratic Republicans Called anarchists by Federalists National bank Loan gov39t money Hold gov39t investments Independent farmers gt more people owning land Whiskey tax Farmers made Whiskey out of wheat o Easier to transport 0 Also in demand Move the capital to DC 1 Avoid the corruption of city life New York City current location 2 Create a new city unlike the other US cities 3 Have the capital closer to the south and VA his home state Standing National Army Many weary about this Needed in order to put down rebellions like Shays39s Friendsallies w James Madison governor of Virginia Difference between the above Federalist and Federalists vs Anti Federalists not the same Above political party Before Antifederalists against ratifying the constitution 40 De ne the French Revolution Who was the leader What countries were involved What was the impact of it How did it end 17891799 End of French monarchy King Louis XVI executed in public square 0 War ended when Napoleon took over and later became emperor Fr took on debt due to participating in the American Revolution and the other numerous European wars that had taken place gt Taxes gt Revolts Prussia and Austria were involved not as important but for a good explaination as to what happened read the Spark Notes of the war httpwwwsparknotescomhistoryeuropeanfrenchrevsection4rhtm 41 43 44 Who was John Adams 2nd President of the United States 17971801 Also the 15 Vice President to Washington Federalist Won 71 to 68 over Jefferson who then became his vice president What was the XYZ Affair Also de ne the Naturalization Law the Alien Act and the Sedition Act XYZ Affair 17971798 Tensions bw France and US because France thought the US was getting closer to the British who the French were currently fighting against John Adams sends three diplomats to France to meet w three French diplomats referred to as X Y and Z XYZ ask for a bribe US and France enter a quotquasiquot war Since immigrants including Fr tended to attach to the Republicans Adams est 1 Naturalization Law must wait 14 years until becoming a citizen 2 Alien Act gov39t can deport foreigners who quotthreatenquot the republic 3 Sedition Act gov39t can silence its critics Jefferson and Madison gt Virginia and Kentucky legislations pass resolutions claiming that states have the right to declare laws even federal ones as unconstitutional Describe What happened in the Election of 1800 Jefferson wins 73 to 65 over Adams somewhat due to the added representation of slaves in the 35 compromise Jefferson 3quotd President of the United States 1 term 18011805 VP Aaron Burr 2nd term 18051909 VP George Clinton What was the Louisiana Purchase Did it align with Jefferson s View of strict interpretation Jefferson negotiates for New Orleans Napoleon offers all of Louisiana for 15 million Jefferson believed in only doing what the Constitution granted him permission to do strict interpretation whereas Hamilton believed he could do anything unless the Constitution specifically said he couldn39t Constitution did not grant the president the right to buy land but buying the land promoted Jefferson39s vision of an agricultural nation Shows that politicians are most likely to interpret the constitution to benefit their desires 45 Describe the Barbary War the Embargo and anything else I forgot to put on this study guide Barbary Wars 0 Pirates off the coast of North Africa Barbary Coast attacked US Ships Jefferson goes to war w them on his own authority not Congress39s Not going according to what the Constitution says Embargo Jefferson tired of the entanglement bw Brittan and Fr gt est and embargo removing trade w Brittan and France Only hurts America Brittan and France able to survive without American trade Part Three The following ve questions are from the class readings Dr Diemer handed out in class the date the reading was handed out is given in bold Try your best to answer them whether in bullet form or paragraph form do whichever best prepares you to write an essay The answers from my notes are given separately Please consult your own notes as well for answers Try to answer as much as you can from what you remember before reviewing your notes or mine Be sure to reView the other documents we discussed in class that may not be mentioned below 1 Excerpts of the Laws of Colonial Virginia 915 What were the motives behind writing these laws What is your opinion of these laws What role did religion play in governing Virginia What is meant by the phrase race is a social construct 1 All people have to have weapons except for Africans or they will be fined Question Why are they required to have weapons Question Can Africans still have weapons It didn39t say they couldn39t 2 Any child born will take on the status of the mother To prevent Africans from having free children In Eng it39s the father that controls the status of a child property name royal throne Indicates that this happened often 3 Baptizing a slave does not make them free To prevent slaves from taking this easy escape route Keeps Africans lower than Europeans even if they are both Christian color is beginning to matter 0 Race is a social construct Beliefs can change We have made choices to divide people into groups religion nationality race Race here is determined by those who wrote the laws Economy is their incentive Race did not start this it was an end result They did not go looking to treat people differently but in order to keep them as slaves and under their control they now have to be treated differently and color is a status that won39t change so they based all of their laws off of it 2 Marquis de la Galissoniere Memoir on the French Colonies in North America December 1750 1922 What was his point in writing this What did he want France to do Were the French colonies important Why Were there ulterior motives in writing this Yes Canada is a burden to the Fr but it is their strongest chance to oppose Eng Great of alliances w Indian Nations Great versatility living like Indians enables them to attack Eng and enemy Indians Eng39s growth must be stopped Eng Navy is the biggest threat Their colonies are rapidly growing and expanding Fr must strengthen Canada and Louisiana to better support their Caribbean colonies majority of wealth Forget expanding west towards the Sp their allies 3 William Pitt s speech on the Stamp Act January 14 1776 929 Who was William Pitt Whose side was he on What was his justi cation What impact did his opinion have on England On America William Pitt Former British prime minister during the Seven Year39s War gt British victory Now just a member of parliament Believed that the Stamp Act should be repealed absolutely totally and immediatelyquot Eng has the right to control govern the colonies the greater must rule the lessquot The Stamp Act however is robbing the colonies of their constitutional rightsquot The Americans have been treated as quotslavesquot and Parliament is now fighting against its own countrymen They have been wrongedquot and driven to madness by injusticequot 4 Charleston South Carolina 1777 Going to the Source 101 What important or interesting cheers were made Why What does this tell you about American beliefsattitudes South Carolina beliefsattitudes Cheers General Washington recognizing his importance as the leader of the US Continental Army signifies their rallying behind him Cheers America39s alliances nations that acknowledged America39s independence Cheers nationalism 0 Cheers US ambassadors to foreign countries a sign that America is taking action as its own nation 0 Cheers SC which has chosen to take part in this country something bigger than itself 0 Cheers freedom only to those who are willing to die for America indicates the pressure to chose whose side you are on the hard work that it took and will take to establish America 5 A Declaration of the Rights of the Inhabitants of the Commonwealth or State of Pennsylvania gtAND lt Plan or Frame of Government for the Commonwealth or State of Pennsylvania 101 In what ways did this resemble the Declaration of Independence The Constitution In what ways was it different Did any of these statements create a problem Were they too good to be true What were the motives behind writing them a Resembled the Declaration all men are born equally free and independent with certain natural and inherent and inalienable rightsquot b Resembled the Constitution39s bill of rights freedom of religion all men have a natural right to worship Almighty God according to their own understandingquot freedom of Speech and of writing right to bear armsquot c Similar to the federal government39s structure supreme legislative power shall be vested in a house or representativesquot and supreme executive power shall be vested in a president and councilquot d Tried to involve the people too much where it slowed the process of making any progress Bills shall not be passed into laws until the next session of assemblyquot


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