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Week Seven Notes

by: Nicole Tierney

Week Seven Notes ART_GNRL 1020

Nicole Tierney
Appreciation of Art
Bonnie Kerridge

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About this Document

These are notes from 10/5 over Chapter 8 - Principle of Design
Appreciation of Art
Bonnie Kerridge
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nicole Tierney on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ART_GNRL 1020 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Bonnie Kerridge in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see Appreciation of Art in Art at University of Missouri - Columbia.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
ART GNRL 1020 Bonnie Kerridge 5 October 2015 Chapter 8 Principles of Design 393 The Daughters of Edward Boit 1882 John Singer Sargent O Wealthy class 0 Famous of paintings of upper class 393 To design to organize the formal elements into a composition 0 Formal elements Line space light color texture pattern time motion 0 Principles of design balance emphasis proportion scale repetition rhythm unity 0 Process and a product I Process of organizing I Visual statement that is created 393 Balance 0 Leonardo Da Vinci I The study of human proportion 1492 I Figure perfectly balancedperfectly symmetrical I Symmetrical focal point is center of human anatomy I Square symbol of the finite world I Circle symbol of the heavenly world I The juxtaposition of mindmatter material and transcendental 0 Frank Gehry 1977 Santa Monica CA I Sense of discontinuity I Lack of harmony I Break W convention 0 Has to do with the apparent appearance of heaviness or lightness of the composition I Symmetrical balance 0 Taj Mahal 1632 Agra India 0 Symmetrical balance in architecture 0 Coronation of the Virgin 0 Almost perfect symmetry 0 Each element balances the balance of a unified theological universe I Asymmetrical balance 0 Woman Holding a Balance 1664 Johannes Vermeer 0 Balance of light coming in from the window 0 Woman is weighing out her worth and value 0 Balanced composition it the overall effect I balance between the material and spiritual world 0 Boston Common at Twilight18851886 Childe Hassam 0 City scape with people doing a promenade at night ART GNRL 1020 Bonnie Kerridge 0 Horizontal line of city gives line between light and dark 0 Tension between dark amp light day amp night populated street amp open field I 1989 Ida Applebroog 0 Queen Elizabeth 0 Talking about the idea of how power works I Male over female parents over children governments over people doctors over patients I Shape light amp dark I Radial balance 0 Everything radiates outward from a central point I Transept Chartres Cathedral 1215 393 Emphasis and focal point 0 Still Life with Lobster 1781 Anna VallayerCoster I Muted background with the lobster as the focal point 0 Light hits the glass food slightly in areas I Complementarycontrasting colors I Red green 0 Joseph the Carpenter 1645 Georges de La Tour I Jesus is the little boy which is holding the candle highlighting him over the other parts of the portrait I Divine light 0 Parsifal I 1973 Anselm Kiefer 0 Orange Crush I Afocal 393 Scale and Proportion O Scale describes the dimensions of an object in relation to surroundings I Spoonbridge amp Cherry 1988 Claes Oldenburg amp van Bruggen I The Great Wave 1823 Hokusai I Woodcut 36 views of Mt Fuji I Public Figures DoHoSuh 0 Perhaps we aren t so unique not just a single person in this world I Psychological Scale I The Daughters of Edward Boit John Singer Sargent I Judith F Buca 1996 0 Proportion relationship between parts of an object and the whole I Parthenon 427 BCE 0 Mathematical harmony in architecture 393 Rhythm and repetition 0 Barber Shop 1946 Jacob Lawrence I Has to do with a movement I Lively intellectual ART GNRL 1020 Bonnie Kerridge I Rhythm of angles and clear colors that sets up the direction the Viewer sees 0 Gates of Hell with Adam and Eve 18801917 Auguste Rodin I Three figures are at the top but it is actually one figure set in three ways I Responsible for the thinker and many other pieces of art


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