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Humanities Core Lecture Week 2 Notes

by: Dana Roach

Humanities Core Lecture Week 2 Notes Human 1A

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Dana Roach

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About this Document

Here are the notes from Professor Izenburg's lectures from Week 2.
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dana Roach on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Human 1A at University of California - Irvine taught by BURKE, C. in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see HUMANITIES CORE LEC in Anatomy at University of California - Irvine.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
Honors Humanties Core Lecture Week 2 Aristos Akhaion Best of the Achaeans Value and Cultural Contradiction in The Iliad Two Central arguments 1Human Agency A form of action that is Free Insofar as it is caused by the agent s will Informed by reason introspection re ection deliberation Without excessive constraint There can be no morality in the Iliad without agency since morality comes from humans making their own decisions Is this not a poem about agency and the way we exercise human agency in the world 2 Determination Natural Political and economic Structural Cultural We are all subject to these three category of in uence 0 War itself is an extreme sight in which humans face the difficulty of agency 0 Are soldiers free even though they must listen to orders and commands 0 War amplifies the relations between war and its effects 0 If anything the actions of the people in the Iliad cause too much to happen 0 Ex Helen How can one woman be the cause of such suffering 0 There is a terrible disproportion between action and its cause 0 The gods and goddess are the names of the problems of determination 0 Achilles VS Agamemnon O Achilles charismatic authority is a function of power 0 Agamemnon traditional power derives from the right relation to the sources of authority 0 Thersites Challenge 0 You get the prizes even though we do the work Not making the argument for individual honor and glory Mocking both Agamemnon but also Achilles When we take some strong hold to home we go in our ships Focuses on how Agamemnon has failed his people even though he relies on them leans upon them not the scepter Ordinary soldiers have no say in why they go to war and yet they go 0 Mocks everyone Agamenon Achilles other soldiers himselfl Makes everyone equal Democratic challenge Punished for speaking out by a legitimate hero Odysseus 0 Shared laughter is a sign of cultural consensus gt his punishment 0 O O O O OO 0 Raising the problem of legitimacy by what right persons subordinate themselves to leaders 0 Achilles power is antisocial charismatic power is selfish and personal and cannot be passed on Gained by luck or chance 0 Agamemnon s power guarantees the validity of the ruler but does not guarantee the worth of tradition 0 We legitimate our governors by obeying the process I We argue the process is not valid without worth of tradition Thersites is not a hero and he must follow but WHY He speaks up but gets forced back into line 0 He challenge is embodied in his body club foot hollow chested etc He may be the very worst of the Achaeans but he still needs to be convinced 0 What is the language of social value in the Iliad 0 What do you do to earn yourself the title of the best of the Achaeans 0 Achilles childishness feeling of dishonor same reason that motivates all soldiers in the Iliad Honor and shame OO Ancient Greeks shame culture Voice of conscience rises from within Shame culture versus guilt culture 0 We feel that our inner merit comes from our conformity to our inner sense of what is right and wrong 0 Does shame have something to offer us 0 worth or price material recognition O 0 sum game more for you less for me 0 The Iliad recognizes that you can win or loose kleos 0 Looks beyond last battle 0 Lasts beyond the life of the hero 0 Unwavering fame lasts forever 0 Social standing is derived from how much we have 0 Glory iscan be won by anyone if they earn it The ones who preserve the life of the community and embody the good of society are the heroes 0 Glory motivates and justifies the defense of a culture How will you prove your worth I by risking everything Kleos rewards the risking of death War allows a soldier to prove his merit only by violating the community Glory is purchased by bestiality Breaches the rules of value as a proving ground 0 Kleos becomes its own motive 0 Achilles embodies the greatest representation of this struggle and breach of value OOOOO 0 Everything Achilles wanted was finally offered to him by Agamemnon and when it is offered he threatens to refuse the whole edifice of its culture 0 No difference between the coward and the brave There are no functional values Casts about for some alternative source of ethics Does he actually love Briseus He sense of love is undermined by his commitment to a world where honor is primary to anything else Self deception I Facing equally two possible fates 0 Go home and never be famous but live forever 0000 O 0 Fight here and die young but live in infamy l Aristos Achaean the embodiment of the idea of kleos 0 No choice but to chose glory and death 0 He never leaves despite his threats 0 Patroclus dies in Achilles place later on 0 Values are what make life meaningful 0 Everyone will die 0 These values must be protected as they are greater than ourselves 0 We delegate people to prove it heroessoldiers 0 They will do this only by violating these values love kindness domesticity destroying themselves in the process Thersites and the women serve as counter balances to the heroic culture Aristos the best Arete virtue best performance excellence Vitiate empty out agency make it invalid The gods give form and shape to agency HumCore 107 The Poetics of the Iliad Last Lecture Politics versus Ethics I Thersites is the name of all the unnamed in the Iliad a crisis of legitimacy in the Iliad as normal soldiers fight against their position To take a hint is to be mindful of claims and needs other than your owns This has made Achilles wholly indifferent to human needs and desires other than his own Agamemnon is a poor king he has failed his people No shame in running even in the cover of darkness Really Odysseus speaks as the voice of reason Thersites was an embodiment of an artificatualization about what is badly formed in his society More than just character aws in the way Achilles and Agamemnon have gone wrong as principles or concepts Charismal exceptionalism stakes a claim that others cannot and do not share it not a principle of value because no one could aspire to emulate it It CANNOT BE SHARED Could not serve as an example Traditional may anoint leaders but It does not in itself validate them doesn t make you the right man to wield the scepter Pauses break or cut of ow or meter of the poem Agamemnon has one in his speech I I am hardly the man to order men against their will Crisis in the values of Homeric culture they succeed in representing the values which have problems in themselves HONOR Time honor as material reward Kudos honor as sine or star quality Kleos glory fame immortality If we lived forever we wouldn t need it But we don t so we must fight and we must die The culture at risk must cultivate a new value highest ranking to protect other values heroism Achilles words are literally unbelievable Briseis is a prize to him not a person He cannot produce another measure of value merely says I m already rich enough His home has made him who he is but he no longer belongs there and cannot return Hector has everything Achilles does not has a home has a mother that cherishes him and takes care of him he has a father has a loving wife and a baby son Cannot feel that nothing depends on him during his fight He doesn t fantasize a choice between two fates The danger is there will be no home to return home to Describes what it is like to have no choice He would die of shame to face the men of Troy if he did not fight to protect his home Afraid to bear the shame of being a coward Hector is the one example of the judgment of shame culture that is internally driven rather than external Japan and Islam shame cultures Really External judgment and internal law are not so different Therefore is it really a shame culture Hector does not internally want to shrink from battle nor necessarily charge head first into it What he has been invented to defend is not his to keep forever Troy will die eventually It cannot be owned with out lament Lives his life brie y in the pause he takes from the battle to see his wife and son Hector removes his helmet to reveal himself to his son And wishes for his son to be a better man then he But actually wishes that he would become a better killer HEARTBREAKING because it reveals Hector s true love fighting Fighting which robs every man of his attachments and what he loves the most Beneath the helmet of the warrior is not the face of the man but the face of the warrior When stripped away it is a corpse Priam beaten to death with the body of his own grandson AchillesAchilles son kills Hector s son brutally A warrior cannot have a family and be a warrior His family is another warrior Patroclus He is an idea more than a person Patroclus patro father and kelos glory Hector s life is a fragile and momentary pause Hector has what he cannot have Achiiles and Hector are doubles Achilles inhabits the logic of the hero s code Hector wants what he cannot want Achilles does kill Hector He is not distracting himself with beauty or entertainment he is performing the very act of recollection He is remembering the glory of past heroes Singing the famous deeds The poem pauses to sing about itself The meaning and value of poetry in the face of war Techne craft art Ergon goal function Poetryl social honor Artifcats Made thing Has Specific form or shape Has Purpose or function Has meaning Caesura pause Ekphrasis speak out something that is visual Second order poetry metapoetic the poem in the peom refers to itself as a poem Achilles and Ag s issues are more than just character aws Homer is showing how things have gone wrong in the culture Helen and Achilles mixed lineage part god part human Have a purchase into the dive Exemplary characters Confusing in regards to agency


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