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chapters 7,8,,12,14

by: Kristina Romero

chapters 7,8,,12,14 Comm 1310

Marketplace > Texas State University > Comm 1310 > chapters 7 8 12 14
Kristina Romero
Texas State
GPA 4.0
Fundamentals of Human Communication
Daniel King

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About this Document

theses notes contain most of the things that will be covered on the next exam in 2 weeks and has notes on how to do your speech presentation also.
Fundamentals of Human Communication
Daniel King
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kristina Romero on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Comm 1310 at Texas State University taught by Daniel King in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 57 views.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
Communication notes Ch7amp8 Interpersonal communication Ch7 Interpersonal communication occurs between two people who simusetianlly attempt to mutually in uence each other usually for the purpose of relationship Interpersonal make predictions based on information about the other person use knowledge of the other as a unique person as the basis for the interaction lmpersonal make guesses about the conversation based on norms respond to their roles rather than who they are INFLUENCE AND INTERPERSONAL Interpersonalcommunication involves relational quality lnterpersonal involves mutual in uence our ability to in uence our relational partner lnterpersonal communication helps manage the relationship Can choose your friends but not your family Relationship of choice F ends 0 Romantic partners Spouses Relationship of circumstance 0 Family 0 Teachers 0 Classmates Coworkers Interpersonal attraction interpersonal attraction is the degree to which one desires to form or maintain an interpersonal relationship with another person Reasons for initiating relationships similarity birds of a feather flock together Physical and sexual attraction Proximity out of sight out of mind Complementaritywe got needs Communicating our attraction Matching hypothesis lmmediacy Behaviors Reducing uncertainty passive strategies Active strategies Interactive strategies ASK QUESTIONS 0 AVOID SELFABSORPTION 0 COMPLIMENT HOW DO WE COMMUNICATE OUR ATTRACTION ONLINE Mediated interpersonal communication How do you irt onlinetext Can you tel when someone is irting onlinetext Which is more effective irting onlinetext on F2F ls snap chatting irt Selfdiscosure occurs when we voluntarily provide information others that they would not learn unless we told them WHY SELFDISCLOUSE Deeper relationships Allows us to validate our perceptions Clari es our understanding of ourselves PROPERTIES OF SELFDISCLOSER RECIPROCITY 0 Selfdisclosure makes us feel vulnerable Sharing gives a person power over you APPROPRIATENESS Misjudge intimacy level 0 Varies across cultures RISK 0 WE are becoming less private 0 Potential for rejection WHY DO WE SELFDISCLOSE AS humans we want to enhance relational intimacy 0 Theory of social penetration Altman and Taylor 0 Self discloser is characterized by its breadth and depth THE jOHARI WINDOW the Johari window re ects 3 CH8 ELEVATOR MODEL Relational escalation Intimacy lntensi cation Exploration Initiation Preinteraction awareness Chapter 11amp14 DEVELOPING YOUR PRESENTATION Audience centered speaking presentational speaking is when a speaker adapts to the audience at every stage of the presentational speaking process 0 General purpose inform persuade and or entertain 0 Speci c purpose a concise statement of what listeners should be able to do by the time o Informative purpose statement want my audience to understand 0 Your purpose is to teach analyze describe comparecontrast or illustrate 0 Want my audience to believe 0 Your purpose is to create modify or change an attitude belief behavor Central idea Informative presentation the central idea is what you want your audience you understand and remember Persuasive presentation is what you want your audience to believe and or do INITIAL PREVIEW Builds off of the central idea and phrased in form of an assertion 0 True 0 Interesting o Valuable Initial preview 4den es Facebook is a passive strategy looking at their page messaging them is active determine the way they message back CHAPTER 12 Organization helps audience members Delivering your speech Methods of delivery Manuscript speaking Memorized speaking Impromptu speaking Extemporaneous speaking what are the advantages and disadvantages of each method VERBAL DELIVERY Use concrete words Use that refer to an object or describes an action in the most speci c way possible avoid abstractions Use unbiased inoffensive words Try not to offend any sexual racial cultural or religious group Use gurative language Metaphors Similes Personi cation Use drama Omission quotmore money less newsquot Inversion quotthis much we pledgequot Suspension quotwith let us answer the callquot Cadencedanguage Parallelism quot ooding our homes ourquot Antithesis quotnot only but alsoquot Repetition quot0 Doyle rulesquot Alleriation quotprotest power and peacequot Nonverbal delivery visual Eye contact Physical delivery Gestures Movement Posture Facial expressions Physical appearance The voice Speech patterns Proper amount of emotion Volume Rate Pitch Vocal dis uencies Ahs whatever s ummms likes okays Power of the pause Problems of articulation pronounciation Slur n words together 0 Whazup 0 Lezgitgo n Mispronunciations 0 Subliminable 0 Amriken Delection of nal consonants sounds 0 Land 0 Thirst 0 Running Practice tips 0 Verbalize your words actually deliver your speech 0 Practice using outline main ideas sources quotations stats 0 Time your speech 0 If you make a mistake keep going 0 Go to the communication lab cent 308 0 Meet with your lab instructor Applying the five principles 0 Awareness how you can do this during delivery 0 Verbal messages can extemporaneous speaking help hurt Can using illustrations as support help 0 Nonverbal messages what comes natural to you How can you gesture or change your voice 0 Listen and respond how can you do this while you re speaking 0 Adapt appropriately Review


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