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Effects on Economic Expansion Notes

by: Kiana Thompson

Effects on Economic Expansion Notes 1020-01

Marketplace > University of Tennessee - Chattanooga > History > 1020-01 > Effects on Economic Expansion Notes
Kiana Thompson
World Civilizations II: World History from c. 1000 to 1800
Michele White

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About this Document

Here are the notes from this week!
World Civilizations II: World History from c. 1000 to 1800
Michele White
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kiana Thompson on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 1020-01 at University of Tennessee - Chattanooga taught by Michele White in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see World Civilizations II: World History from c. 1000 to 1800 in History at University of Tennessee - Chattanooga.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
Effects of Economic Expz sion 11001300 I Decline of Serfdom and with it the Old Feudal Order a Over population on the manor i Offer of the promise of freedom to surfs come amp go as please no duties etc ii Only owed rent 1 Lord became landlord 1050 90 peasants were surfs c 1350 10 peasants were surfs d Upshot surplus of food amp increase of population eventually freed people to work at nonfarming occupations making possible the expansion of trade and the revival of city life e 500AD 1100AD i No long distance trade Why 1 War a No safe travel outside invasions 2 All were surfs II Revival of LongDistance Trade a Principal Arteries of Trade i Italy route 1 1 Traded with eastern Mediterranean 2 Italy sent out of olive oil received spices ii England France German territories 1 Traded with Constantinople 2 Germany sent metals France sent wine and cloth England sent tin wool coal iii Scandinavia 1 Traded all along the Atlantic coast 2 Sent fish fur pitch timber received leather fruits honey b International Fairs i Merchants amp traders decide on a location 1 Open stalls a ply their wears 2 Stay for 68 weeks 3 Meet amp decide on next location 4 Move onto next location ii Barter system did not work 1 Creation of money economy a Gold and silver came to be in demand at fairs and trading markets b New trading companies and banking firms established to manage the exchange and sale of goods c All this contributed to the rise of commercial capitalism an economic system whereby people invested in trade and goods for profit 2 Merchants traders bankers financers drop in surfs mobility no more feudal system 111 Rise of Cities a Beginning around 1200 many new cities amp towns were founded particularly in northern Europe What made that possible i Surplus population and food 1 Gets shipped to urban areas b Characteristics of a Medieval City i Areas natural for trade 1 Coasts banks of rivers important crossroads and places chosen for international fairs ii Protected by walls and towers 1 In and out only through gates iii Population 1 London 1200AD 5000 max 2 Italian city states 100000 c Guilds i The Restoration of Trade and Development of Towns and Cities ii People who made the same goods formed one group called a guild iii Every craft had its own guild iv If not member could not make same craft as a guild v Artisans master craftsman 1 Determined the procedure 2 Determined quality 3 Determined price 4 Performed social functions parades etc 5 Were elite and shared a brotherhood vi How could you get in 1 Could not learn from own father 2 Age 10 started apprenticeship 3 4 a No pay b Lived with fathers friend c Stays six years Age 16 journeyman a Set up own shop b Could not sell to open market c Stays six years Age 22 and older master a Produced masterpiece best example of your own skills b Worthy enough i Full membership received vii Most men did not marry until they were at the master craftsman level d Charters i One secured a charter granted a city ii Lord tried to impose whole city as vassal 1 2 Tax wanted money Say in defenses iii Cities did not want to be attached to a lord 1 Wanted to be free of everything iv Needed charter 1 Lord gives all land to people 2 Completely free own laws taxes etc 3 4 Adult male had to prove they lived in the cities for a year and one Could run for office day a Run away surfs ed to the cities to get freedom v How to get a charter 1 2 3 Pay off the lord Fight for it Just ask a Sometimes lord didn t want to watch over people


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