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Chapter 13

by: Kristen Motil

Chapter 13 STAT 1350 – 1000

Kristen Motil
GPA 3.7
Elementary stats
Michelle Duda

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About this Document

Notes from the week of October 6th.
Elementary stats
Michelle Duda
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kristen Motil on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to STAT 1350 – 1000 at Ohio State University taught by Michelle Duda in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Elementary stats in Statistics at Ohio State University.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
39 lt 51 2quot H w w 33 wimp m u I t Ill1quot i l m aifizifuit I A J mic 2 th 1 1mm hm w f c i w w 1 A A I U 1r r quot 939 P 8 22 NI 2 5 3 In what rzmgc Jo the middle 753quot Ufa mum he A g About hm pertcm haxc scores lbx n c 260139 EN 39 39 7 L 4 v What percentile wouid39a person m this age group with an IQ of 135 correspond 02quot 39 1007quot tam 32742 we a Loan 34 7 39 39 What percent of people in this age group have scores 3685 than 50 4 quotxr lt15 0 39 3 we 30 do me d GR l UK Finding percentiles of the Normal distribution 39I39vation that is nm exacziy L 3 0r 3 s nL39 39i39 3 OLC VC mffo y i LR 5710 deviations away from the mean 2 QCOr 1 1 01C 16mm 1311m4 How can we nd the percentile corresponding to an ob r WWW a wgv mM w M Ifx is an observation from a distribution that has mean and standard dex39iaiiun O the Iicoro mquot L 1 31 ULquot or a 2 a L C5 8 V a 39 Wquot V 3 A gore tell hm m my standard dc whom LhL obsuunon ML 310m rm mean and m Mum I i 3 5 A 2 5 1 f du ectmn i thntheo inaldutai NW 39 n7 n g s rmdhiz 039 then thu scores xx 111 1011mka Nmmah O dimi t mm Example IQ scores com39d l What is the zseore for someone w ith an IQ of 701 V 7 I atquot t I39D I Vn w 139 1 39 quot a A lt1 c What is the zscore for someone with an IQ of 80 Findintz Areas Under the Normal Curve Assume the data follows a Normak IL Oquot distribution 1 Draw a normal curve and indicate what the mean is indicating the locations of l 2 and 3 standard deviations on either side of the mean may be helpful 2 Shade the area under the normal curve that you want to nd H l1 H i t 4 o h 4 Find the percentile correSponding to your zscorets using in the back of the text 3 Calculate the zscores j t 7 be k 34 f W 1 5 5 The shaded area can be determined from the percentilets and the fact that the total area under a o f quotx quot w r l t rt i normal curve is 100 o i r z in a 21 5 W I 1 E To 39wvv tv otter l quot l quotquott39rk lf39quot f t m 1 Table entry is area to the left of z f 542 39l uML39 H x kn v 39gt l f 21351 p Standard score TABLE 3 Percentiles of the Normal distributions Standard 1 Standard 5 Standard 599re1P9969918 score Fercen k score 9919811119 34 003 11 1357 12 8849 33 005 10 1587 13 9032 32 007 09 1841 14 9192 31 010 08 2119 15 9332 30 013 07 2420 16 9452 29 019 06 2742 17 9554 28 026 05 3085 18 9641 27 035 04 3446 19 9713 26 047 03 3821 20 977 25 062 02 4207 21 9821 24 082 01 4602 22 9861 23 107 00 5000 23 9893 22 139 01 5398 24 9918 21 179 02 5793 25 9938 20 227 03 6179 26 9953 19 287 04 6554 27 9965 18 359 05 6915 28 9974 17 446 06 7258 29 9981 16 548 07 7580 30 9987 15 668 09 7991 31 9990 14 808 09 9159 32 9993 13 968 10 9413 33 9995 12 1151 11 8643 34 9997 214w L N 2 W Q Example 3 Scores cont d What IQ must a student have in order to place in thc buttnm x 39 rx 3 20quot What Q must a student have in order to place in the top 10 3 75 quot yfray39 39w f c 0 39 9 39 C 25W permmii H X fwn 13 113 I O KW Iii5425 L ms Wu


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