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Psych 7 Week 5

by: Debbie Chen

Psych 7 Week 5 7

Debbie Chen

Intro to Experimental Psych

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About this Document

Intro to Experimental Psych
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Debbie Chen on Saturday November 8, 2014. The Class Notes belongs to 7 at University of California Santa Barbara taught by PROTZKO in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 41 views.


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Date Created: 11/08/14
WithinSubjects Design 0 Same people get different manipulations Repeated Measures 0 Does listening do different kinds of music affect aggression I Listen to music punch bag Advantages o Closer to counterfactual 0 Random error is better controlled for I Previous experience I Hungover 0 Need fewer participants Disadvantages 0 Order Effects I Exhaustion I Practice I Contrast Effects when one condition produces an opposite effect on the experience of a subsequent condition 0 Judging two weights I Interference Effects when the procedure 0 Bop Top Cop Stop instead of Go I Demand characteristics people guess the experiment I History Effects when events outside the experiments affect the experiment 0 911 0 Gay marriage I Carryover Effects when one effect carries over to affect the second condition 0 Solutions I Counterbalancing present the conditions in every possible order 0 Latin Square each condition appears at each position 0 Doesn t remove order effects only controls for it 0 Can only help if irreversible can t control vaccine 0 Doesn t control for unblinding or demand characteristics 0 MixedModel 0 Some groups from betweensubjects within subjects Quasiexperimental Research Design 0 QuasiExperiments Designs that lack all of the control features of true experiments 0 Cannot do random assignment 0 Cluster Randomized Designs assign hospital for mothers classes for students 0 Usually small groups so pretesting can be important but twice as many as RCT 0 Should have 47 lusters per condition 0 Natural Experiments 0 Feature naturally occurring manipulations I Ex 911 I Hongerwinter 0 Does severe under nutrition during pregnancy have long lasting cognitive effects on the children 0 Nonequivalent Control Group Also called comparison group Some people get treatment Some other people later to compare Example gun laws US vs UK Example assign children to watch violent TV Brain Damage Patients OOOOO Lecture 2 0 Comparison group design 0 Example brain damage group 0 Advantages I Everyone is exposed to dv I Can be similar environments I Comparing to someone o Disadvantages I You don t know that your trained group is like your untrained group I Causality gets to get iffy can t claim counterfactual Making it better nonequivalent control group prepost design 0 In comparison group can t be certain groups were similar to begin with 0 Comparison group prepost design 0 Advantages I Can test if groups are equivalent beforehand o Disadvantages I How many CV must you equate I No guarantee the change in time would have been the same if not the intervention 0 Selection x Maturation I It is not the coutneractual 0 LA is not NYC 0 Selection Effects I Volunteer vs comparison group Maturation Effects 0 Does going to college make you grow up You can t know non cc students will grow up too There are individual differences in people change over time Making it better time series comparison group o Add in more observations both before and after 0 O I OOOOOOXOOO I OOOOOOOOOO One group prepost design OX0 o Advantage I None Disadvantages I Literally every problem 0 Testing practice Examples Change principles scores go up New manager performance drops New coach different performance Working on extreme groups 0 Examples Learning disabilities Anger management Cities with very bad crime MVPs in sports o Normal Distribution bell curve Issues o 0 Standard Deviation how much do your scores vary average amount of variance away from the mean 6895997 123SD Random error extraneous and uncontrolled variables averages out Systematic in uences a few people Extremely rare to have extreme score Time 2 they won t be extreme regression to the mean I curses Laboratory I Better control I Isn t fake Field Context may alter the ndings Generalizability o Floorceiling test I Can t be too hard or too easy 0 Dropouts I Runup study I Placebo in the beginning get the people who will drop out drop out o SUTVA I Only people in experiment group got treatment I Control getting treatment bc experimental telling her about it I Don t only analyze the people for whom the study worked I Can t deal with Violations


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