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Psych 102 Week 5

by: Debbie Chen

Psych 102 Week 5 102

Debbie Chen

Social Psychology

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About this Document

Social Psychology
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Debbie Chen on Saturday November 8, 2014. The Class Notes belongs to 102 at University of California Santa Barbara taught by KLEIN in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 41 views.


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Date Created: 11/08/14
Week 5 0 Review session Sunday 11 9th 600700 PM in lecture room 0 Of ce Hours TA Thursday 130330 0 Of ce Hours Prof Monday 9001100 Social Perception II Others 0 Attribution Process Heider 0 Correspondent Inference Theory Jones 8 Harris 0 Castro Study Jones 8 Davis Egocentric Bias we want to see ourselves as the cause agent of the good things that happen to us amp want to distance ourselves from the bad things that happen to us 0 Galdini When the team won people were more likely to use the word we When the team lost the people were more likely to use the word they Simple town eld study OOO Vicarious bene cius take credit for the good push away the bad Heider 0 Attribution Theory na39ive psychologist scientist Dispositions Situation 0 Correspondent Inference To what extent do the inferences that you make about a behavior correspond to their disposition 0 Socially desirable behavior I If you exhibited a socially desirable behavior I would think that society in uenced you or that there is a motive 0 Choice I If he freely chose to be nice then we will think its disposition 0 Castro study Fidel Cuban Missile Crisis ProAnti essay Free Not free writers Question how much do you think the writer likes Castro Free to write pro was the highest Not free to write pro was second highest Free to write anti was lower OOOOOOOO Bigger difference between free choice than not free 0 But 20 point difference Logically shouldn t the difference be the same Kelley Covariation model 0 If you want to know if the person s behavior is innate o Distinctiveness how unique the behavior is to its particular situation Consensus do other people like it too Consistency is it consistent over time does she still like it if she saw it again I Personater does the person just like all movies I Object is the movie just that good I Situation maybe she was blasted when she watched it 0 So high in distinctiveness she has a taste high consensus other people liked it too high consistency she liked it another time based on this data I think that it s the object 0 Low in distinctiveness no one liked it and she always loves it it s the person 0 High distinctiveness low consensus low consistency situation 0 Big difference between what we can do and what we actually do 0 Heuristics rule of thumb which is how we live we make judgments based on it typically work but can be wrong safe way to go even if sometimes illogical 0 Game show study Host can ask participants any question Logical Who s smarter you can t tell Result who s smarter host OOOO Fundamental attribution error I Don t give enough credit to the situation 0 Actor other observer self difference 0 Really should be called other self 0 We tend to see other people s behaviors as internal and our own as situational 0 Why I Maybe I just have more information about myself than other people I Perspective I don t see my behavior


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