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Week 7

by: Hannah Mathews

Week 7 RLST 203

Hannah Mathews
Buddhist Traditions

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About this Document

These notes are just from Monday... 10/5 since Wednesday was the midterm and Friday we had a guest speaker. Enjoy
Buddhist Traditions
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hannah Mathews on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RLST 203 at Montana State University taught by Grether in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 38 views.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
The Eiqht Consciousnesses AstaViinana 1 EyeConsciousnesses Seeing apprehended by visual sense organs a Notjust looking at something but actually seeing and understanding it prof 2 EarConsciousnesses hearing gt199quoter a You only hear what you tune into NoseConsciousnesses Smelling TongueConsciousnesses tasting BodyConsciousnesses tactile feeling skin contact ldeationConsciousnesses citta Consciousness of ideation ObscurationConsciousnesses klistamanas a C klista tormented afflicted distressed wearied hurt injured being in a bad condition worn connected with pain or suffering obscure manas mind intellect perception faculty or instrument through which thoughts enter Also referred to as monkey mind poison enemy selfgrasping Storehouse Consciousness alavijnana a was seed consciousness or substrate consciousness Can freely manifest in a vast variety of experiences It s a consciousness of emptiness prof Characterized by emptinesslight BUT as storehouse contains a mixture of purity and defilement practice aims at transforming defilement to purity leads to awakening Alayavinjnana amp Karma 0 O O Alayavinjnana storage place for karmic latencies fertile mix of predispositions Receives and stores impressions from all functions of the other consciousnesses retains them as seeds Explains why we don t always see karma working Alayavijnana storehouse that causes origination of new existence Meditation amp Alayaviniana O 0 Through meditation seek to access the alayavijnana When awareness settles I The ordinary mind of an ordinary sentient being as it were disappears Adhering to the experiences of vacuity and luminosity while looking inwards the appearances of oneself others and objects vanish That is the substrate consciousness LOPEZ There s 7 different dimensions of worldviews religions western view Dharma Teachings of the buddha medicine Jatakata tales questions about the clips about the pig and crab rewatch and also the clear ethics about them there are no clear ethics part of the polycanon buddhism isn39t like the 10 commandments it s about self discovery ashvagocia wrote the life of the buddha one of the first biographies intro to mahayana theres 5 meditations on shinyata shinyata is just a technique not a doctrine Ehi Bhiksu how buddha developed the first sangha beggar come with me beggar first followers of the sangha sangha one of the 3 jewels like taking refuge from the storm anatman and anicca and dukka 3 marks of existance dukka notes from study session 0


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