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Week 7 Notes

by: Allie S

Week 7 Notes Psyc 3640

Allie S
GPA 3.46
Industrial Psychology 3640
Eric McKibben

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About this Document

week 7
Industrial Psychology 3640
Eric McKibben
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allie S on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psyc 3640 at Clemson University taught by Eric McKibben in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Industrial Psychology 3640 in Psychlogy at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
Review Performance the Behavior Productivity the effectivenesscost of behavior Effectiveness evaluating the behavior Outcomes performances The Criteria is the big performance indicator Ideally we can capture everything that goes into a job we understand allllll behaviors we desire in a job 0 This is the Ultimate Criterion 0 But we don t always capture things and add nonessential things What we view is the Actual Criterion n Actual Criterion the relevant captures of behaviors but we still miss components Misconstruing because we don t see the whole picture end up with CRITERION DEFFICIENCY Criterion deficiency missing elements erroneously Extra elements Criterion Contamination Task Performance Doing JUST what is expected in a job 0 The bare minimum Vs Organizational Citizenship Behavior Going above and beyond what is expected OCB s Anticipating needs extra role behaviors that are within context 0 Alturism Helpful behaviors directed toward individuals or groups WITHIN the organization 0 Generalized Compliance Behavior that is helpful to the broader organization TASK Performance 0 Requirements vary from job to job 0 Individual differences tied to abilities amp knowledge 0 Activities part of job description Contextual PerformanceOCB 0 Common to most jobs transcend the normal job duties 0 Individual differences tied to personality 0 Activities not part of job description 0 Supports organizational environment Types of Performance Measures 0 Objective performance measures 0 Quantitative count of the results of work Not always fair or accurate many factors 0 Judgmental measures 0 Evaluation of the effectiveness of an individual s work 0 Personnel measures 0 Typically kept in personnel file eg absences accidents rate of advancement Adaptive Performance 0 Beneficial due to changing nature of work 0 Changing technologies alter work tasks 0 Mergers downsizing amp corporate restructuring 0 Globalization amp working in different cultures Expert Performance 0 Performance exhibited by those who have practiced for at least 10 years amp have spent average of 4 hoursday in deliberate practice Deliberate practice 0 Individualized training on tasks selected by a qualified teacher Counter Productive Counterproductive employee behaviors Voluntary behavior violating significant organizational norms amp threatening organization its members or both Interpersonal deviance Organizational deviance Dishonesty 0 Employee theft or dishonest communications 0 Absenteeism 0 Failure to report for or remain at work as scheduled Sabotage o Acts that damage disrupt or subvert the organization s operations Job Analysis 0 Captures the essence of a collection of tasks and behaviors that belong to certain jobs 0 Process that determines essence of a collection of tasks falling within scope of particular job title Types 0 Taskoriented job analysis 0 Begins with statement of actual tasks amp what is accomplished by those tasks 0 Defining the tasks and behaviors Workeroriented job analysis 0 Focuses on attributes of the worker necessary to accomplish tasks KSAOs bring about behaviors Knowledge 0 Collection of discrete related facts amp information about a particular domain 0 Skill eg computer or interpersonal skills 0 Practiced act 0 Ability 0 Stable capacity to engage in a specific behavior 0 Other characteristics interests personality etc Potential obstaclesDISTORTIONS when observing Desire to make one s job look more difficult Attempts to provide answers that SME thinks job analyst wants Prompts and hints to suede answers 0 Carelessness HOW Job analysis is done Observation Interviews Incumbent Supervisor Critical incidents amp work diaries Questionnairessurveys Performing the job 919901 Job analysis New developments 0 Electronic performance monitoring 0 Can be cost effective 0 Potential for providing detailed amp accurate worklog eg This call may be monitored for quality control purposesquot See how employees respond and interact 0 Cognitive Task Analysis 0 Methods for decomposing job amp task performance into discrete measurable units with special emphasis on eliciting mental processes amp knowledge content 0 Thinkaloud protocol Approach that investigates thought processes of experts who achieve high levels of performance 0 Time consuming amp requires a good deal of expertise to do well 0 Consider the following to determine whether cognitive task analysis may be worthwhile Persistent performance problems Costly errors or accidents Training difficult to transfer to job behavior Takes a long time to achieve high levels of performance PersonalityRelated Position Requirements Form PPRF Devoted to identifying personality predictors ofjob performance 0 Intended to supplement job analysis Job Analysis Process 1 The more information gathered from the greatest number of sources the better the job analyst can understand the job 2 Most job analyses should include considerations of personality demands amp work context


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