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Week 7 notes: Cell Biology

by: shivani upadhyayula

Week 7 notes: Cell Biology BZ 310

Marketplace > Colorado State University > Biology > BZ 310 > Week 7 notes Cell Biology
shivani upadhyayula
GPA 3.32
Cell Biology
Mark A Brown

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About this Document

Not my best notes. Taking notes for this class is a challenge and I will do my best to upload better notes from next week. My Study guides will be super helpful!
Cell Biology
Mark A Brown
Class Notes
Cell Biology, csu, bz310, notes, study guides. Mark Brown, colostate
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This 18 page Class Notes was uploaded by shivani upadhyayula on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BZ 310 at Colorado State University taught by Mark A Brown in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see Cell Biology in Biology at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
Chapter 9 The Cytoskeleton and Cell Motility lVlicrotubules Intermediate Micro W 221 quotw W W Filaments filaments Gactin 03mg oilAim RC Y m m monomers ingemuinqgllF O pdlypebtides P9 Whigs HBWKH 39 0quot 9397 MOWth a ah M Strand of Tubulin Fawn dimer polymers Tub lin subunhs V 1quotquot Rfotofilameni nm x two aligned dimers 2012 Pearson Education Inc Microfilaments Key to Motility Mmem Q aellS39 Intercellular motility e Moe wen We is is Epithelial cells to wounds Axons to synapse White blood cell patrolling MouQm Qh39l 1 cells Intracellular motility Vesicle movement Phagocytosis Cytokinesis Microfilament Composit39on Actin Microfilament Actin Factin lVIost abundant protein in most cells Requires A39for ymerization I r i Forms flexible helical filament 8nm d39ameter Two strands 4 a Ski omdo d halfin a elan i Microfilament amp Polarity Each actin subunit has polarity amp gushed en a Pow manna All subunits oriented in the same direction Plus Barbed end towedLava we J Minus Pointed end Different structure and properties for each end Actin requires Energy Much like tubulin of MTS require GTP Actin monomer binds and hydrolyzes ATP D quotMosA c PaigmwQ Q ed ar eehh39 w GDP Cam QubilhldS Initial filament formation nucleation is slow Continued additions elongation occurs rapidly 39 NquQHW 59 84000 9 QlOrBQloCrn 3 31095 In vitro Actin Assembly PointedMinus End Slow growing end BarbedPlus End Fast growing End 5th Qdc DHUh he bGS39tb Ed and 0 quot393 ddmon cm 0m 09 O 36 L9 Whack amen tead State Actin Motor Proteins Myosins 39 MororLProteltoh QQSOd i ed 6 polypeptide chains 9quot W One pairs of heavy chains Two pairs of light chains Head domain motor Binds Actin and binds and hydrolyses ATP Tail regions vary structural ro ei 1 Allows filament formation I 2 rach aim ggr Q TP hyd910L639312 Esser alligl mah H Ww g t mh Two groups of myosins ConventionalType II a ma Comma Unconventional Bipolarity of Myosin Filaments Can pull actin filaments towards each other Heavy chains Assemble in transient construction disassembled I I after aCti ng Bipolr filament bDBna mia Q a hblfj shah ChQQd ed ConventionalType Myosins L9 Mom Qommon EPQ WUSUQ GAUS r 397 Primary motors for muscle contraction FWBW 391 Non muscle cell functions splitting cells during division tension at focal adhesions cell migration growth cone behavior Move towards the plusbarbed end of actin filaments Unconventional Myosins Myosin I acts as a cross link between actin filaments and the lipid bilayer None are capable of filament formation Tend to operate as individual proteins may musme lVlusCle Fiber L We cg W30 339uol9 L conga l 8639come a9 muscle bundle t TRUE 2 A Sheath W 1 kiln WW8 3 Muscle cell ber Consists of many myofibrils Myo aril Contractile units Sarcomeres Thick and thin filaments 2 4 V osgliw 6205 I Sarcomere Sarcomere Machinery an end band end I hand H 26m Q 9 a 19 3929 e o a 4 Sarcomeres amp Contraction t Cross bridge Actinn movemen Actin movement Shorten g q 8030 make L Wuecle dawch The Contractile Cycle mmm33 gtn 2 Tropon w 90th r r D1S assouah0m d PCh39lA wound achh 7 a TFOQ IDY EMZ 0 l 9 mpome cm W 39RQSLLLQHVES accecsz d mHue gut wagmble wee k aqcoc a H F mc oe w Gm 829 10er PC0284 c2 9 M012 in Wigs mutah O h 39 Fewer strk39e Anatomy of Muscle Fibers Motor Neugomuscular Transverse neuron junction tubule SWHSQ megs e 809 m haggli tubule a to mitochondrian 3mm mspm i e a 4 Saycoplasmic reticulum Nucleus 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 Actin Binding Proteins Don t need 1 memorize Nucleating proteins Act3 an gh aoh n 922d 5 and Sada91quot Monomersequestering proteins emblem Peidmwu etiw of acnn Endblocking capping proteins 9939th aeirin M3 Monomerpolymerizing proteins 39 wmoampe QCFW POISmMQQHOrh Actin filamentdepolarizing proteins Rafa tunneuom b3 th39h Crosslinking proteins Filamentsevering proteins Membranebinding proteins Cell MotilityShape and Actin Capping protein Co lin A Activated Arp quot1 I campiex painted end a a b 39 3 a 39RAY Q hO h pch in 31quotan 9 Actin ADP 0 U 02H 39 mob h 3 metuoor k QMAc n NP nu 2911999 pronwg immin C2 L


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