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Week 6 Notes

by: Leslie Castillo

Week 6 Notes POLS 150

Leslie Castillo
GPA 3.0
Democracy in America
Katherine Paton

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About this Document

Democracy in America
Katherine Paton
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Leslie Castillo on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLS 150 at Northern Illinois University taught by Katherine Paton in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see Democracy in America in Political Science at Northern Illinois University.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
COMS 220 10815 m The challenges the current dominant ideology or is driven by principles that encounter its negative effects 0 Taking action to affect social change concerned with how to change the world some part of it through social political economic or environmental change 0 Different types of activism O 1 Demanding solutions to contemporary problems through the taking of oppositional stances to mainstream policies 0 2 Undertaking activism which manifests itself through the creation of alt to the dominant system through the construction of new ways of social behavior 0 3 Revolutionary activism that is concerned with fundamental change of society and its major institutions Chapter 6 Rhetorical Persona 0 character 0 role 0 identity 0 authority 0 image a rhetor constructs and performs during a rhetorical act Persona is something a rhetor does who the person is NOT something a rhetor has a second self Facts of Persona 0 1 Skillful choices about each facet can enhance symbolic action 0 2 Each facet is provided by symbolic action Svmbolic Action Expressive human action 0 A rhetor through symbolic action constructs and performs a persona which the audience perceives to be the source of the symbolic action Performance 0 All the activities of a given rhetorparticipant on a given occasion which serves to in uence in any way any of the other participants Facets of Persona Character personality 0 Ethos 0 Practical wisdom common sense 0 Virtue 0 Goodwill Roles a prescribed function that vou perform 0 Social roles 0 Mystification distancy the rhetoric from he audience so the audience grants the rhetor authority 0 Identity how you present yourself and who you are 0 The physical andor behavioral attributes that make a person recognizable as a member of a group O Intersectionality the nature of identity as a multiplicative rather than additive Each facet of your identity in uences the other facets POLS 150 10715 A New Brand of Federalism 0 If we have a Tocquevilleian system it would not work because we cannot fit everyone at the Town Hall I A democracy has to be small 0 There will be representatives that will travel to whatever place 0 There s a democracy then there s a representative republic I Publius says that one would consider themselves someone from Illinois than someone from America 0 Even back then people had a state personality I Publius wants you to be more patriotic 0 Identify more with one s country I War bring people together I Publius wants to create a better stronger union I Back then states had more power than today Fed 62 0 It is not impossible that this part of the Constitution may be more convenient in practice than it appears to many in contemplation I Senates get longer terms because they re wiser 0 Representation should be mixed 0 Senators are appointed by states just in case there are crazy people the senate will shut it down Bicameral legislature 0 people don t really understand this I if one of the groups goes crazy the other one won t In congress we have the right to left A Democra Republican ln A If it s polarized there will be a large amount of people on each side The Senate 0 keeps the interest of w in mind I check upon sudden and violent passions 0 knowledge of the legislative system I Stability of 6 year terms The government has the goal to keep people happy and finding how to keep people happy I Publius he means all people majority and minorities 0 The people who worte this are wealthy white men who owned people how does this make sense Tocqueville 131 12 Thus it can happen that a minority of the nation dominating the senate entirely paralyzes the will of the majority represented by the other house which is contrary to the spirit of Constitutional governments Every state gets 2 senators Could build a tyranny of the minority Publius is trying to prevent tyranny of the majority in the long term it is young the only time a country can create perfect laws is in the beginning later many interests will form and more lawsregulations would be added All the states are young very opposed results all these states are about the same age so their ideas won t be so different Do you think states have the same mores 0 Back then no 0 Now yes Fed 14 states have more power 0 Over time mores have become the same since the states decided to consider themselves more of a union It is because of not having known this new kind of confederation that all unions have come to civil war to enslavement or to inertia lack of social progress Separation of Powers Checks and Balances and SelfInterest Fed 47 The accum definition of tyranny


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