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by: Lacy Wiza
Lacy Wiza

GPA 3.61


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lacy Wiza on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FYRS 1105 at Columbus State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/221191/fyrs-1105-columbus-state-university in First Year Seminar at Columbus State University.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
Race generally refers to a group With similar inherited features Ethnic group refers to a group that shares language national origin or religious tradition Culture refers to the behaviors and beliefs Characteristic shared by a group of people The ideas and behaviors of an ethnic group for example are part of their culture Iliuersitv Attitude Scale WIIBI39B are 10quot 39 39 Celebration VVe need each other Af rmation I ve got something to learn from you Civility I respect your rights Tolerance You have a right to be here D Intolerance 6 I ll work to keep you out WIIIII are learning SUNS Information enters your brain three main ways sight hearing and touch which one you use the most is called your Learning Style Visual Learners learn by sight Auditory Learners learn by hearing Tactile Learners kinesthetic learn by touch MyersBriggs Personality IIIVBIIIIIW MB39I39I ExtraversionIntroversion E SensingIntuiting SN ThinkingFeeling TF JudgingPerceiving JP Extraue I Si IlIIIII IWB I Si ll Social Orientation Extroverts efer active learnin g 1 group projects if 1 Introverts Prefer to have 0t es do the talking Prefer lectures and structured tasks SensingIntuiting Intormation Processing Sensors Are most at home with facts and ejgiples Are drawn to realistic and practical applications Prefer memorizable facts and concrete questions Intuiters Prefer concepts and theories which can give greater play to imagination and inspiration Prefer interpretation and imagination Thinking Feeling BBGiSiIIII Making Thinkers Like to take an objective approach and emphasize logic and analysis in their 23 L decisions Prefer objective feedback and thrive when there is pressure to succeed AY LgZy fe Feelers Prefer emotion to logic Give greater weight to the impact of relationships in their decisions Prefer positive feedback and individual recognition JudgingPerceiving made up Achieving Goals Wt me with facts Iudgers Prefer clearly defined strategies to achieve goals quot May jump to closure too quickly Prefer orderliness structure and deadlines Perceivers 39 Let s think this through Like to consider all sides to a problem and may be at some risk for not completing their work Prefer spontaneity and exibility Work With Caution It takes a lot of money to go to college but it also takes a lot of studying and hard work The same effort to earn the required fees may hinder one s progress towards actually earning the degree itself Investigate Work Study and Internships Work study programs are funded by the federal gov t They enable you to work on campus or in the community Awarded based on financial need Check for internships in your chosen field of study Good experience and respected by future employers Sources of Financial Aid Grants Gift Aid Federal Pell Grant Based on financial need No academic reuirement or GPA minimums Requires filling out the FAFSA Forms and information are available at the fin aid office or online Scholarships Gift Aid monetary award that is not paid back Rewarded on basis of academic merit a talent or skill group membership religious affiliation Putting together scholarship applications can pay off substantially Be wary of scholarship scams Check with your financial aid office Loans Loans are a common and manageable way of financing your education Although you have to pay back your tuition with interest your interest payments are tax deductible the Stafford amp Perkins Loan federal loans for students at low rates and with deferred payment options PLUS program for parents requires filing out the FAFSA Loans are available through other financial institutions Beware of student loan companies Just because they are endorsed by your college does not mean you re getting the best deal SHOP AROUND for the best rate Good student loan companies will offer a low interest rate and exibility in deferring payments for at least your first year out of school Recognize Income and Acknowledge Exspenses Count it all current and summer job income money from parents gifts and financial aid Know where it goes regular expenses and variable expenses Be honest with yourself Programs such as Moneydance Learn Ways to Save Large scale cutbacks cheaper housing additional roommates public transportation Small scale clip coupons leClConve1terInpuUJngV3u8EBtxt7302010 24331 AM shop at discount stores cook own meals if you don t have it don t spend it Balancing your income and expenses to determine a budget ask yourself questions about your nancial needs your past and current earnings your debt your expenses what do you need vs what do you want your plans for the future Proactive and Reactive Budgeting Budget rst spend later anticipate upcoming expenses and make sure they don t exceed your projected income set limits on what you will spend in each expense category set something aside for unexpected emergencies Spend and re ect look back at what you earned and spent assess where your money went make neccessary adjustments save or recover Where to put your money Checking accounts Savings accounts money market accounts Balance You Checkbook use your checkbook ll in all deposits and expenditures record information immediately include ATM withdrawls and check card use leClConve1terInpuUJngV3u8EBtxt7302010 24331 AM Alcohol Alcohol is the most widely used drug in our society Alcoholism is the third leading killer in the US Each year about 25000 people are killed and 15 mllion injured by drunk drivers More than 60 of homicides involve the use of alcohol About 23 of aggressive sexual acts toward women involve the use of alcohol by the offender 3 Reasons College Students Drink 1 Social Learning learning by watching others Major sources of social learning include peers parents and the media 2 Drinking to Feel Good 3 Drinking not to Feel Bad What happens to students when they drink 1400 students a year die 70000 students are sexually assaulted or raped 400000 students have unprotected sex 500000 students get injured Myth v Reality of Student Drinking How many have you had Number of Drinks Consumed per Drinking Occasion Selfreported 3 Estimate for peers 5 Blood Alcohol Level BAC is affect by Gender Weight Drinking velocity How much Driving riding a bike and other activities are impaired at BAC levels lower than the legal level of 08 Most people pass out at 25 Fatal at 45 Alcoholic is medically defined by these Significant tolerance Withdrawl symptoms Uncontrolled overuse Repeated attempts to cut down use Preoccupation with drinking Making new friends who drink Continued heavy drinking despite social academic legal or health problems leClConverterInpu zf4YXrIJxItxt7142010 40835 AM


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