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Software Proj PlanManagment

by: Earlene Cremin III

Software Proj PlanManagment CPSC 6179

Earlene Cremin III

GPA 3.91


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 16 page Class Notes was uploaded by Earlene Cremin III on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CPSC 6179 at Columbus State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/221213/cpsc-6179-columbus-state-university in ComputerScienence at Columbus State University.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
EVALUATION At least three evaluations must be made Product Resources Process Goal of this course Evaluation of the software development process Side goal Evaluation of the course delivery process STANDARD EVALUATION The process could use improvement We need to examine our deliverables We could use more resources Not enough clerical staff support Too much time in meetings andor meetings not well focused Why was the product delivered late and over budget POST ACCIDENT REVIEWS OK I watch the History Channel a lot One Boeing 737 crashes nose dives straight into the ground at Denver Two possible causes bad weather or rudder problem No definitive answer The next Boeing 737 crashes a few years later Bad weather not a factor Very likely a rudder problem but no clue on what it was The third Boeing 737 has a severe problem in ight but does not crash Problem in rudder hydraulic system identified An unlikely but possible scenario will cause opposite day calling for a right turn makes the rudder execute a left turn Short term fix Specific pilot training to address the problem Apparently this is sufficient to prevent accidents Long term fix Replace the offending part EVALUATING PRODUCTS The Dilbert Evaluation If it breaks we can blame Microsoft Questions How much should your software rely on the proper operation of someone else s software Do you have to evaluate the Operating System every time you evaluate your product Case Studies Good if enough data Apples can sometimes be compared to oranges These can be retrospective using existing data Formal Experiments More costly and time consuming Give much more reliable data EXPERIMENT DESIGN Mathematical design theory focuses on an outcome dependent on a number of factors How does one isolate the effect of a single factor when other factors may complicate the result Agricultural design theory speaks of treatments which has become the term of choice in many cases Testing the effect of N pesticides and M fertilizers on cotton growth Do we have NM patches of cotton one for each combination of pesticides and fertilizer What about soil conditions and watering Capturing Requirements The reality of requirements Dilbert Sunday 01292006 in NEED m mom FIRST 0 ALL 39 7 voua noumzmznrs MwETYzVJSESTIgN emu x emu m m SOFWN L menu THE 50mm 3 A i E 0 I mm mm ARE YOU TRYING TO 2 my To GET nus V0 G rw nzoumznzmsr WHATEVER x DESIGN 11 To oo Sometimes this seems to be the way it is Dilbert 2006 by Scott Adams Inc Copied from wwwdilbertcom 2006 United Feature Syndicate Inc What Are Requirements Requirements are more than just a wish list by the customer Requirements really should be linked to outcomes of defined test procedures Is it a requirement if we cannot say it has been met Requirements should be stated in a formal language with as much precision as possible Statements such as the system must perform at acceptable levels are useless unless there is a generally accepted agreement on what such a statement means Ideally the programmer should have some modest familiarity with the application and be able to understand and refine requirements Requirements form the basis of an implied contract between the sponsor and software developer We ll make you happy is not a proper response to requirements although we do like happy customers De ning Requirements Never ask the customers what they want Try to determine ahead of time and present a proposal for their critique Experts are problem solvers Better at handling specific scenarios that making general statements Ask them questions What if questions are good Help the customers focus on the requirements What is necessary What is desirable What is optional What should be reserved for a future release Some of the most important requirements are the not now variety those that would be desirable but should be postponed so as not to interfere with timely software development Your instructor has helped customers define requirements his suggestions have received many a laugh but much goodwill Why Are Requirements Important Incomplete or poorly understood requirements lead to bad code unacceptable systems and unhappy customers Admittedly may customers want little involvement in the project wanting you the developer to do it The Ariane S explosion was caused by a reuse of software from the less capable Ariane 4 Basically this was a requirements problem Requirements state what the system is to do usually not how to do it One can imagine exceptions to this but those are rare Characteristics of Good Requirements Feasibility It should be possible to do What is required Example HOE The Homing Overlay Experiment This was an interceptor missile guided by an infrared telescope Part of experiments in the SDI 0 0 Q amp Radar Telescope Time delay gives range to target No range to target Frequency shift gives range rate No range rate Characteristics of Good Requirements p2 Traceability Requirements should be traceable to a system need Example Beer can in the Fermi Reactor near Chicago The reactor had to be shut down due to what appeared to be a loose beer can in the reactor core container This was later determined to be an additional safety feature not traceable to any requirement and not documented on any drawing Lack of Ambiguity All parties should agree to the meaning Whose specialized language will be used in stating the requirements This is less of a problem when the customer and system analyst have a long term working relationship Requirements should be explicable to a non specialist CPSC 6179 Software Process Management Tuesday April 18 2006 DECISION IN SOF ENGINEERING Title Apr 18 1051AM 1 01 9 Descriptive Theories How decisions are actually made Prescriptive Theories How to improve the decision making process Title Apr 18 1056 AM 2 of 9 True story from SigAda ACM Special Interest Group on the Ada Programming Language Ada development group with a big project to be developed and programmed in Ada Put in a lot of work on systems analysis and design Bought new workstations with appropriate software including a good Ada compiler What happened See next slide Title Apr 18 1111AM 3 019 True story continued One night the manager discovered that 39C was the quotlatest thingquot The next daythe group had all new workstations with C software installed and no Ada anywhere A variant of the quotDilbert Decisionquot process Title Apr 18 1115 AM 4 of 9


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