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by: Cindy Buckridge

Communication COMM 1110

Cindy Buckridge

GPA 3.67

Youngrak Park

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About this Document

Youngrak Park
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cindy Buckridge on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 1110 at Columbus State University taught by Youngrak Park in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 71 views. For similar materials see /class/221220/comm-1110-columbus-state-university in Communication at Columbus State University.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
Persuasive Speaking Principles of Persuasive Speaking What is persuasion In uence Ethical issues Persuasive Speaking and In uence Shape revise or reinforce listeners feelings or beliefs quotA hybrid car is better than a gas carquot Urging an action quotYou should buy onequot Refuting an opposing argument quotA gas car is NOT better than a hybrid one becausequot Informative Purpose To inform Describe Explain Demonstrate Role Teacher Trainer Persuasive Purpose To in uence Shape Revise Reinforce Role Advocate Leader Persuasive speaking and Ethics Ethical Choose a topic that matters to you Choose a topic that matters to your audience Do not pick a topic that is unethical39 Do not pick a topic that your audience already supports Sources recent credible representative verifiable and reputable Avoid fallacy Bandwagoning an arguement that uses unsubstantiated general opinions as its fault basis quotNike is superior to other brands of shoes because everyone wears Nikesquot quotEverybody is voting for her so you should tooquot Either or an argument stated in terms of two alternatives only even though there may be many additional alternatives quotEither you are with us or against usquot Red herring an argument that relies on irrelevant premises for its conclusion quotPresident Clinton is doing a great job for the economy so we shouldn t charge him with sexual improprietyquot quotI fail to see why hunting should be considered cruel when it gives pleasure to many people and employment to even morequot Hasty generalization An arguement in which an isolated instance is used to make an unwarranted general conclusion quotMy neighbor who works for KMart is untrustworthy therefore KMart is not a trustworthy companyquot quotAs shown by the example of a golden Retriever biting my sister this types of dog is dangerous and its breeding should be outlawedquot Types of Persuasive Speaking Types of questions Questions of fact quotHave extraterrestrial beings abducted earthlingsquot leClConverterInpuUSPIXUCU1vZDltt71320 10 11556 PM Whether or not something is true Fact clear veri able answers quotWho won the college football championship in 2007quot Fact debatable or inconclusive quotDoes vitamin C prevent coldsquot quotWho killed JFKquot Fact prediction quotWill a woman president be elected in the United States within the next ten yearsquot Convince the audience that your answer is the correct one Informative Nonpartisanm Impartiality Provide Information Persuasive Partisan Advocacy Offer debatable topics Questions of value quotIs Attack of the Killer Butter ies the worst movie of all timequot Rightness Judgement Morality or Merit quotIs downloading music for free off ot the Internet fairquot Requires justification which often involves questions of fact quotwhat is the effect of unpaid downloads on a musicians39 revenuequot To change others beliefs or take an action Questions of policy quotShould citizens be banned from using cellulatr phones while drivingquot Whether or not something SHOULD happen quotFulltime students who commute to campus should be granted reduced parking feesquot quotProperty taxes should be increased to fund classroom expansions in city elementary schoolsquot It also involves questions of fact or value Proposition What is a proposition the central idea of a persuasive speech Thesis statement Def1nes and limits the issues of the speech Proposition The federal government should provide health care for all citizens Issues Federal government Heath care All citizens Arguements for or against an issue Types of Propositions Propositions of fact quotMedia violence causes realworld violencequot Propositions of value quotCapital punishment is unjustquot Propositions of policy quotResidents of halfway houses should not be given drug testsquot quotAudience members should volunteer two hours per week at a local nursing homequot Audience Analysis Bad topics Gay marriage Religion Abortion Capital punishment gun control DUI cellphone use while driving text messaging while driving quit smoking recycling legalizing prostitution legalizing marijuana leClConverterInpuUSPIXUCUleDltt7l320 10 11556 PM 090209 Topic Proposal Topic Search for and select a public speaking topic Evaluate speaking topic Purpose Identify general purpose of public speaking Write a speci c purpose for a public presentation do not deliver orally Thesis Develop a thesis statement for a public presentation will be in speech Three Main Points based on research Searching for a Topic Individual Brainstorming Categorical Brainstorming Personal Inventory Current Topic Information Internet Topic Searching Selecting a topic Speak about topics you already know Speak about a topic that interests you Speak about topics that are uniquely your own Speak about a topic that is important to your local community Speak about topics that your audience nds interesting Evaluating topics Do you as a speaker have involvement ith the topic Do you as the speaker have competence in the topic area Based on audience analysis does this topic hold interest for your audience Based on audience analysis is the topic worthwhile to your audience Is the topic signi cant in terms of the speech occasion Is the topic timely or appropriate for the speech occasion Have you appropriately narrowed and limited the topic for the occasion Purposes of Speeches General purpose To inform Speci c purposes Sentencein nitive phrase Not a question Avoid gurative language Limit the SPS to one distinct idea Not too vague or general Not too trivial Thesis Statement The summary of the speech Topic sentence central idea Complete statement leClConve1terInputUvatvk8nStxt7152010 114716 PM


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