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Introduction to Sociology

by: Clarissa Fahey

Introduction to Sociology SOC 101

Clarissa Fahey
Community College of Philadelphia
GPA 3.54


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Clarissa Fahey on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 101 at Community College of Philadelphia taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/221223/soc-101-community-college-of-philadelphia in Sociology at Community College of Philadelphia.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
A lo Z of Using Technology Tools Fran Lukacik Allied Heallh Melissa Sl Pierre Behavioral Sciences flukacikccpedu mslpierreccpedu 215 751 8962 215 751 8570 Assessmenls on lhe web Creale online polls surveys and queslionnaires al siles like Poll Daddy hll olldadd com and Survey Monkey wwwsurveymonkeycom These give you a fasl and easy way lo collecl anonymous evalualions for your online courses bul has olher uses in lhe classroom as well For example one Soc 101 course designed and dislribuled a survey aboul lhe use of social nelwork web siles Blogs These online diaries have a number of uses in lhe classroom you can use blogs lo dialogue wilh sludenls and colleagues or lo display works crealed by sludenls Anolher leacher uses a blog lo gel feedback from sludenls aboul classroom aclivilies wwwboggercom hll www bsor leachers learnin now 2006 05 whal exacll is a blo a n a hlml anner can be used lo help supporl any class From lhe MyCourses lab on Banner you can posl class noles assignmenls reminders links and pholos as well as send email and hosl on line discussions Forinformalion on Banner lraining conlacl Academic Compuling W Cule PDF This free soflware will quickly and easily converl mosl prinlable documenls lo PDF formal wwwculepdfcom Ciling sources Al Landmarks Cilalion you enler informalion aboul your sources and il wi generale references forAPA MLA and Chicago slyles hll cilalionmachinenel Deicious is a social bookmarking service lhal allows you lo slore and share your favorile bookmarks wilh olhers wilh lhe same inleresls You are able lo slore your bookmarks online and access lhem from any compuler You can share your bookmarks and also find individuals wilh lhe same inleresls and explore lheir bookmarks hll deliciouscom he learn E Learning elecTronic learning disTance educaTion or online learning According To The Sloan consorTium nearly 35 million sTudenTs were Tallting online classes during The fall of 2006 and Two year colleges have The highesT growTh raTe If you are inTeresTed in Teaching online please conTacT pmargolisccpedu DirecTor of Flex Learning OpTions aT CCP Free Mind A concepT map is a diagram ThaT shows relaTionships among concest A greaT Tool To help sTudenTs undersTand The connecTion To concest To The maTerial They are learning Download a program To creaTe concepT or mind maps aT hTszzfreemindsourceforgeneTZwikiZindexphpZAlain Page and hTT wwwsmaerrawcom s ecials mind ma in hTmid207055amp clidCJWUml c ZYCF sIle od mEiw Google Apps is a collecTion of web based programs and file sTorage The applicaTions include communicaTion Tools such as Gmail Google Talk and Google Calendar producTiviTy Tools such as Google Docs a cusTomizable sTarT page iGoogle and a webpage developmenT Tool Google SiTes Google sTores all of The files and conTenT and keeps a record of The differenT versions of a file WiTh Google Apps sharing conTenT is as simple as granTing someone access which faciliTaTes collaboraTion peer review of academic maTerials and The collecTive generaTion of knowledge hTT www 00 lecom a s Hybrid courses or blended learning combines meeTing in boTh The TradiTional classroom and in The online environmenT A specific number of classes are seT To meeT in each seTTing Hybrid courses allow for more personal and direcT inTeracTion while also allowing greaTer freedom in sTudenT scheduling This environmenT usually has less aTTriTion Than online learning This is a greaT firsT sTep if you wanT To explore online Teaching For more informaTion conTacT pmargolisccpedu DirecTor of Flex Learning OpTions aT CCP Hybrid worlltshops A Brief Hybrid Worlltshop BHW is an acTiviTy ThaT lasTs approximaTely 2O minuTes or less ThaT is inTended To help sTudenTs learn The workshop is To include a combinaTion of media modaliTies resources plans and acTiviTies Each workshop or module is To include objecTivesouTcomes inTeracTion leaderfaciliTaTor preparaTion follow up and Timing There is a specific sTrucTure ThaT is followed for a workshop A flip camera is recommended To make e clips during The workshop For more informaTion on flip cameras go To hTT wwwThefli com sTore ProducTas x2CDF2 nterdctive Power Point This tool cdn be used for more thdnjust guiding your lecture Credte interdctive gdmes like deily Feud to ddd some fun to your cldssroom Find or number of templdtes dt wwwmurrdylltl 2gdustedcherlkdrd20leondrdMini2OT39sMdrch2OIini2OT deesZdeeshtm Jeopdrdyl PowerPoint Downlood d templdte for d Jeopdrdyl boc1rd dt htt wwwnursin umichedu fdcult resources bestPrdctices dmes uizhtml Kindles Will books be obsolete in ourfuture The Kindle might just be pdving the woyl This e boollt reddercdrries hundreds of books in less thdn ll ounces Redders cdn highlight text mdllte dnnotdtions dnd look up words dll while serving pdper For sole of wwwdmdzoncom for 359 List serves Most professiondl orgdnizotions mdintdin list serves thdt cdn be or gredt source of informdtion Melissd belongs to Psychtedcher dt no cost where Psychology Professors often shdre tedching ideds cldssroom tips dnd knowledge to student questions Be sure to check your professiondl dssocidtions for possible listserves dnd dsllt dbout digest form for ddily upddtes of emdils MErIot Multimedid Educotiondl Resource for Online Tedching Ivlerlot is or free web bdsed community resource designed to help you find mdteridls thdt cdn be used in your cldssroom Visit httpwwwmerlotorgmerlotindexhtm or or htt www uidcom cc 333lOOhtml Movie Editing Softwore Edits movies thdt you cdn use in the cldssroom Windows Movie Mdker should come stdnddrd on dll computers with Windows OS htt wwwmicrosoftcom windowsx usin moviemdllter etstdrted defdult mspx Net Op dllows the instructor to tdllte control of OH the computers in or computer cldssroom dnd reledse the computers to the students of the dppropridte time Net op helps students to stdy on tdsllt until they dre instructed to sedrch the Internet or complete on dssignment Net Op dllows you to shore the informdtion on yourscreen to instruct students or get them involved in d colldbordtive activity For more information contact Academic Computing htto39llfnmilt Fh quot nmthptOh Info htm Note Sake allows students to take and share class notes By reading and sharing notes students can better understand and reinforce the material presented This tool enables students to sort organize and search notes easily httpunotesakecom Open Source Software provides free software for word processing spreadsheets and more It is compatible with many other office software products 39 Podcasts are audio or video les available on the Internet that you can download to your MP3 player Tourists and residents of Philadelphia can obtain walking tour podcasts for various city attractions at htt 39 www o hilacom soundabout Instructors can use video podcasts to help drive home dif cult concepts Here s a really cool podcast for remembering parts of the brain 397 gt4 m partsof the bra in QuickTime is a media player that allows you to play videos audio media clips and animations Many text book publishers provide short videos to enhance learning in the classroom but often QuickTime is needed to view the media QuickTime files usually are mov format The free download can be found at hhlp 39 39 quot RSS real simple syndication feed is technology that distributes information by syndicating it across the net RSS feeds allow the information to come to you versus you having to search for the latest information If you regularly visit a website you can easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content if RSS feed is available If you have a certain topic or website that you want to use in the classroom you can RSS to reduce time searching on the web Look for the RSS symbol Social Networking Wellknown social networking sites such as Facebook and ace provide another way to connect teachers and students in the virtual world wwwfacebookcom and wwwmyspacecom Teacher Tube or YouTube for teachers htt wwwteachertubecom index h is an online community for sharing free instructional videos Search Teacher Tube for short video clips that enhance the subject matter that you are teaching Here is an example of a video htt wwwteachertubecom view video h viewllte fO7a9b aa8T8de949c Q USB s Remember that most MP3 players lpods included can carry your electronic files A word to the wise test that your presentation location supports your device Virtual Office Hours If you and your students can t find a convenient time to meet consider scheduling virtual office hours via instant messaging such as Yahool MSN or AOL Web20 describes how use of the web has evolved from a somewhat flat environment for surfing to a dynamic tool for sharing and collaborating Web 20 concepts have led to the development of social networking sites willtis blogs and tagging To learn more about all the available Web 20 tools go to htt www o2web20net Webquests allow students to analyze evaluate and synthesize information found on the web under very focused guidelines They are composed of six parts Introduction Defines purpose goals and objectives of the task The Task Learning outcomes of the activity The Process Steps to take to complete the activity any subtasllts that are necessary for the task roles of each of the participants Resources Pre determined websites to be used to complete the activity 0 Evaluation Tool Focuses on evaluation synthesis and analyzing 0 Conclusion Learners evaluate what they have discovered Outlines the experience Promofes reflecfion For dlreddy credfed Webquesfs go fo hffpwwwcloudnefcomedrbsdssWebduesfhfml or hffpwwwwebduesforgindexphp XP Office 2007 hds mdny upddfes including fhe dddifion of Smdrf Arf dnd references For more defdiled insfrucfion in chdnges fo Office 2007 pledse confdcf Acddemic Compufer or visif fheir web sife df hHQZZfOCUT CCQedUZdeQTZACOd Compz You Tube A wedlfh of videos dVdildble for mdny disciplines wwwyoufubecom Zip Files dre compressed files fo mdllte ddfd shoring edsier Ldrge files offen need fo be compressed orzipped fo frdvel dcross fhe web of fdsfer speeds or fo be sfored Ivlulfiple files offen need fo be zipped fogefher especidlly if fhey dre dll dssocidfed wifh edch ofher Free unzipping soffwore is dVdildble buf soffwore fo zip files is dVdildble


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