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Elementary Algebra

by: Dillan Bogan

Elementary Algebra MATH 017

Dillan Bogan
Community College of Philadelphia
GPA 3.99

David Santos

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About this Document

David Santos
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dillan Bogan on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 017 at Community College of Philadelphia taught by David Santos in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 88 views. For similar materials see /class/221227/math-017-community-college-of-philadelphia in Mathematics (M) at Community College of Philadelphia.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
Community College of Philadelphia Basic Algebra Maths 017 Summer I 2007 Guidelines 1 Course Maths 017 Basic Algebra Maths 017 is a course in elementary algebra Topics in cludeInteger and rational arithmetic algebraic expressions linear equations and inequalities in one variable 2 Meeting Place and Time 940AM 1110AM MTWTh lIint Building M312 3 Instructor Information I am Dr David A SANTOS I have been teaching full time at CCP since the autumn of 1999 I received an AB in Mathematics from the University of Chicago in 1987 and a PhD in Mathematics from the University of lIichigan Ann Arbor in 1993 My of ce is on the second oor uppermost level of the Bonnell Building B214 My of ce phone is 215 7518698 My email is dsantosccpedu My website is at http faculty ccp edufacultydsantos I like camels the quadrupeds not the cigarettes 4 Of ce Hours By appointment only Normally I am available right after class 5 Course Prerequisites and Goals The formal prerequisite for this course is maths 016 arith metic In practice what you need to know are basic integer and fraction arithmetic although we will review this latter topic brie y This is a fairly fastpaced course There will be little time in class to review or to go over the homework You are expected to have done the assigned homework before the next class From years of teaching experience I can tell you that suc cessful students in this class are those who attend regularly and regularly do their homework 6 Class Website My webpage at CCP is at http faculty ccp edufacultydsantos Click on the basic algebra link to see old exams and assign ments that I have given when I have taught this course previ ously Also you will nd there handouts exams and assign ments for the cLu rent semester as they are given in class Thus if you happen to miss a class when I have given a handout you can refer to the website This is particularly useful as I tend to dispose of any extra copies that are not pickedup by students on the day that I distribute handoutsithis helps me keep the clutter in my of ce to a minimum 7 Textbook I will provide a series of lecture notes free They can also be freely downloaded from my website 8 Topics Outline Disclaimer this is a veryfast paced course There will be lit tle timeiifanyfor review What follows is an approximate outline of the pace of the course We may go faster or slowei contingent on class response 0529Tue Why Algebra History Puzzles SymbolicalEx pressions Operations with Natural Numbers 0530Wed Fractions Operations with Fractions 0531Thu Integers Operations with Integers Homeworkl Due 0604M0n Terms and Algebraic Expressions Suppression of Parentheses 0605Tue Laws of Exponents 0606Wed Negative Exponents 0607Thu Homework II Due Exam I on Chapters l and 0611M0n The Distributive Law 0612Tue Square of Sum Difference of Squares Cube of a Sum Sum and Difference of Cubes 0613Wed Term by Term Division Long Division 0614Thu Homework II Due Exam II on Chapter IV 0618M0n Factoring I 0619Tue Factoring II 0620Wed Rational Expressions 0621Thu Homework IV Due Exam HI Covers Chapter V 21 318098 http tacultyccpedu taculty dsantos A edn Community College of Philadelphia Basic Algebra Maths 017 Summer I 2007 Guidelines 0625Mon Linear Equations in One Variable I 0626Tue Linear Equations in One Variable II 0627Wed Word Problems I 0628Thu Word Problems II Homework V Due 0702Mon 0702Mon Linear Inequalities 0703Tue 0703Tue Review 0704Wed 0704Wed College Closed 0705Thu 0705Thu Review 0709Mon Final Exam which is comprehensive 9 How your nal grade is determined The way your nal grade is computed is not negotiable There will be ve homework assignments each worth 10 marks There will be three topical exams each worth 20 marks There will be a comprehensive nal exam worth 30 marks None of these grades will be dropped The grading scale is as follows Thus you will have a total of 5 gtlt103 gtlt 2030 140 possible marks This is a PASSFAIL course Those scoring 95 marks or above will pass those scoring 94 marks or below will fail 10 General Homework Instructions Regarding Turn in assignments the day they are due Late homework will receive a 10 point reduction All arguments must be clearly written in complete sentences I am not clairvoyant hence you must carefully outline your arguments and calculations in order to receive full marks Homework must be handwritten and submitted in indelible ink Use a different sheet of paper from this one to submit your homework You do not need to recopy the statement of the problems Multiple papers must be stapled Submitted solutions must be in the sequence assigned thus if you solve problems I and 3 and skip 2 la bel your submissions as I solved 2 skipped 3 solved Clarity of exposition counts so does layout and mechanics punctuation grammar spelling etc For each problem you will receive a hybrid grade a grade for mathematical accu racy 2 accurate I some inaccuracies or 0 rubbish and a grade for style lgood style 08 passable style or 05 very poor style For example a possible score might be 208 16 Where 2 was given for a correct answer 08 for passable style which gives a total of 16 to your overall score The homework does not necessarily test directly What you have learned in class It tests Whether you are able to ap ply What you have learned in class to unfamiliar situations that nevertheless follow those topics explored in class 11 Late Homework Late homework Will receive a 10 reduction of points of marks received Homework is considered late if it has not reached me at the end of the class the date is due Late home work must be turned in at the latest the following day after it is due otherwise I shall not grade it and you Will receive a score of 0 12 Collaboration on Homework Collaboration is encouraged but bear in mind that at the time of the exam there will be absolutely no collaboration and hence you must be able to do the homework on your own Do not allow others to parasite from your work Also if you receive help from any of your classmates make sure to make notice on your submissions 13 lVIissing an Exam You must present a valid medical excuse for missing an exam Within a week of having missed the exam Otherwise you will receive a grade of 0 You must arrange a time at my conve nience for a make up You Will not be given the same exam the class took neither will I weigh more other exams to make a grade up 14 lVIissing the Final Exam Here you are in trouble I will give you an I incomplete grade that must be made up during the rst to weeks of the next semester otherwise it turns into an F Don t miss the nal I l 15 Absences If you are absent Without a valid excuse four or more days during the semester I have the right to drop you from class This does not mean that I will drop you only that I may If you should drop the class do so before the deadline passes Verify with the registrar s of ce that you are indeed dropped from class they tend to make mistakes I tend to give to students who stop shewing up for class and do not earn enough marks to get a P if they stop shewing up If you expect to miss class and have a good excuse please leave a message in my voice mail or preferably send me an mus 318098 http tacultyccpedu taculty dsantos edn Community College of Philadelphia Basic Algebra Maths 017 Summer I 2007 Guidelines email This will be especially important if you miss an exam For very good reasons which might amuse you to know I tend not to reply to phone calls I do however reply to all email My email is dsantosccpedu If you miss a class it is your responsibility to get the lec ture notes from a classmate I never have written plans of my lectures since 1 lecture contingent on the response that I get from the audience 16 Tutoring The maths lab in B236 may have tutors for maths 017 This depends on the availability of personnel which is something I cannot control Ask repeatedly in that of ce whether tutors or workshops are given for this class 17 Extra Credit The need of extra credit arises from your inability to cope with the minimum class burden given In such a case this means that you have not acquired the necessary knowhow in basic algebra to be deemed pro cient in the course hence you must repeat the course Extra credit will NEVER be given so do not ask for it Many a student with histrionic abilities come to me at the end of the semester telling me that they need the class to grad uate that this is their last class at CCP that they need a good grade in order to keep or get a scholarship etc Don t bother me with this I don t care This is not my concern Ev ery student will pass the class the student like every other stu dent through hard work and through passing the exams Do not expect me to make special allowances for you don t even suggest it you will only make me angry 18 Practice Exams and Review for Tests Old exams are available at my website Also the book s ap pendix A has old examination questions I will not have time to review for tests in class 19 Appropriate Classroom Behaviour 0 Please be on time for class It is distracting to me as to your other classmates to have people come in late 0 Please switch off pagers and cell phones before entering the classroom 0 Abstain from bringing friends or small children to the classroom 0 Be courteous and considerate to your other classmates and to me 0 Do not ask for extra credit as none will be given 0 Mathematics is a cumulative subject Do not expect to understand subsequent m aterial if you have not In astered current In aterial o Homework may be assigned but not collected Do the assigned homework o The best way to ask a question is something like How did you get from the second step to the third step or What does it mean to complete the square Assever ations like I don t understand do not help me answer your queries Moreover not understanding is a psycho logical problem not a mathematical one andl am only paid to help you with your mathematics 0 I am very patient but I will not tolerate boorish badger ing behaviour If it comes to me having to call security to remove you from the classroom and if I ask you to leave please do leave You should be able to return the next day and I will not penalise you for a bad behaviour day I don t keep grudges Beware if I must call secu rity an incident report will be written and it will go into your record Let us keep our teacherstudent relation ship civil 20 Statement on Disability Students who are registered with the Centre of Disability must inform the instructor by the end of the rst week of classes if special accommodations are required 21 Making a Complaint It is always best to inform your instructor immediately about any concerns you may have If you are having a problem in any class the rst step is to make an appointment with the in structor to try to resolve the problem directly If you have been unable to resolve it with your instructor you may use a student complaint form available at the Chair s Of ce in W27 When you ll out the student Complaint Form you will be required to ll out your name course and other identify ing characteristics as anonymous complaints will not be paid attention to Upon receipt of the complaint form the Chair will contact you and will contact me mus 318098 http faculty ccpedu faculty dsantos edn Community College of Philadelphia Basic Algebra Maths 017 Summer I 2007 Guidelines Complaining with the Chair will not change your grade as only I can do that I use British spelling So I end my verbs in ise rather than ize I use the ending our rather than or as in colour and I use the correct spelling shew rather than Show If you have a problem with this tough break 21gt 318098 http tacultyccpedu taculty dsantos edn Community College of Philadelphia Maths 017 Summer I 2007 Final Exam l9 Reduce the fraction Zfl Zli aiil 211 noneofthese 20 Add the fractions i x l x7 1 jifl 3211 none of these 21 Solve forx 4x73 9 x x73 x7 x3 noneofthese 22 Solve for x 4x 71 a xa7b x xab x4 noneofthese 23 Which graph gives the correct solution to 4x l g 5x 72 fl 0 2 lt l l l l gt 72 fl 0 2 lt l l l O l gt 2 none of these 24 If E1 then x a b ab 12in b 122ng 0111 none of these M215 7518698 dsantosccpedu Community College of Philadelphia Maths 017 Summer I 2007 Final Exam 25 If 7 then x il l 7 none of these 26 If 72 then x A 17 l 3 713 none of these 27 A number is tripled and then the result is increased by 20 obtaining 107 as the nal answer What was the original number 20 7 729 29 none of these 28 An amount of 493 is split between Peter Paul and Mary so that Mary has six times as Peter and Mary has four times as Paul How much money does Peter have CA 29 3987 348 none of these The sum of ve consecutive integers is 665 Which one is the middle number 131 132 133 134 none ofthese Which graph gives the correct solution to 5x l g 4x N O L O none of these 2l5 7518698 dsantosccpedu


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