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Calculus Analytic Geometry II

by: Bethany Fahey V

Calculus Analytic Geometry II MATH 251

Marketplace > Concord University > Mathematics (M) > MATH 251 > Calculus Analytic Geometry II
Bethany Fahey V

GPA 4.0

David Hill

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About this Document

David Hill
Class Notes
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This 28 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bethany Fahey V on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 251 at Concord University taught by David Hill in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/221237/math-251-concord-university in Mathematics (M) at Concord University.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
km F W 190 tht rm PH 4 J71 I d gtOltbJc 1 1 i 39 45 cwow d 47130 tw39 m3 I P 11 20 W WHOM mo 2 Title Jul 11 801 AM Page 1 of21 4 V 25 Him I 1 I M Ll vb IrIi 4L I 7L9 L W Ar 1 1 mm q 7L M if 7C gt 7C5 39 l 6 Title Jul 11 808 AM Page 2 of21 Title Jul 11 812 AM Page 3 of21 E 34 Re lhe Squate Theorem 0 ltmu mm Y 444444 V W In VAquot Sllli A 0 11mm by graphing he Incliom f 5 and I in m nululiun nf Ihe Squeeze Thenrenn on ma mule C he 5 alwws b quot a I thu 0 x37LL quotS ers it c L re m 4 W941 K 05 5quot quotY Ix x 00quot 0 I39 kewi c hm W O xquot 1L l x Hquot 5 quot1 0 gy 5 qe H39U39H x30 sqrtx 3 x 2 ainyixxaqr x 3 x 2 sqrtx 3 x 2 Tit e Ju 107717 PM Page 4 of21 36 If 3 sf S x3 2 nor 0 lt x s 2 evaluate limHL VL M S 70 Z XQI 3 uh XS 439 L g 2 by st era 339 quot 5 4 to Twl e Ju 1078 57 PM Page 5 QIZI 48 Lel if 5 lt 0 hm 2 if0ltx 2 if v gt Z 3 Evaluate each of the following lilnllx if il Xi 1 Hunt1039 ii linghh39 iii limlMx iv 1317 1m v 11quot Im vi 11in 11m b Sketch he graph om Do 990 3 q 3151 S 8 Z QDNE Twl e Ju 1078 59 PM Page 6 QIZI 551r v2 ifvisrmlonnl rm n if 39 is 39u39mlioual pmvz mm Jim a rm 0 7 01 7 5 oLuxo Sy VU e o 2 can 2 x7 1 LM 0 0 JUN x quot39 0 73 X90 44hr by 1139HI H m1 0030 x90 Twl e Ju 1079 00 PM Page 7 QIZI 59 I here a number a such mm 1 3 run W e ins 5 Lail x X i 2 To K TIP quld have 40 5a a 0 TIquot 3CzL 1 2 q 3 o 1539O q 15 IM w i9z x wm L m4 m1 Xaz KL7LL x9 z KNOW 12M 37 xa l Title Jul 10930 PM Page 8 of 21 I 12 O M quotquotquot x a 3 a M 1 Title Jul 10 902 PM Page 9 of21 3 1 Top 8 1 6 lim lquot39 11quot f3 gVH D M 0 ENE Title Jul10 905 PM Page 10 of21 13 2n 12 Jun 224 115 M Vl 9 V9 2 quotLyz m V2 M V L F 6 g 72 Veg VIZ39 33x Title Jul10 905 PM Page 11 of21 1 4 3 HI hm 5 IE 5 Title Jul10 906 PM Page 12 of21 HZY I S fh S X2 forD lt lt l ml limHL O 1quot 29w x Twl e Ju 1079 06 PM Page 13 0 2 Prove um limanAZCOSHYl 0 quota 534 I v d I 44th 7392 f at 95J E 5 7C2 M1 6 o I I x9 H x o 39 0 x90 4m 5 1299 H 7amp1 BICXL 2 X39HD 5393 xquot2 cusuwzkzg 39 m U aa M w 2 a a 2 a4 Tme Jm 107907 PM Page 14 03921 Let Vii J if ii I fix 39 3 if U x c 3 I 3 if 11quot it 3 3 Evaluate Bach limit if it exist m m f iiii lim ICC1quot fiii39 lingi f 13 X iID I quot iii H ixquot39139 lim f h faf lim filx Ff lim f 117 339 3 A E 393 RI 3 Title Jul10 908 PM Page 15 of21 De nition Lel f be a Illncliun dclincd on some open inlerval llml Conmins lhc number a cxccpl posailvly 11 a ilscll39 Than We J lhul lhc limit of x as x approaches 1 is L and we wr39 8 mm 1 il39 l39or cwry number a gt 0 here numhcr 5 gt U such llml f397139 lt a whcncwr n lt 7 1 lt 5 5 K i Twl e Ju 1079 08 PM Page 16 0 2 How close 0 5 Ala we lmvc to lake x so Jul 6 i l is 39lhin 21 2 disullce of 3 00L 7 0001 mll4c00001 from 29397 Twl e Ju 107915 PM Page 17 0 2 4 Use me given graph of 1 lo ml a number a such mm fh 7 3 lt 06 whenever 0 lt x 7 5 lt 5 Twl e Ju 107916 PM Page 18 0 2 6 Use he given graph offh 2 lo mm a number a such mm 7 lt whenever 71lt 5 Twl e Ju 107916 PM Page 19 0 2 We 21 nu 39 Tnle Jul107917 PM Page 20 D 21 Prm e 31 Iiiquota Tllle Jul 107918 PM Page 21 D 21 i L 3951 2 1 LI 0IH KL1 L7 1 ALAHe LIS J ml sh 1 1m 5 if 5 01 17 Hf i7aa LIN 3 micw any ms o39 quotMs525 Twl e Ju 1778 17 AM Page 1 0 7 I X 2 o l I m Ad 6 L c a 5 W 5 Qquot fie13 Q 3 J C 039 q fig131ijiii ja quotquotquotquotquotquotquotquotquotquotquot 5 2 o 4 5 o 06 gt I 3 C IN 0 06530JS39 LIME anr 1037 0 D Title Jul 17 839 AM Page 2 of 7 Title Jul 17 846 AM Page 3 of 7 L W Lh64 l39 4390 7 Zl 9 IJOJ six in 12m 143 39 R75 619 Xquot L z 37 7quot mm X q QLJT qa l 7 quot4 gtlt Ll 5 X glopc 2 66 0 L o 200 Pquotquotquot 1 03 y zx L Title Jul 17 920 AM Page 4 of 7 TomaL4 40 X3 4 L lug n Ff 3L YQ nix 2 2X 6 Title Jul 17 928 AM Page 5 of 7 the acrr o 7 4 U M 239 M kI VD 7k h x Xi d l h l Lj h39h 1 3 39 30 70 k MJD X0709 4 quot sl39we 0 all 339 4 WM v we 1 4HN5 1439D l 6 ZJlZ 50036 Z a v 3 7 009 Title Jul 17 935 AM Page 6 of 7 ocltouflt SIC Ikapsob1vlt Gr 5J1JvIJ 7 7 Title Jul 17 945 AM Page 7 of 7


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