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Molecules, Genes & Cells

by: Novella Considine

Molecules, Genes & Cells BIO 111

Marketplace > Davidson College > Biology > BIO 111 > Molecules Genes Cells
Novella Considine
GPA 3.94

Karen Bernd

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About this Document

Karen Bernd
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Novella Considine on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIO 111 at Davidson College taught by Karen Bernd in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/221252/bio-111-davidson-college in Biology at Davidson College.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
Biology 111 Unit 2 Genetics March 2003 The review is DUE Friday March 28th at 5302m This is a closedbook closednote review Once you have read any question your review period has begun There is no time limit for taking the review other than the turn in time There are 18 questions on the review and worth a total of 100pt The questions are yours to keep This page must be the rst page of your answer packet Fill out the information at the bottom of this sheet and attach this page to the ones containing your answers The top of each additional page in the packet should contain only your initials and the page number All answers must be typed and in complete sentences unless otherwise indicated Any accompanying graphs or gures may be handdrawn You may use a calculator but all calculations must be included in order to receive full credit Brevity is encouraged but be sure to completely answer the question asked Turn in the review at my of ce Watson 289 Sign in your review on the sheet on my door and place the review completely under my of ce door Any questions about the review should be directed to me at kabemddavidsonedu X2889 or 704 662 9744 Calls to my home must occur before 930pm Name PRINT S i gnature My signature indicates that I have completed this review following the Honor Code This review was completed in hours To receive credit for talks attended make sure you have sent me your paragraph summaries by 530pm Friday 1 What is a genome 3pt 2 Why do every one of the greater than one trillion cells in an individual human being contain the same genome What cellular processes ensure that this will be the case 5pt 3 How are traits passed from parent to offspring Cellular mechanismprocesses Spt 4 Given that traits passed from parent to offspring why it is that a father who is tall can have a child that is short not tall 4pt In many labs Drosophila melanogaster fruit ies are used for genetic studies 5 What makes model organisms like Drosophila useful in genetic studies Why not do the studies in a mammal like a monkey or a human provide more than one reason 6pt 6 What is the name of the model organism that we used to study transcriptiontranslation and protein localization in lab must give genus and species for full credit 2pt Bonus Consider the organism we used in labi how do the outcomes of genetic crosses in that organism differ from those in ies monkeys or humans 2pt Focusing on fruit ies consider the following hypothetical data Wildtype populations have red eyes and short wings A dihybrid has red eyes and long wings 7 Using Morgan notation list all of the possible genotypes for a y that has red eyes and short wings 6pt 8 Compare and contrast an allele a gene and a locus Be sure to show similarities and differences between all three 12pt A testcross is performed with a female y that is a dihybrid The following phenotypes are seen in the offspring White eyes Short wings 326 ies Red eyes Long wings 321 ies Red eyes Short wings 47 ies White eyes Long wings 45 ies O V Using this data make predictions about the location of these traits In your explanation include the term linked and the term unlinked used appropriately Be as specific as you can about their location lOpt Scientists took very different approaches when identifying the cause of Sickle Cell Disease and of Cystic Fibrosis 10 Given the severity of the Sickle Cell phenotype provide two reasons that contribute to why the disease has remained in the gene pool 6pt ll Sickle Cell is caused by a change of a glutamate to a valine What are glutamate and valine types of molecule 2pt


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