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Biology of Plants

by: Novella Considine

Biology of Plants BIO 103

Marketplace > Davidson College > Biology > BIO 103 > Biology of Plants
Novella Considine
GPA 3.94


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About this Document

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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Novella Considine on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIO 103 at Davidson College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/221253/bio-103-davidson-college in Biology at Davidson College.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
B10 103 The AIDS Pandemic Review 2 November 15 2007 Provide thorough but concise answers to all 7 questions Questions 1 7 6 are each worth 15 points Question 7 is worth 10 points There is no time limit to this test The reView is closed book and closed notes Please type all answers doublespaced Please staple together all pages and put your name only on this cover page Return the completed reView to me no later than 1200 PM Tuesday November 20 2007 Name Pledged l N E Generally the initial HIV test performed is an ELISA which then may be followed by a con rmatory Western Compare and contrast these two tests Both detect HIV antibodies For both there is a window after infection during which a person tests negative In both serum to be tested is added to known antigens HIV proteins In both a labeled antihuman secondary antibody is added In the ELISA the antigens HIV proteins are placed in a well In the Western blot the antigens HIV proteins are separated by size Separated by size by gel electrophoresis Blotted to a membrane Exposed to serum and secondary antibody In the Western blot antibodies to specific viral proteins can be detected When someone is HIV they generally have their viral load determined at regular intervals Brie y describe the viral load test How does it differ from the ELISA and Western Why is the viral load test more useful than the ELISA or Western for a physician treating a person with HIV Viral load used to detect HIV not HIV antibodies RNA is isolated from serum RT PCR is used to amplify HIV RNA Viral load allows one to determine concentration of HIV in serum ELISA and WB only detect presence of antibodies not concentration For the physician viral load is important to determine the state of disease and effectiveness of drugs This past Tuesday officials at the University of Chicago Medical Center confirmed that four organ transplant recipients became infected with HIV from the donated organs They all received organs from the same donor The donor died after a traumatic injury and tested negative for HIV by ELISA upon hisher death Explain how this could have occurred How would you recommend eliminating this type of problem The donor was tested with the ELISA Window before seroconversion Donor was recently infected Solution Viral load test 4 What is HAART From a biological perspective explain why combination drug therapy is preferable to monotherapy Highly Active AntiRetroviral Therapy Combination of three drugs usually two RT inhibitors and one protease inhibitor Bene ts Interferes with different aspects of viral replication cycle Greater impact on replication of virus Less chance of development of viral mutants with drug resistance This gure shows the effects of different concentration of AZT on HIV referred to as HTLVIII in this figure replication in H9 cells Explain this figure As part of your answer describe the assay V39 D None E 001 1M 01 uM 100 1 pM m s yM I 10 uM HTLVlll p24 positive cells Days in cultur Effects of different concentrations of AZT on viral replication No AZT 7 control showing replication of virus without drug Increasing amounts of AZT 7 decreasing viral replication 5 and 10 uM basically the same Assay P24 positive cells determined Virus added to cells Antip24 antibody added to cells Antihuman secondary antibody uorescently labeled added uorescent cells determined


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