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Intro Cultural Ant

by: Jennie Morissette

Intro Cultural Ant ANT 101

Jennie Morissette
GPA 3.96

Eriberto Lozada

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About this Document

Eriberto Lozada
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jennie Morissette on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANT 101 at Davidson College taught by Eriberto Lozada in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/221256/ant-101-davidson-college in anthropology, evolution, sphr at Davidson College.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
ANT 101 Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology Fall 2005 MWF 930 7 1020 Chambers 1027 Prof Eriberto P Lozada Jr Of ce Hours M W F 1030 7 1130 am Of ce Chambers B12 T Th 1000 7 1115 am or by appointment Telephone 7048942035 Email erlozadadaVidsonedu Web httpwwwdavidsonedupersonalerlozada Lecture Notes 22 August 2005 Introductions 0 Prof E P Lozada Jr syllabus 0 course readings 0 web site blackboard SocialCultural Anthropology One de nition of culture the comparative study of common sense both in its cultural forms and in its social effects 0 what is common 0 what makes something make sense Epistemological Assumptions 0 cultural relativity no one culture is better than another not moral relativity but critical cultural relativism Miller 20039 0 concepts from one culture can be translated into a language of another culture 0 abstractions at the macrolevel can be deduced from observations at the microlevel o context is important ANT 101 Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology Fall 2004 MWF 1030 7 1120 Chambers 1027 Prof Eriberto P Lozada Jr Of ce Hours M W F 930 7 1030 am Of ce Carnegie 01 T Th 930 71115 am or by appointment Telephone 7048942035 Email erlozadadavidsonedu Web httpwwwdavidsonedupersonalerlozada Lecture Notes 22 November 2004 McDonalds Globalized Things Thinking Quote Cultural Imperialism Theorists who write about cultural imperalism argue that it is the domination of popular culture 7 rather than outright military or political control 7 that matters most in the postmodern postsocialist postindustrial world The cultural message we transmit through Hollywood and McDonald s goes out across the world to capture and also to undermine other societies Unlike more traditional conquerors we are not content merely to subdue others We insist that they be like us Watson 1997539 remember our jihad vs McWorld discussion Thinking Quote Globalization Popular Culture and the In response to these changes from rising incomes a new family structure has emerged one that focuses on the needs and aspirations of the conjugal unit the married couple Conjugality brings with it an entire set of attitudes and practices that undermine older assumptions regarding the meaning of life Watson 1997 1 5 1639 contrast with what we read in Margery Wolf Thinking Quote Culture Producers As Robert Kwan Managing Director of McDonald s in Singapore puts it McDonald s sells a system not products The aim is to create a standardized set of items that taste the same in Singapore Spain and South Africa McDonalds may not be able to control the taste responses of individual consumers but it can make the experience of eating relatively predictable Watson 1997212239 how does this t in with our discussions throughout the term of culture Thinking Quote Global or Local It therefore comes as a shock to many Americans when they travel abroad for the rst time and discover that public iendliness is not the universal norm In fact the human smile 7 a complex alignment of facial muscles 7 is not always interpreted as a symbol of congeniality openness or honesty quote the opposite is o en true In Russia a visible smile can be tantamount to a challenge Watson 199731


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