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Abnormal Psychology

by: Daryl Heidenreich

Abnormal Psychology PSY 231

Marketplace > Davidson College > Psychlogy > PSY 231 > Abnormal Psychology
Daryl Heidenreich
GPA 3.5

Cole Barton

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About this Document

Cole Barton
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Daryl Heidenreich on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 231 at Davidson College taught by Cole Barton in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/221257/psy-231-davidson-college in Psychlogy at Davidson College.


Reviews for Abnormal Psychology


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Date Created: 10/11/15
Psychology 231 Abnormal Psychology Textbooks Oltmanns TF amp Emery RE 2004 Abnormal psychology 4th ed Upper Saddle River NJ PrenticeHall Halgin RP Ed 2005 Taking sides Clashing views on controversial issues in abnormal psychology 3d ed Guilford CT McGrawHill Cole Barton PhD Professor Office located in Room 208 upstairs Hamilton House AKA Applied Psychology Building Office Phone x2006 email cobarton davidsonedu Of ce Hours Mondays By Appointment Only Tuesdays 34 Wednesdays 24 Thursdays l 3 Fridays By Appointment Only Or of course by appointment Scope of the course This course is an introduction to the Clinical or treatment issues in contemporary psychology Lectures and text will review the classification of abnormal behavior as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual CDSMlVR used by mental health professionals The theoretical and empirical bases of these disorders will be discussed as well as forms of assessment and treatment We will discover that there is substantial controversy as to how to define abnormal behavior let alone in deciding on the most efficacious treatment We will survey different bases for defining and labeling abnormal behavior conceptualizing its causes and treating it This material is rife with questions that will provoke us titillate our curiosity frighten us and even make us angry We will quickly come to the realization that there are still substantial controversies within the field We will explore these controversies in some detail As an informed consent issue you should know that the kind of cognitive and verbal skills for which Davidson students are selected are often associated with introspective people This introspection can lead us to see a little bit of ourselves in almost every chapter of an abnormal psych text maybe leading to a disconcerting whoathat sounds like me experience Rest assured that this phenomenon is well known in graduate programs in psychology and medical school an iatrogenic attribution and the end of the semester will usually find us with our worst fears about ourselves unconfirmed Classes are a lecture format with questions encouraged Once in a while a brief video will illustrate the nature of a disorder Lectures are liberally sprinkled with material not found in the text so miss class and depend on others notes at your peril Class meetings will have pearls bon mots and Jackson Court party Abnorm al trivia not to be found in our more pedestrian reading PowerPoint presentations of the lectures will be available in Blackboard a day or two before lectures and up until each review so you can print them in Handout mode and have them for class notes Course Requirements 1 Reviews Three reviews will be given The format for these tests is usually multiple choice and occasionally supplemented by Short Essays They are designed to take about the length of a class period to complete and will be held at class meeting times see dates in calendar below I try to design the reviews such that if a student did all the assigned reading and had a photographic memory but did not come to class for lectures he or she would earn a C to D Conversely if a student came to class took note of every important idea and could regurgitate that information but did none of the reading that could yield a C to D as well I would hope that the combination of both would result in an A or B I usually provide a study guide a few days before a review the study guide is not comprehensive nor is it a substitute for reading the chapters or reviewing class notes I do not want for there to be spots out on my reviews so if you become aware of spots ofmy reviews please inform me as this would constitute an Honor Code violation 1 will not lecture about every question or topic that will be on the reviews I assume that students at a place like Davidson College can independently read and master some course content The book has more ideas than can be regurgitated in lecture in a semester Reviews will include a few questions derived from the weekly Discussion Boards see below associated with the lecture topics To reiterate reviews therefore include material from assigned reading lectures and Discussion Boards The pedagogical purpose in the reviews is to sample your mastery of the kinds of facts and principles that an informed person should know about Abnormal Psychology The point of a multiple choice test is not to sample creativity critical thinking or integration as much as it is to evaluate criterion awareness of principles and vocabulary important for being conversant in the discipline three reviews 30 of grade 2 Term Research Paper you are required to write a research paper on a topic of your choosing related to Abnormal Psychology You will find that our library does not carry many of the journals that would be most helpful to you in this content area so the prudent student will narrow down a topic early in the semester use interlibrary loan within the guidelines andor make a run to UNCC or some other large technical library for references I will invite you to submit a paper prospectus a couple of weeks in advance of the paper s review date and encourage you to consult with me before you begin writing or even collecting material since I may be able to provide some guidance for material and scope Note that the due date for the Term Paper is fairly early in the semester I intend for this due date to fall at a time when large assignments from other classes are NOT due recognizing that finding a window of nonbusy time is almost impossible at Davidson and also so that I might have time to offer comments on this substantial p n 1 kF 173411 mD un panama rrmpprrr n please make yourself a copy of the paper you turn in to me since I will want to keep it The term paper is your opportunity to pursue virtually any topic that captures your interest in Abnormal Psychology It is important that you prepare the paper in APA format and style You can review a text topic in more detail you can apply some material in the text to understand a problem on campus you can make a critical evaluation of some practice or diagnosis interview folks as exemplars of a disorder or otherwise express your creativity and critical thinking term paper25 of grade Late Papers will be penalized4 afa grade point on our 4point scale per24h0ur dayfram the due time Guidelines for Term Papers Preparation and format Papers should be printed or typed please note you are required to submit a hard copy not an electronic one Papers should be from 1215 doublespaced pages in length at least 10 pages Abnormal 2 of which should be prose The American Psychological Association has a format for page preparation margins page numbering running heads etc as well as how to cite references and a bibliography form Your manuscript should be within the APA format I am routinely asked how many references A minimum threshold would be 10 research reportsscholarly reviewsbook chapters books about the topic You won t be credited for including dictionaries fiction popular media our text or other non scholarlynonprofessional material in that count Depending on your topic it may be difficult to find 10 articles directly related to the topic particularly if yours is an innovative idea or critique Depending on your interests and aptitudes it is fine to build conceptual bridges from other theories practices or research that can be a route to better understanding of Abnormal Psychology Sophistication Sophistication refers to the quality of technical and psychological information presented in the manuscript Use current references and make sure they are professional as opposed to newsmagazines Cosmopolitan Psychology Today Using the technical vocabulary of psychology will help as well as your ability to use data and theory to support points you want to make No more than 25 of your references should be from online sources and those you use should be evaluated as to the quality of their claims or assertions Quality of Writing Okay with me if you spell check your work Okay with me if you have others or with leadtime at least 10 days before the papers are due even me look at rough drafts of your work for styleorganization pointers It is impossible to not include your ability to communicate your ideas in arriving at your grade Creativity and Originality Your interest and investment in a topic will be associated with the quality of the work so you need to be invested in what you write about There are topics on which more has been written than others which makes the research a little easier but the originality harder It is fine to take what is known in one area and try to apply it to another just because you are the first one to ponder a topic doesn t mean that there aren t findings from other areas of psychology which would support your integration Reading work where students forge these conceptual bridges or work which educates me is always exciting Professionalism I will favorably respond to extras like graphs tables or illustrations that are appropriate to the manuscript The quality of your reference list is important and you should probably think about at least 10 references that have content you cite l have been impressed with papers wherein students have collected some data or conducted an interview to supplement their scholarship The quality of your scholarship is important Use no more than two websites and use at least four APA journals andor empirically based books in support of your ideas Term Paper Resource All I will be offering office hours again this semester in Watson 358 Beginning Wednesday September 8 I will be available from 330 445 on Wednesdays and Thursdays Services available include assisting with literature searches instruction in database search techniques research consultations and any other help I may be able to provide to your students wading through the plethora of available information No appointment is necessary Those students who have taken advantage of this service seem to agree it was time well spent Please share this information with your classes and feel free to refer them to me for any assistance I may be able to provide Thanks Frank Molinek Frank Molinek Assistant Head of Public Services and Science Librarian Davidson College Library Davidson College frmolinekdavidsonedu 7048942154 Abnormal 3 3 Final Examination The Final Examination will be administered prior to the end of the semester and will be due before the Registrar s Scheduled Exam Period begins I recognize that this is a very busy time in the semester so please plan accordingly Hopefully there will be some benefit to you in having completed requirements for this course before some of your others It will be closed book and comprehensive Based on material we have covered in the course I will ask you to type short essays integrating and applying the course material For example I might ask for short essays on which disorders NTMH should spend the most money on and why39 or ask you to review the efficacy and ethics of a treatment program for a patient You will receive points for the soundness and professionalism in your arguments as well as the facts you are able to cite in support of your answers You will be given a Study Guide with emphases to inform your study and the organization of the course material I will tell you some specific questions that will be on the Final The Final is designed to have you integrate critically evaluate and apply the principles in the course This test will afford you the opportunity to show what you know in the ways you d like to express it more than the Multiple Choice Reviews final exam 25 o rade g 4 Blackboard Discussion Assignments A size of 30 students does not promote classroom discussion readily We will use Blackboard to dialogue about the controversies described in our supplemental text Taking sides One lime each student will pair up with another becoming a Discussion Leader and take responsibility for directing and prompting a discussion and summarizing the results inBlackboard On this occasion Discussion Leaders will be expected to guide the discussion by monitoring comments and providing several prompts or observations that keep the debate lively informative and directed toward the issues at hand Students may want to think about identifying a discussion topic to lead that is close to their interest in a term paper topic There will be a weekly discussion assignment and on most occasions each of you will be expected to submit an opinion formed by some combination of reading and experience and providing reactions to discussion points raised in the dialogue Guidelines for Leading Discussion and for Contributing to Discussion are posted in Blackboard Blackboard discussions 7 10 of grade 5 forLeading Role 5 for participation 5 Research Credit Assignment You are required to participate in some type of campus supplementary experience to develop an appreciation for research this semester As you know traditional APA training of clinicians asserts the importance of research evidence for Assessment and Intervention practices There are two types of things you can do to fulfill this requirement each worth 2 2 of your overall gra e I Research Study Participant a You can participate in a research study advertised by the Psychology Department These research studies have been designed such that participation in each is roughly equivalent with respect to time commitments and other demands You will schedule this participation through a website b You will write up a to lpage Summary of your experience in the Study Comment on whether or not you were treated ethically and if you understood the purpose of the study Comment on how the study could be related to research or a professional activity in Abnormal or Clinical Psychology ll Psychology Department Talk a You can attend one of several designated Research Talks sponsored by the Psychology Department or other campus organizations The talk should be relevant to the content area of Abnormal Psychology somehow b To receive credit you notify me of your attendance at the Talk and write up a to 1 page Summary of your critical assessment of the talk Brie y summarize the content of the talk in a paragraph or two Comment on the relationship between what you learned in the talk and some of our course material in Abnormal Psychology Abnormal 4 Your typedprinted summaries of your Research Credit experience will be due at Class time on Thursday 1 December esearch Credit Assi nment 5 a rude g g 6 Citizenship and Congenial Professional Relationships It pains me to have to address these kinds of things with college students but regrettably in a minority of students things like tardiness the startling kutpoosh of opening pop cans crackle of cellophane food bags and other containers and staccato crunch of m quoth p n h iquot ITritoL f d pquot dquot t have elicited complaints from other students about annoyances in class Please don t be disruptive with your attendance or classroom comportment habits If you know you are late any effort you can make to minimize your class disruption such as coming in the back door not walking across the front of the room or otherwise distracting others will be appreciated similar heuristics for going to the bathroom Despite emerging customs a reminder that the class days before and after Registrardetermined holidays should be legitimate times to be in class A corollary of this bias is that Pop Quizzes usually occur when class attendance drops precipitously below critical mass Color me wacky if you want butI agree with those who assert coming to class is an important part of the college experience To my disappointment there are still a few students who do not share this assumption Egregious tardiness or attendance problems will result in grade reductions Please consider your tone in email communications or voice mails In a voice mail if you d like a return call please include your return phone number and please enunciate it slowly enough so thatI can write it down when listening to your message it is often helpful to repeat a return phone number in a voice message Email communications have the potential to strain 39 J 39 391 in many 39 39 Probably in the interests of brevity some people writing emails leave out words that can leave the receiver with an unhappy reaction Some examples leaving out words like please or thank you can make a communication seem less like a request than a command some questions require lengthy responses and commitments of time that are best addressed in an office visit eg can you tell me what I missed yesterday since a written response would take a great deal of time I will try to answer em ails received on Monday morning until late Friday afternoon within 24 hours I cannot guarantee that kind of turnaround on weekend em ails since I am often out of town or engaged in familypersonal time on weekends but if you email me on the weekend I will try and turn around a reply by the end of the work day on Monday I want to use this 5 to reinforce those students who communicate a positive investment in the course I am concerned that we conduct relationships with each other in a congenial climate of mutual respect citizenship 5 of grade Of ce Hours I invite and welcome students with any interest in Abnormal Clinical or Health Psychology to please come by my office and lab if you would like to pursue some topic or just to informally discuss anything that might be of interest to you Our large class size can interfere with my getting to know many students as well as I would like I am hoping that we can electronically dialogue some with Blackboard resources but that is no substitute for facetoface conversation for the richest possible dialogue To reiterate I love to meet with students to office hours please come by and get acquainted Abnormal 5 Date Lecture Topic Date Lecture Topic and Discussion Deadlines Tue and Text Chapter Thu Text Chapter Reading or Video Week Aug Syllabus Aug Inc1ass Video Quiz Rosenhan amp Discussion 1 23 Blackboard 25 Chapter 2 Szasz posting 829 Chapter 1 1700 What s Abnormal Week Aug Chapter 2 Sep Chapter 2 Halgin text Discussion 2 30 Chapter 3 1 Chapter 3 Issue 12 posting Key Issues in Biological Paradigm 95 1700 Clinical Freu an Psychology Psychoanalysis Week Sep 6 Chapter 3 Sep Chapter 3 Belsky Discussion 3 Behaviorism 8 Humanistic Therapies posting Cognitive Interpersonal Therapy 912 1700 Therapies Guest Consultation Week Sep Chapter 4 Sep Chapter 4 Halgin text Discussion 4 13 Proj ective and 15 Comprehensive Issues postings Objective Testing Overview of 1 and 2 919 1700 Assessment Week Sep Chapter 34 Sep Review One Halgin text Discussion 5 20 Effectiveness of 22 Issue posting Psychotherapy 13 926 1700 Review prep Review One Term Paper 922 format Week Sep Chapter 5 Sep Chapter 5 Halgin text Discussion 6 27 Mood Disorders 29 Mood Disorders Issues postings 9 amp 14 103 1700 Serotonin article Week Oct Chapter 6 Oct Video Mind of a Halgin text Discussion 7 4 Anxiety 6 Murderer Issue 15 postings 1010 Disorders special attention to Antisocial Personality Disorder in Ch 9 Week Oct FALL BREAK Oct Chapter 9 Halgin text Discussion 8 1 1 13 Personality Disorders Issue 17 posting 1017 1700 Week Oct Review Two Oct Chapter 7 Halgin text Discussion 9 18 20 Stress and the Mind Issues 3 amp 7 posting 1024 1700 Review Two 1018 Abnormal 6


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